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Book Review: Giving Up My Chance at Forever

Giving Up My Chance at Forever: Prequel (The Chance Series Book 4),

by K.B. Andrews

Publication: February 13, 2018


giving upAbout the book: 

I drink too much, smoke too much, and I blow through entirely way too many women.

I wish I could tell you that my story is full of extraordinary sunsets on the beach. I wish I could tell you a story about an epic love — a love so strong and beautiful that it stands the test of time. But this story, my story, it’s about how I lost that love, how I lived years without purpose, and about how I f*cked up my life by giving up my chance at forever.

You met them in The Chance Series, but you never knew their story…

Giving Up My Chance at Forever is a prequel to A Chance at Forever. This book is written in Dane and Alissa’s point of view, taking place before book one. If you’ve read The Chance Series, you will know that Dane and Alissa’s backstory does NOT have a happy ending. If you want to know how Dane and Alissa met all those years ago and what led to their break up, this is the story for you.

My Review:

I’m so excited to bring you my review of K.B. Andrews’ latest, Giving Up My Chance at Forever! I am such a huge fan of this incredible author and every installment in the Chance Series, so of course, I was over the moon about this prequel about Dane and Alissa.

Dane was introduced in the first of the Chance novels as Mason’s older brother. Unlike Mason, Dane was crazy, wild, drank a lot, smoked, played in a band, and basically defied their father as much as possible. In this new novel, the author provides a closer look at Dane, his motivations for his actions, and tells all about the love story between him and Alissa, a new girl to town that quickly catches Dane’s eye. 

Alissa moves to a new town for her last year of high school and lives in a foster home. Dane gets her attention rather quickly also, and the two get closer and closer – sharing about their lives, hopes, dreams, and inner demons. The relationship progresses quickly, all while Dane is balancing working at his Dad’s bar, helping out with his younger brother, playing in his band, and so on. The heartwrenching part of their story is that they were in fact, very much in love. However, sometimes choices and sacrifices are made that aren’t easy to understand, which is what addictively unfolds in this prequel to the series. 

I love everything that K.B. writes, and Giving Up My Chance at Forever is certainly no exception! The characterization and imagery presented in this novel are outstanding and propels the reader into the story from page one. There is a beautiful balance of romance, struggles, conflicts, and suspense within the story that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering how things will turn out for this young couple (although, having already read other novels in this series, I already knew, lol). This is a definitely a book that you will read from start to finish in one sitting as it is entertaining, insightful, and taps into every possible emotion. If you have not yet explored this series then you are missing out and need to add this to your TBR pronto! I loved, loved, loved this novel!

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