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Book Review: Addicted to Love (Bayou Devils MC Book 2)

Addicted to Love (Bayou Devils MC Book 2), by A.M. Myers

Publication:  FinLi Publishing (March 2, 2018)

addicted to loveAbout the book: 

At sixteen years old, Carly Mills was taught a very valuable lesson about just how cruel people can be. In the years since, she’s carried that with her, closing herself off from the world to avoid experiencing the same heartbreak she endured at such a young age.

Enter Chance Turner. On the outside, he’s everything she should avoid – biker, rebel, heartbreaker – and yet, she finds it hard to stay away.

Chance has spent his life looking for the one thing that’s always been missing, and the moment he sees Carly, he knows he’s found it. She can try to resist him but he’s a determined man and nothing will get in his way.

When someone close to her is in danger, Carly has no choice but to go to Chance for help, but being around him presents an entirely new threat.

Can Carly resist Chance and save those she loves? Or will she lose everything in the process – including her heart?

My Review:

Oh my goodness, I cannot even begin to contain my excitement over A.M. Myers’ latest in the Bayou Devils MC series, Addicted to Love!!! After falling in love with Logan and Ali in Hopelessly Devoted, it was a long wait for this second book, but so worth it!

This time around, the author focuses on Chance and Carly, whom we met in book 1. Chance is one of the sexy members of Bayou Devils MC, working tirelessly helping women escape from abusive relationships. Carly is one of Ali’s best friends that also works with her as a writer at Champagne Dreams Lifestyle Blog. Little did I know that in book one, Chance had already set his sights on Carly. However, Carly’s painful past has her fighting her feelings for Chance every step of the way. As they go through some horrifying moments together, they keep growing closer, but will it all be too much?

Prepare to absolutely fall in love with Chance in Addicted to Love! This man is sweet, caring, loving, sexy, funny – just the whole package. Even more is the man is the walking poster child for patience. Despite how many times Carly tried to push him away, he kept coming back. Carly is beautiful, smart, talented, and completely devoted to her sister, Aunt Dottie, and her best friends. However, since a painful event in her past, she has always pushed men away, not allowing any sort of relationship build between them. As much as I sympathized with her character though, I was so frustrated when she kept pushing Chance away!! 

Anyway, there are not enough words to express my love for this novel and for A.M. Myers! Although there are several things about this novel similar to other MC novels, I must say that Myers has written this with a huge amount of emotion, suspense, and class. While reading I could see the characters, hear their voices, and feel their emotion. It was romantic and heartbreaking at the same time and definitely required some Kleenex, however, this is hands-down the best MC novel I have read, and definitely the best MC series out there. Her writing is amazing, the conflict and action kept me on the edge of my seat, and there were enough sexy and romantic scenes to balance it all out.  I am so happy to have discovered this author and will be chomping at the bit for the next installment to be released!!!

*Purchase Addicted to Love on Amazon!

*** Warning: this novel contains possible triggers dealing with verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. 


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