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Book Review: Wrapped in Hope

Wrapped in Hope: A Forbidden Romance, by K.B. Andrews 

Publication: February 27, 2018

hopeAbout the Book:

Temptation — it’s all around us.
My hardest decision: give into that forbidden desire, or resist all the unrelenting urges inside of me.

She wasn’t mine to take, but I reached out and took her like that forbidden apple in the garden she belongs in.
She’s my angel. 
She was put on this earth for the devil himself.
And I’m not strong enough to resist her.

She’s off limits… forbidden… and all mine.

But I know it’s only a matter of time before the hell that is my life engulfs us both with its wicked flame. 

My Review:

I’ve stated the obvious several times as to what an enormous fan I am of K.B. Andrews and every time she throws something new my way I am positive that this one is my favorite. Seriously – this time – this one is my favorite! However, as my fingers linger above the keyboard, I’m truly stumped about how to review this novel without spoilers!

Let’s just say that once upon a time there was a young boy that had been adopted and raised by his aunt and uncle. Across the street, there was a young girl – that fell in love with the boy and vice versa. However, this is not a fairy tale with an HEA ending for them. Things change, causing their love story to end.

Years later, the young girl is still struggling with her feelings about the boy, but feelings shift when she reunites with one of his family members. Why is this important? Because they realize that they not only have an incredible and lasting bond but also have a lot of chemistry and feelings that they are not sure they should feel.

Let me start with Holden… Oh, Holden, how I love you… If you’ve ever been madly in love with a book character, then you understand what I’m saying. Anyway, incredible man that has been dealt several horrible hands in life. Then there’s Hope who thinks that life is over, ruined, etc. not realizing what could possibly be out in the world for her if she would only open her eyes and heart.

If I’m being cryptic, know that it’s not an accident. This is a novel that needs to be slowly unwrapped like a prized gift, feel what the characters feel, face the adversity alongside them, and be there to support them and cheer them on the entire time!

Enough rambling about the story that I can’t exactly tell you about and on to the incredible, fantastic, always impressive author, K.B. Andrews. There are a handful of authors (and you know who you are), that if they have written something, I have happily read it. What sets K.B. apart is that when you read one of her novels, it will not come even close to a story you have heard before. Her characters and plot are not only unique but addictive and a perfect blend of realism and “I wish.” This woman puts an immeasurable amount of passion into her writing, craves and accepts feedback, and ultimately wants to write a story from her heart – but write it in a way that will wow her readers.

Whether it’s romance, sexy chemistry, action, sadness, confusion, or so on – Andrews manages to capture every imaginable emotion in her novels making them not only a pleasure to read but a privilege. Wrapped in Hope is completely unlike books you normally read, but is not only amazing but worthwhile reading because it prompts the reader to consider the parameters of love. Who sets the rules for who we love and who we don’t? Does age matter when it comes to love?

Add Wrapped in Hope to your TBR.  Regardless of your preferred genre or plots, this is one that can be enjoyed by all and leave your heart feeling very open, yet very full.

*A very special thanks to K.B. Andrews for allowing me to read and review this ARC!


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