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Book Review: Puppy: 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles

Puppy: 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles, by Patricia Furstenberg

Publication: October 31, 2017

puppyAbout the book: 

A puppy’s first year is filled with findings, wiggles, and laughter.
Puppies squirm in all the odd places, sniff all the strange objects, lick everything they can and find something to splash into even when we don’t want them to!
This book of poems explores the first year of a puppy’s life, going through an adventure after the other, one month at a time.
Puppy’s first days, puppy’s first weeks in a new home, puppy’s encounters with snow and the school bag, puppy’s duty to protect… What happens when puppy is full of good intentions, yet his actions go wrong?
Read the rhymes and laugh with your little one.

“Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles: is an auditory feast for children, a fun read-aloud for parents, and treat for dog-lovers, young and old.
Bringing musicality into the duo of story-line and bright images, Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles promises to be an auditory feast for children, a fun read-aloud for parents and a treat for dog-lovers, young and old. A book that children and grown-ups will love reading over and over.

My Review:

Oh my goodness, this was such a sweet and thought-inspiring book for little ones! Puppy covers the twelve months of the year and all of the amazing things that are encountered each month. From getting a name, having visitors, and experiencing the first snow, Patricia Furstenberg has written a fun and educational story about the world from a puppy’s eyes.

The imagery and sing-song elements of the story will make this such a fun read-aloud, especially for dog lovers. You know those books that you read to your children so many times they begin to know the words by heart? I think Puppy will definitely become one of those stories. Lessons include the months, seasons, colors, love, companionship, cleaning up our messes, responsibilities such as school or work, differences between all of us humans, and much more. The cutest part, however, is Patricia’s imagination and interpretation of how our beloved pups may see and understand the world around them. I’m such a huge dog-lover, so Puppy completely tugged at my heartstrings. It also made me look at my own dogs differently, wondering what in the world goes through their minds!

I cannot recommend Puppy enough to readers that want a fun and educational story to read to their children and eventually have those children reading it to them. I could honestly feel the love and attention to detail that Patricia poured into every page, and cannot imagine a child not loving this wonderful story!

*Many thanks to the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Pre-Order Puppy on Amazon.



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