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Book Review: Bend (The Water Series Book 1)

Bend (The Waters Series Book 1), by Kivrin Wilson

Publication:  April 6, 2016

bendAbout the book: 


Jay Bradshaw. My boyfriend’s best friend.

He was never supposed to be anything more—until he was.

When my college boyfriend betrayed me and left, breaking my heart, Jay picked a side. He chose me. He stayed, and for the past six years, he’s been my rock, my anchor, my compass…

Now we’ve grown up, finished school, and have careers. Me as a nurse practitioner; Jay as a doctor. He’s been everything I needed, but now I want more. I can’t stop thinking about him, and I’m done hiding it.

It’s time to find out if he wants me, too.


A friend. Not a lover. That’s who Mia Waters is to me.

I’ve tried damn hard to make sure our relationship stays that way. I’m the shoulder she leans on, the last one to talk to her before she goes to sleep at night… And after six years, she means more to me than my own family.

The moment I met her, I wanted her. But she belonged to someone else, so I pushed the need down. I didn’t take what I wanted. I’m not that guy. Her happiness meant more.

Until now. Until she asks me a question that shatters our unspoken boundaries. “Have you ever thought about having sex with me?” Six years of keeping her at arm’s length, and I can feel myself starting to give in and lose control with her.

I can’t let it happen. There are reasons I didn’t get close. She hasn’t let go of her ex-boyfriend, not really. And she has no idea about the lies I’ve told her.

What if she finds out about me? What if she finds out who I really am?

And what will she do when I leave?

My Review:

Bend, by Kivrin Wilson, is the latest gem that I just happened to run across on Amazon and oh my gosh, it was so amazing! This is the story of best friends Mia and Jay. Mia is a nurse practitioner and Jay is a medical resident, and they have been best friends since Mia’s ex-boyfriend and Jay’s ex-roommate cheated on Mia years earlier. But now has started thinking of Jay in a different way, desperately hoping that Jay might possibly feel the same. But what happens when you proposition your best friend to be more than friends?

I’ll start with Mia that is such a fantastic female character! She’s unfiltered, honest, and at times – she is absolutely fearless. I loved her willingness to take risks coupled with just the right amount of vulnerability to make her both secure and grounded at the same time. Then there was yummy, irresistible Jay… His character is impossible not to fall in love with. Coming from a rough upbringing and shouldering secrets about his family, Jay is a good man, is making a great life for himself as a doctor, and has been Mia’s rock and best friend for years. Jay is definitely the most reasonable of the two, constantly second-guessing his long-standing feelings for Mia for fear of hurting their friendship. He’s reserved yet alpha at the same time and I loved everything about him!

Bend is not a smooth or easy “friends to lovers” novel, but has several obstacles, twists, and turns along the way concerning both Mia and Jay’s pasts and families. It was deliciously frustrating the way things would heat up, I would think that an HEA was coming, yet a conflict would weave into the plot keeping me guessing the whole way. Some of the issues were definitely relatable as to where others were more of a stretch for me, but I loved this one from beginning to end. I only hate that it took me so long to discover this novel and fantastic author, Kivrin Wilson. The novel reads effortlessly with a perfect balance of simple and complex language, as well as, flawless imagery that pulls you into the setting and the minds of the characters. I am ecstatic that the second novel will be out soon so that I can continue following this family with Mia’s sister Paige. 

Learn more about author Kivrin Wilson!


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