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Book Review: Say You Won’t Let Go

Say You Won’t Let Go, by Kelly Moore

Publication: February 12, 2018

say you won'tAbout the book: 

Fate can either be your friend or it can be a bitch!
In my case, it’s been both.
Loving someone and losing them turned my world upside down.
Now fate has dealt me a sweet hand and I plan on claiming what is mine.
In searching for someone else, I found my heart again, but this time the fight for my life begins. And by my life, I mean my heart, the one that’s been frozen in my chest for the past twelve years. It’s found a meaning to beat again.
But, fate isn’t quite as kind as I thought. Things aren’t always as they seem. That would be too easy and nothing has ever been easy for me.
This guitar-strumming man will have to turn on the charm for love to find its way again.

My Review:

I’m so incredibly excited to post my review for the latest by Kelly Moore, Say You Won’t Let Go. It probably seems like longer than it actually has been, but it feels like forever since she first approached me about beta-reading her new idea for a story, and I have loved watching this one come to life!

This is the story of an ex-military, single-dad, and widower named Keegan. He’s experienced so much loss but still trudges through life caring for his twelve-year-old daughter Emmalynn and helping run his Dad’s sporting goods store. Attempting to carry out the wishes of his best friend, Wolfe, Keegan contacts a woman named Shay, explaining that Wolfe was her twin brother. Shay has a successful career but is lacking in the love and family department, with the exception of her partner and roomie, Paul. At first, she is confused about Keegan’s letter about her long-lost brother, but as they continue their communication, realizations about the past and an unexpected love take center stage. 

Oh, Keegan… How do I love thee, let me count the ways? Once again, Kelly Moore has created a character that I could not avoid falling in love with…. Anyway, on a serious note, she has honestly crafted a compelling cast of characters in Say You Won’t Let Go, that I assure will stick with you long after reading. Keegan is so pained and exhausted from the cards that he has been dealt in life, yet still grateful for his daughter and family. However, as the novel progresses, the reader has the opportunity to truly watch him come out of his shell, start feeling, and emotionally wake up and start living again. Shay is also somewhat of a quiet, tortured soul. Although successful in her career, there’s a huge part of her life that has remained a question mark where she has never really known about her childhood or family. She too, blossoms over the course of the novel, opening up more and more as the story progresses. 

Then there is Keegan’s daughter, Emmalynn – which is an unexpected gem in this novel. Her honesty, raw feelings, and wisdom far beyond her years absolutely completed this story. Note to Kelly, perhaps she will have her own story later, once she’s grown up a bit?? 

The dynamic plot structure, characters, suspense, emotion, and romance are just a few things that make Say You Won’t Let Go such a page-turning, emotional, and completely fantastic read. This one touches on numerous emotions and feelings – prepare for sadness, laughter, frustration, joy, and so on. As typical with Kelly Moore, there are ample twists and turns combined with a strong storyline that will touch any reader, yet keep them on the edge of their seats. Although Kelly typically includes military or ex-military in her stories, this novel is unlike anything she has written and pays tribute to her ever-growing skills and talent as a writer. Add this one to your TBR, it is phenomenal!

*Many thanks to Kelly Moore for giving me the opportunity to read and review this fantastic novel!

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