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Blog tour and review: The Accident


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9781786699633.jpgAbout the book

A tragic accident, an unbearable loss and a marriage in crisis – but who can she trust or is she all alone? A gripping, debut psychological thriller that will keep you hooked. Perfect for the fans of Paula Hawkins and S.J. Watson.

Veronica Pullman’s comfortable suburban life comes to a shuddering halt when her young daughter, Grace, tragically dies in a car accident.  

Months later, unable to come to terms with her daughter’s death, detached from her husband and alienated from her friends and family, a chance encounter on a rainy street pushes her into an unlikely new friendship.

Scarlet is everything Veronica could’ve been: feisty, adventurous, unpredictable.  But as she approaches what would have been Grace’s 10th birthday, it becomes clear to Veronica that the friendship she thought was saving her life could be costing her everything.

Consumed by grief and left questioning her own sanity, is there anyone she can really trust or is someone out to torment her as part of their twisted game?

My Review:

Wow, what a wild ride with Dawn Goodwin’s new release, The Accident. Veronica has lost her daughter in a horrible car accident, resulting in Veronica becoming more and more withdrawn from life, until she meets Scarlet. Veronica’s husband Tom has tried to reach her and pull her from her shell, to no avail, but suddenly starts seeing a new side of Veronica after she meets Scarlet. Then there is their oldest friends, Felicity and Ian, neighbors across the street. To outsiders, Felicity seems to be a concerned friend, but is she really?

The first thing that comes to mind after reading this novel is, “never trust a woman, regardless of what sort of friend you consider her to be.” I hate saying something like that, but oh my God, Felicity was Satan on earth!

The Accident had so many realistic themes including the loss of a child, rediscovering yourself, adultery, and the realization of who people really are – when no one else is watching and judging. If you or someone you know often say that they have more male friends than female friends – this novel is why they feel that way!!! And if you are just an innocent female that reads this novel, it will truly remind you to be a better friend.

Not wanting to give spoilers, I cannot say that the main issue with Veronica was a surprise to me. I think I picked up on it very early, but I still felt compelled to read on and discover what happened with the rest of the endless drama with Veronica, Scarlet, Tom, and Felicity. This novel serves as a sad reminder what damage can be incurred following the loss of a child (not only to an individual person, but also their relationships), but also served as a reminder of the damage that results from infidelity and dishonesty. 

The Accident is not an uplifting novel that will make you want to go skipping through a field of daisies, however, you will be instantly reeled in by the suspense. 

*Thanks to Netgalley and Aria for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Goodwin_Dawn colourAbout the author

Dawn’s career has spanned PR, advertising, and publishing. Now, she loves to write about the personalities hiding behind the masks, whether beautiful or ugly.  Married, she lives in London with her two daughters and a British bulldog called Geoffrey.

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