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Book review & giveaway: Dares, Lies, & Geminis



Dares, Lies & Geminis

By Kat Alexander

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 29th, 2018


Two women, different as night and day.

Tristana likes to keep to herself, devotedly working all day so she doesn’t think about all she is missing in life. 

Seraphina, shrouded in mystery, hunts at night, surreptitiously looking for someone good, noble, and honest while proving to herself they don’t exist.

Two men who won’t succumb to failure.

After his brother’s death, Peter spends his days trying to build a life as far away from the accusatory eyes of his hometown.

Nathan has a nightly obsession—Seraphina.

The truth that everyone is afraid to whisper.

As Peter starts to chip away at Tristana’s walls, one dare unknowingly releases something he thought he lost long ago.

And as Nathan moves in on Seraphina, one lie breaks apart the foundation of everything he thought he knew.

Meet the Geminis.


My Review:

All I can start with is, wow! When the fabulous Kat Alexander contacted me about reading and reviewing her upcoming release, Dares, Lies, and Geminis, I thought it sounded like a cool book. I had no idea what I was getting into with this incredible, engaging, surprising, and romantic novel!

This novel is about two women and two men. Tristana and Peter are boarders at Ms. Diana’s B & B, starting out shy, building their relationship, yet something always seems to stand in their way. Serephina is always on the prowl for men while Nathan hangs in the shadows watching her from a distance. All of these extremely different people star in this novel about love, loss, consequences, and peace.

Let me begin by saying, this is hands-down the most challenging book I’ve reviewed without giving spoilers. However, I shall try my best because this is also in the top 3 books that I have read this year. After Peter’s brother dies, he moves into the B & B/boarding house run by Ms. Diana, and there he meets another long-term tenant, Tristana. Where Peter seems like a straight shooter, Tristana is mysterious and ever-changing, frequently sucking Peter into embarrassing dares, but then pulling away the next moment. Their relationship reminds me of something balancing on an edge, almost falling, but then swaying back. 

Serephina is apparently a lost soul, searching for something that she has lost, frequenting nightclubs, drinking and picking up men. Unbeknownst to her, while she is on the prowl for random men, Nathan is discreetly in the background, watching her, wanting her, and ready to protect her if need be. 

Unfortunately, that’s all I can say about the overall plot, but I assure you, this one is soooo worth it, so don’t be scared by the lack of details. As I was reading this earlier, I came to a part of the novel where my jaw hit the floor, so I went inside to tell my husband, as I often do when appropriate, that I had just come across one of the biggest plot twists of all time. To be honest, when we come across notable plot twists in books or movies, we’ll look at each other say, “oooh a tweest!” Anyhow, I was already fully engaged in the characters, plot, emotions, etc., but then when the tweest came, I was honestly floored.

Kat Alexander’s writing is comparable to much more seasoned authors, and when I realized that this was her second novel, I was in complete shock. This woman knows how to paint a picture, weave a story, and completely draw her reader in. There was not one single dull moment in this novel, I could hear and see everything in my mind, I felt as if I knew these characters, and also understood their innermost feelings. Kat is absolutely an author to watch because, in time, she will be well known for her fantastic writing and her compelling characters. I cannot begin to express my gratitude that she reached out to me with a review request, because as stated earlier, Dares, Lies, and Geminis is one of the best I’ve read this year. Kudos to this incredible new author!

*Much love and appreciation to Kat Alexander for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!


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logo (1)About the Author:

Kat Alexander is a freelance editor for Indie authors. If she’s not editing or working on her own stories, then she’s a chauffeur for her busy children, or you can find her here:



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