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Book Review: One More Chance at Forever (The Chance Series Book 5)

One More Chance at Forever (The Chance Series Book 5), by K.B. Andrews

Publication: August 16, 2018

one more chance


About the book: 

The epic conclusion to the iBooks Bestselling Series!!

Mason and Lennox thought they finally had it all: love, family, their careers. But they weren’t prepared for the dangers threatening to tear them apart. Will this family finally fall or will they be able to overcome a new threat they didn’t know they had until it was too late?

One More Chance at Forever is book 5 in The Chance Series. Picking up sixteen years after book three, and written in Mason, Lennox, and Emma’s point of view.


**My Review**

Can you hear me sniffling? See my pouting? One More Chance at Forever is the 5th and final book in the Chance series and I’m so sad! It’s an amazing novel, but I hate to say goodbye to this series and all of the wonderful characters. Luckily, this 5th installment takes the reader into the future with Mason, Lennox and their children Emma and Preston. Emma is turning 18 preparing to go to Notre Dame on a volleyball scholarship, Preston is entering his junior year of high school, and of course, Mason and Lennox are still madly in love. Andrews also reconnects the readers with Mason’s brother Dane, his wife Alissa, and their son Jax, who is also heading to college in the fall. And of course, there is the beloved Trent, his wife Sarah, and their children Levi and Macy.

Soon into the novel we learn that longtime friends Emma and Levi are crushing on each other and have kissed, however, Emma is 2 years older and heading off to college so explains to Levi that it just wouldn’t work. During a huge celebration for her 18th birthday, Tony is introduced into the story. Tony is Emma’s age, cute, and has moved to town to start college in the fall. Inexperienced Emma falls head over heels for the mysterious young man, but I can’t say more than that.

My favorite thing about this novel was not only catching up with the adults that we met first met as teenagers, but seeing how their children have grown, what their interests are, and if they’re like their parents (especially Dane and Jax.) Despite their ongoing and deepening love, Mason and Lennox face some tough challenges as they come to terms with Emma growing up, make decisions about the future of their marina, and Lennox faces a potentially life-changing issue. Suspense fans will love the last 1/3 or so of the novel where things change very quickly for the worse and manage to turn into any parent’s worst nightmare. A name from the past will resurface in a seriously creepy way and with a huge impact on Emma’s perception of how the world is.

Again, I have to whine just a little bit about this series ending because I have loved them all from the very beginning. As I think back on the series, however, I believe that One More Chance at Forever is my absolute favorite. The confirmation of Mason and Lennox as a healthy and long-lasting couple in love, combined with the amazing characters and twists that I didn’t see coming made this an outstanding read. As typical with K.B. Andrews, this final book in the Chance series is full of love, laughter, suspense, and tears – with Mason and Lennox leaning on and supporting one another in ways that will make your heart swell! 

*Much love to K.B. Andrew for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review, listening to my opinions, and so forth 🙂

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