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Book Review: Lover Boy

Lover Boy (Blue Collar Bachelors Book 1), by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Publication: January 6, 2018

Lover BoyAbout the book: 

hHe’s the hot single dad next door. My brother’s best friend…And I want him to be my lover.

From the first time I meet Leo Montgomery, I know that I’m in trouble. His dark, heated gaze skittering down my body sets my skin on fire. A rare sighting of his elusive, heart-stopping smile and—dear lord—I think I just ovulated. But then, he hires me to babysit his adorable little troublemaker after school and now my maternal instincts are working overtime.

It was never supposed to be more than a harmless crush on my older brother’s best friend.

But (accidentally) showing him my enormous, red granny panties was probably my first mistake. (Apparently, he’s into that sort of thing.)

That slow, sensual kiss on the back porch didn’t help matters, either.

We need an outlet for the combustible sexual tension between us. There’s no denying it. But he says he can’t be my boyfriend. He won’t let me into his closely guarded heart.

I tell him that’s okay. After all, we don’t need a title. We don’t need to be together. We can just be lovers. Can’t we?

Well, as it turns out, the road to hell is paved with good intentions…and enormous, red granny panties.

Lover Boy is a steamy, laugh-out-loud, single-dad-next-door romance set in small-town Illinois. It is book 1 in the Blue Collar Bachelors series.

Lover Boy is a full-length (60 000-word) romantic comedy standalone. No cheating. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.

My Review:

The other day I was having one of those days where nothing on my Kindle was appealing to me for some reason, so I started browsing through the ebooks on Amazon and found Lover Boy, a recent release from Cassie-Ann L. Miller. I’m so very glad that I came across this one because it was a perfect read for a laid back Saturday and left me with a happy heart and a huge smile on my face!

Reese co-owns a cupcake shop with her older sister and is a single girl in a small town that lacks a lot of available men. But when her brother’s best friend moves in next door, Reese’s curiosity is definitely sparked! Leo has been through war and now a divorce. Now he finds himself relocating to a new town with his young son, planning to work with his best friend, Charlie. When he sees Charlie’s sister, Reese, the attraction is immediate, but Leo knows that he can’t break friend code and his life is already messy enough. 

Wow, Lover Boy has absolutely fantastic characters!!! Reese is beautiful but somewhat shy, has a huge heart, and only wants to make others happy. Leo is somewhat brooding and broken, yet he is also caring, thoughtful, and very easy on the eyes. Even better, they are both so funny, but especially Reese. I was in love with her as soon as she started her rambling about tomatoes (you’ll have to read to find out), but she repeatedly made me laugh and smile with her unintentional humor. 

One of the best things about this novel is Brenton, Leo’s young son. He’s absolutely adorable, mischievous, curious, loving, and just toddler perfection! Besides the cuteness he added to the story, he also made it a relatable story regarding single parenthood and all of the challenges that can arise regarding dating, jobs, babysitting, emotions, haircuts, and so on. 

Lover Boy is full of emotion, laughter, steamy chemistry, frustration, and suspense. The author weaves realistic characters and situations into a fun and addictive story that will leave you with a happy feeling, and definitely wanting more of these characters! I have already downloaded the next book in this series, Charlie’s story, and cannot wait to read more from this fabulous author!

Purchase Lover Boy on Amazon!


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