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Book Review: Wicked Torture

Wicked Torture (Wicked Nights: Stark World, Book 3), by J. Kenner

Publication: Martini & Olive; November 14, 2017

wicked tortureAbout the book: 

Outwardly, Noah Carter is riding high as the tech world’s hottest new genius. Inside, he’s still reeling from the abduction of his wife and baby daughter eight years ago, and then the devastating discovery of his child’s body. For years, he kept up hope that his wife was alive, but now that she’s been declared legally dead, he’s thrown himself even more deeply into his work, cutting himself off from emotional ties because they just hurt too damn much.

Then he meets Kiki Porter, an eternal optimist with a killer work ethic and dreams of fronting a band. And everything changes. Even though he tries his damnedest to fight it…

Sexually, they are combustible together. But their true fire is emotional, though it is slow to burn. But once it lights, it is all-consuming. The relationship grows emotionally, the sex is hot, things are good.

But just when it’s looking like they might have a real future together, the past comes back to haunt them. And Noah’s going to have to decide what he’s willing to give up for love …

My Review:

If you have read any of the Wicked Nights (Stark) novels, prepare to become addicted to the next installment, Wicked Torture! And if you haven’t read any of the Wicked Nights novels, guess what? No worries, because they are stand-alones that can be enjoyed regardless if you are familiar with the previous characters! Wicked Torture is about the pained, tech guru Noah Carter and the one that got away, musician and marketing genius Kiki Porter. Years ago Noah destroyed her heart and she has worked hard to pick up the pieces. Noah has experienced his own trauma and loss but has never gotten over Kiki. What happens when they crash into each others’ lives again after so many years?

Oh, Noah…. What a smart, sexy, but sad man.  Early in the novel you can literally feel the pain and regret radiating off of this character, but luckily, his world starts looking up once he randomly sees Kiki singing in a bar one night. Kiki is also a fantastic, passionate, and creative character, but like Noah, she is still very broken and jaded at the beginning of the novel. The fabulous thing about this couple is the amazing chemistry and passion between them. Attempts to stay away from the other fail miserably and it made my heart sing as I went on their journey of healing and forgiveness. 

As typical with J. Kenner, Wicked Torture is not simply a romance but also filled with suspense, crime, corporate dealings, and loss of loved ones. She perfectly builds the complexity of her novels providing the reader a fantastic, well-rounded experience. Wicked Torture’s plot, subplots, characterization, and rising action all had me flying through this novel and I devoured it in one sitting. Once again, I have fallen in love with J. Kenner’s characters and cannot wait to read what comes next from this talented author. 

**Thanks to the author for providing this novel in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Wicked Torture on Amazon!

Learn more about the wonderful J. Kenner by visiting her web page!


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