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Book Review: Dirty Chicago: Season 1

Dirty Chicago: Season One,

by K.B. Andrews

Publication: July 3, 2018

dirty chicago 1About the book: 

Mobs… Drugs… Guns… Hookers…
Just another day in
Dirty Chicago.

Season one revolves around the Novelli family:
Madden, Amelia, and Harper

If you need trigger warnings, this story is not for you. There is no epic romance within the pages. No happy endings. No heroes. Only villains with dirty hands. If you love to hate characters, this is the read for you! This short story is meant for mature adults.

My Review:

Happy release day to K.B. Andrews and her new short story series, Dirty Chicago. In part 1, we are introduced to Madden Novelli, his wife Amelia, his daughter Harper, and his right-hand man at work, Enzo. Madden is insanely wealthy, powerful, handsome, sexy, and the biggest crime/drug lord in Chicago. Despite occasional infidelities, Madden loves and adores his gorgeous wife Amelia, with whom he has an 18-year-old-daughter Harper. 

Dirty Chicago part 1 introduces this family, Madden’s business, and how his life works. Despite his wandering eye, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for this man. He’s hot, sexy, charismatic, and an alpha male that makes you love and hate him at the same time. I also love his wife Amelia. She’s well taken care of financially, loves her husband – despite his flaws, but is also incredibly smart and streetwise. They bear some resemblance to Tony and Carmela Soprano, except that Madden is drop dead gorgeous and Amelia is much more aware of things than Carmela was. 

We all know from my review and post history that I absolutely love K.B. Andrews, but Dirty Chicago is a new direction for her and I’m so happy that she went with it. This short story series is non-stop, fast-paced, exciting, and surprising. While reading, I never knew what was coming next or who would be involved, making this an absolute page-turner. K.B.’s fantastic writing is evident throughout the story as she makes the characters and their storylines come to life. The crime, the seriously sexy scenes, the drama, and the constant questions about everyone’s motives made this a wonderfully wild ride. As this series to your TBR because this is not one you want to miss. 

*Thanks to K.B. Andrews for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Dirty Chicago: Season 1 on Amazon.


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