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Book Review: A Love Fulfilled

A Love Fulfilled (Life & Love Duet Book 2), by Angela K. Parker

Publication: December 11, 2017

love fulfilledAbout the Book:

 Laurence has always had a secret love for Jessica. He put their friendship before his own selfish desires. When Jessica moves in, his resolve slowly starts to fade away. The feelings he had buried deep rise to the surface and leads him to a truth he never saw coming.

Jessica never thought of Laurence as anything more than a friend. After all, he was definitely not her type. With her heart locked tight, she moves in with him. It’s the perfect arrangement. It was supposed to be uncomplicated, but she has a secret; A secret that could determine the future of their friendship.

What happens when the one thing you’ve wanted all of your life turns into a possibility; And that possibility leads to a reality that you never would have imagined

My Review:

A Love Fulfilled is my first time reading Angela K. Parker and in a nutshell, it was a very romantic and happy story. Without giving spoilers, Ren and Jess have been best friends forever, however, Ren has also been in love with Jess for years, but afraid to tell her for fear of ruining their friendship. After college and Jess moves in with Ren, things quickly start changing and become full of new surprises, joys, and nightmares. 

I have been really into friends-to-lovers novels lately and this was one definitely a feel-good novel. Ren was sweet, adorable, romantic, and so on. Jess was unsure about love due to a previous bad experience and full of mystery, yet also a sweet and loving young lady. So what was the problem?

A Love Fulfilled was honestly too easy… There was conflict – but very little. These two recent college graduates went through so many changes and surprises, yet everything was always fine. Where did they work? How did they afford to live? How did they afford a weekend away with friends? How did they afford to throw these big cookouts with family and friends? These things baffled me. Even when danger was looming at the hands of a disturbed third party, everyone just stayed calm and happy. Basically, everything was too perfect.

I love the idea of the story, especially Jess’ surprise (which I cannot share for fear of spoilers), but this one was just wrapped into to perfect of a package for me. The chemistry and story between Ren and Jess was fantastic, other characters were great, but for me, it fell short on depth and conflict that could have strengthened the plot. However, this is a perfect one to pick up for someone looking for a quick, happy read!

*Thanks to NetGalley for providing this novel in exchange for my honest review. 




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