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Book Review: Everything we Dream (The Hamilton Series Book 5)

Everything we Dream (The Hamilton Series Book 5), by Kate Smith

Publication: July 3, 2018

everything we dreamAbout the book: 

Three deceptively simple little words…

Three simple words. Words Savannah longs to say but doesn’t dare. She’s made that mistake already. Brandon seems perfect; the attractive, driven medical resident with a bright shining future. But, nobody is without flaws, and his rough edges and reluctance to commit begin to show. Hold on? Or cut him loose? Savannah is torn between the messages from her heart and the logic ruling her head.

Three little words. Words Brandon vows to hold in his heart for someone special. He’s never said them; not to anyone. His imperfect home life taught him the value of caution. He has issues but avoids them. Savannah forces him to confront his past and his problems. This charming young woman, who might be his perfect fit; if he’d met her five years in the future.

That future seems uncertain, until fate intervenes, drawing them closer together. Hard choices arise. Or are they choices at all? Repeat the past? Or break the cycle? Admit their feelings? Or live with regrets?

**My Review**

Wow, what an emotional roller coaster! There are not enough words to describe how I have loved this series, and Everything We Dream was just the cherry on top of this series. Honestly, I’ve had mixed emotions about this fifth book in the series and I hate to admit it, but I’ve read it three times before writing my review. So much has happened since the first book where Savannah found her father Aiden. She’s eighteen now, going to Harvard, living with her father, stepmother, and siblings. Her and Brandon’s relationship was still somewhat new at the start of the novel, but things progressed quickly testing their feelings. 

I’m struggling to review this without giving spoilers, yet, I shall try! There are definitely some life-altering events in this novel and I admit that in one way, I predicted them, but on the other hand, I was praying that it wouldn’t go the way that it did. The beauty of the novel and the situation was the ever-present support and love that Aiden have provided Savannah. Things have been tricky for her adjusting to her life with Aiden, but he and Emily have been incredible. The loving bond between them has made this series amazing, however, I found myself looking at Savannah as too supported and spoiled at times during this one. Choices were made that lead to consequences, yet Savannah continued on in her very financially comfortable lifestyle, living her life, with very little responsibility. Moreover, her immaturity was shining brightly as she pushed Brandon away. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved and devoured this novel, but Savannah tested my loyalty in this one. 

Moving on, Kate Smith has written yet another testament to the power of the love and bonds of family. Aiden and Tiffany have formed a peaceful and loving bond as she has moved on with her life and Aiden continues to grow his family with Emily. Brandon was shown enormous amounts of love and patience from Aiden, Emily, and honestly everyone throughout this novel. Brandon’s sister, Mia was welcomed into their family, and overall, everything was a complete bundle of love and perfection!

Everything We Dream, along with the rest of The Hamilton Series, repeatedly proves how extraordinary Kate Smith is as a writer. I have been blown away by her characterization and plots, while silently cursing her for causing my addiction to this series! I honestly cannot recall when I have seen so much detail and emotion be poured into a novel, nor an example of its characters coming to life like these have. Bravo to Kate Smith for this incredible series, and especially this happy ending for Savannah. 

*Thanks to Kate Smith for providing this novel in exchange for my honest review!

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