Book Review: Autumn Hearts

Autumn Hearts: A Cape Harriet Novel, by Roma Brooks

Publication: October 17, 2017

autumnAbout the book: 

Autumn Hearts is the sweet romance that will warm your heart this Fall season.
Two couples in different stages of life but the challenges they face are similar. Can they overcome apathy and discover the true love their hearts are capable of?
After thirty years of being the model wife and mother, Sharon Hartley has left her true self far behind. She wants to break free of all bonds and live out her dreams.
Sharon’s husband Mark just wants his wife to be happy. He doesn’t get why she is disgruntled after the luxurious life he has provided for her. Why is his love not enough for Sharon anymore?
Mason Wells is driving cross-country on his honeymoon but he has no memory of his wedding. A victim of deceit or a harvest of true love?
Eve Tucker married Mason with a secret agenda. Why is she dragging her feet now, enjoying a honeymoon at a beach resort?
Autumn winds are blowing in Cape Harriet, painting the town in russet and auburn tones. Zadie and Pete are busy carving pumpkins, getting the Rising Tides Inn ready for the Halloween House contest.
Book 6 in the Cape Harriet series is a gentle romance with strong emotional undercurrents. There are pumpkins to be carved, pies to be eaten, corn mazes to be conquered and hay wagon rides to be experienced.
Autumn Hearts will stay in your heart long after the crisp Fall air turns into the first snow of the season.
*All Cape Harriet books can be read as standalones in any order.
* Autumn Hearts is a clean romance with no graphic scenes or harsh language.

My Review: 

I’m so happy to bring you my review of Roma Brooks’ latest installment in the Cape Harriet Series, Autumn Hearts. I always love these novels set at the fabulous Rising Tides in on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Once again, the reader is propelled into the incredible atmosphere created by inn hosts’ Pete and Zadie Strathmore. And, once again, the amazing recipes that Zadie cooks up had my tummy growling from beginning to end!

Autumn Hearts focuses on two very different couples. Mark and Sharon have been married for years, he has been a very successful pilot, but Sharon is at her wits end after spending her life alone or just with the kids as Mark traveled. Mason and Eve had a drunken, quicky wedding in Vegas, but Mason isn’t sure what he has gotten into and Eve has an agenda of her own. Mark and Sharon are on a romantic trip where Mark hopes to rekindle the flame between them, while Mason and Eve are on their honeymoon hoping to get to know one another and determine if they made a mistake, or not.

Mark and Sharon’s story was so realistic and they were relatable characters. Not only relatable, but as always, Brooks’ writing makes it seem more as if they are people you have always known rather than new characters in a novel. It was effortless to become invested in their story and their relationship. I can’t say that Mason and Eve’s story is my favorite compared to other couples in the Cape Harriet series, simply because I wasn’t a fan of Eve and her motivation for marrying Mason. However, I developed an enormous amount of respect for Mason and was blown away with what a wonderful young man he really was. 

Pete and Zadie were sweet and hospitable as always, but I loved them even more this time around as they shared their own stories of challenging times in their relationship. I already knew that they had lost a daughter, but in this novel, it’s apparent that they are just as human as anyone else and have made mistakes, sacrifices, and have forgiven one another many times over the years. 

Autumn Hearts is the perfect novel to pick up now to get in the mood for the season. It’s full of mouth-watering fall recipes, new love, old love, and the magic of Cape Harriet and the Rising Tide Inn. This is a novel that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling – but especially in the mood for some pumpkins, cider, and a cozy sweater to wrap up in as you read!

Thanks to Roma Brooks for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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