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Book review: Taking Back Brooklyn

Taking Back Brooklyn (TDB Book 2), by K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore

Publication: January 9, 2018


taking back brooklyn


About the book: 

I’ve been dead two years now. Not a physical death, even though I’ve wished for it many times.
It would have been better than the heartache, which was far worse than the torture.
Nothing mattered anymore until I got a glimpse of light.
A picture of my life.
My heart.
My son.
Now getting back to them is my soul purpose, no matter what it takes or who I have to kill.
I will be tested, tried, and broken before I can get my family back if I survive long enough.
Taking back what is mine, will be well worth the fight. Revenge on the man who took my life away will be sweet.
Taking back Brooklyn will be even better.

My Review:

I am so very, uncontrollably excited about Taking Back Brooklyn!!! If you have not yet read it the first book in this series – stop now and order Taking Down Brooklyn – otherwise, you will be confused and miss out on an incredible novel. 

I’m struggling how to write this review without spoilers! But let’s just say that Brooklyn finds Jake’s old burner phone in a drawer, a phone that only John had the number – and most exciting of all, Jake gets a text that says “Stand By Me.” After Jake assumes the text is from John, who is supposed to be dead, a wild ride begins of bringing down Miles, saving the President, and finding out what really happened to John. 

I did beta-reading of this sequel, read the final drafts before editing, and have re-read this novel again. The biggest things that I love SO MUCH about Taking Back Brooklyn are:

  • it’s completely action-packed
  • it’s funny (especially the buffet and chocolate fountain)
  • hot, steamy romance mixed with sweet emotion

Kelly and K.B. have managed to wow me with all of these amazing elements and much more in not just one book, but two. And once again, the writing is so completely flawless that it’s impossible to figure out who was writing which parts because everything flows together so seamlessly. Although the characters are not new, the development of the characters just deepened in this follow-up, making them feel even more real and familiar than before. 

Another unique quality about this book (and the first one) is that it truly cannot be categorized as a romance book or a “girly” book or a “guy’s” book. The suspense and drama built into the plot, the assassins and crime, and the romance of the novel would appeal to most any reader. It’s not just crime and killing, yet it’s not just a sweet love story – but is just so much more. 

There are not enough words to construe my praise of Taking Back Brooklyn and I highly recommend that this one goes to the top of your TBR list. Kudos to Kelly and K.B. for once again creating something so exciting, addictive, and unique among so many other novels published today.

*Many thanks to K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review! 



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