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Book Review: Never Let You Fall (The Hamilton Series Book 3)

Never Let You Fall (The Hamilton Series Book 3), by Kate Smith

Publication: August 29, 2017


never let you fall


About the book: 

My world had caved in, and there was nothing I could do about it. I wondered if love was enough anymore. I’d been so happy, but now I couldn’t recall the last time I’d genuinely laughed or smiled.

Alexis and Joel Nichols are the perfect couple with the perfect marriage. At least that is how it appears on the surface, and they have struggled to maintain that illusion.

A series of mistakes forces them to confront their problems. Ignoring the issues only further alienates their friends… and each other.

Now they must find a way to make amends and repair all that is broken before it’s too late.

When your world turns upside down… How do you make it right?

My Review:

Once again, I am happy to bring you a review for another wonderful Kate Smith novel, Never Let You Fall! This 3rd novel in the Hamilton series focuses on Alex and Joel, their young son Daniel, and their troubled marriage. This couple seemed perfectly happy and in love earlier in the series, but now we realize that things are not what they seem. Alex is struggling with motherhood in that Joel is rarely around and not very helpful when he is. Joel is always gone whether for work, drinking, or odd brunches with an “old friend.” After he makes numerous mistakes during their summer vacation with their friends, Alex has finally had enough. Thus begins their journey of determining whether to save or end their marriage and if saving the marriage is even an option. 

I loved this novel, but I struggled with both Alex and Joel from start to finish. Both parties had made mistakes, both parties seriously lacked in healthy communication skills, and both parties were stubborn. However, Alex wins the award for being the most difficult, selfish, stubborn character of all time! Yes, Joel made several mistakes not only with Alex and Daniel but with all of their close friends. He almost killed Aiden, traumatized Samantha, hurt and angered Emily, hung out with his trashy ex-girlfriend, and so on. What drove me so crazy about Alex, however, was her annoying clinginess with Aiden, her holier than thou attitude, and her refusal to even attempt to be civil for most of the novel. As much as I want to believe in this couple, and as much as I love the way things were resolved, I found myself questioning if she really forgave him and wanted him, or if it was because all of their friends had forgiven him and moved forward? Joel blew me away with the changes that he made and especially with that last, romantic gesture, but did Alex really change anything?

This was a difficult and emotional read. There are so many arguments, accusations, and one person or another walking away that at times it was exhausting to read. With that being said, it is truly a tribute to Kate Smith’s exquisite, detailed writing that I felt that way. Never Let You Fall goes above and beyond just being a book about a troubled marriage. You will truly feel as if you are there witnessing it all in person as you devour this book. I am in awe of the way that she brings her characters to life, and cannot think of a better example of detailed characterization than what Kate Smith has done in this novel. 

The Hamilton series is so unique and relatable at the same time, as well as, completely addictive. As stated in previous reviews of Kate’s books, I cannot find enough words to express how much I recommend this series, but you need to start at the beginning with Reunited. The way these characters connect to each other and look out for each other as they all grow and change is remarkable. I promise you will quickly be pulled into their “family” and will burn up the pages as you learn about their lives.

*Many thanks to Kate Smith for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

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