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Book Review: The Secret: Billionaire Steamy Romance

The Secret: Billionaire Steamy Romance (Billionaire Secrets Series Book 1), by Lexy Timms

Publication: February 7, 2018

secretAbout the Book: 

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past as better than what it was and the present worse than it actually is.

Billionaire CEO, SIMON DIESEL, owns one of the largest companies in the U.S. Little is known about him—he keeps his personal life out of the media despite their efforts to try to find out who the single, handsome billionaire is. He graduated out of Stanford with top honors, and while there invested in an online company that turned into a fortune. No one knows he was just a regular kid growing up and got into Stanford on a scholarship. He’s determined to prove to himself that he can do it.

He never expected that the girl he lost his virginity to would show up in his office, looking for a job. He also never anticipated that she wouldn’t remember him. Now he has to hire her, just to prove he’s the same kid from high school—just a whole lot richer.

My Review:

The other day, I just wasn’t in the mood for anything on my TBR so I started browsing Amazon and came across The Secret, and even better – it was free on Amazon. Having read and loved Lexy Timms before, I decided to give it a chance and I’m soooo glad that I did!

This novel is about sexy, rich, tech CEO Simon Diesel and the girl from his childhood and adolescence, Heather Hall. After suddenly losing his personal assistant, he quickly begins interviewing for a replacement, and one of those candidates is Heather, the girl from his past that encouraged him, cared about him, and also took his virginity. However, Heather says that he has her confused with someone else. 

Simon’s character is initially somewhat typical for “billionaire romance” novels. He’s smart, driven, handsome, sexy, and somewhat of a loner. Very quickly, however, it becomes evident that Simon has that extra special something that makes him different. He also has a very caring side, taking pride in treating his employees well, he’s romantic and nostalgic, and also has a cute sense of humor. 

Heather’s character is hard to read in the beginning, making you wonder if she’s all-business and super conservative, or if she is just playing a part to get the job as Simon’s assistant. However, it’s obvious that Heather is a devoted parent to her son Finn, as well as, beautiful in her own quiet way despite the belittling she received from her awful ex-husband, Gary. 

I was rooting for something to happen between Simon and Heather from the beginning, especially because of the way she brought out his sweet and softer side. It was obvious that there would be conflict if they got together, but their conflict was so frustrating because it was so avoidable. Without giving things away, let me say that there is some serious lying that goes on in this novel and Lexy Timms perfectly paints the picture of how destructive lies can be – for so many different people. I loved this book, but I must say that there were numerous times that I wanted to grab Heather and just shake her like a ragdoll! She repeatedly makes some idiotic decisions that made me crazy because she really is a smart woman. And don’t even get me started on how horrible her ex-husband is. He seems like such a slimeball, further giving credit to Timms’ writing and her outstanding characterization. She made him very real, and very aggravating, lol!

Anyway, I loved, loved, loved The Secret. I immediately downloaded the second book in the series as soon as I finished this one, and I can officially say that I’m addicted! This novel has romance, suspense, conflict, steamy moments, and keeps you hooked from beginning to end. I highly recommend this to lovers of contemporary romance!

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