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Book Release & Review: Taking Jake

Happy Release Day to K.B. Andrews & Kelly Moore!!!


Taking Jake (The Brooklyn Series Book 3),

by K.B. Andrews and Kelly Moore

Publication: May 14, 2018

Taking Jake (The Brooklyn Series Book 3) by [Moore, Kelly, Andrews, K.B.]About the book:

My life was finally perfect. No more cancer, a beautiful girlfriend, and a baby on the way. I couldn’t have been happier…then bam! I’m in a dark dingy cell being held for ransom.

I’m nothing more than a pawn…a bargaining chip for a cure that hasn’t been found. I either have to escape…or become a killer to get out of the hands of the man that my brother put behind bars years ago.

I won’t let him destroy my family and send us all on the run again.

It’s my turn to be the hero.

I can either kill or be killed.

My Review:

I’m so excited for today’s release of the third novel in the Brooklyn series, Taking Jake! Hopefully, you have read and seen my reviews of the previous novels in this series – but if not – you need to grab Taking Down Brooklyn and Taking Back Brooklyn and read those first!

Finally, John’s sweet and goofy brother Jake gets his own story. He is healthy, happy, in love, and a soon-to-be father. However, we know that in this series, things to get turned upside down very quickly. Although in prison, Knox is back in the picture, Jake is kidnapped, and Brooklyn is under tremendous pressure to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. And of course, everything has to go wrong when Zoe is extremely close to her due date with her and Jake’s first baby.

Brooklyn continued to amaze with her skills in the lab, moving on to cure Alzheimer’s – since she’s already cured cancer. There’s a part of me that found this element almost too much and too far-fetched, but I reminded myself that this is, in fact, a fictional story so I just went with it. Overall, I love everything about this novel, especially all of the silly pranks and jokes between the two couples. 

These two ladies have blown me away, once again, with suspense, romance, exciting characters, and an addictive story line. I loved the new character of Zoe and of course, loved reconnecting with John, Brooklyn, and the rest of their family. Taking Jake has plenty of humor, sad moments, and moments so happy that I wanted to jump up and down and clap! This one should definitely be added to your TBR, but remember to check out the other two books in the series first or if won’t be nearly as fantastic a read!

*Thanks to Kelly and K.B. for providing the opportunity for me to read and review this book!

Purchase Taking Jake on Amazon.

Learn more about author Kelly Moore!

Learn more about author K.B. Andrews!




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