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Book Review: While I’m Gone: A Novel

While I’m Gone: A Novel, by Ana Simons

Publication: December 8, 2016

while i'm goneAbout the book: 

On the surface, Sophie led the perfect life–until she realizes she’s been living a lie when her marriage comes to a sudden end.

With all the questions hanging unanswered, she must leave for a two-week work assignment in London. As she juggles her emotions at the airport terminal, Matt observes her, intrigued. When the opportunity to meet her again presents itself, the charming and enigmatic doctor doesn’t shy away and pursues her with everything he has.

Heartbroken and confused, Sophie lets
herself dive into an intense affair, a
relationship she believes is fated to end as
soon as the moment for them to part ways arrives. After all, Matt is just too good to be true and she’s learned her lesson: no one is as they seem. What if behind his determination, he carries secrets that might break her, even more? 

But when the unexpected happens and their feelings are put to the ultimate test, will Matt be ready to let her go? Will his hidden story drive them apart or bring them closer together? 

**My Review**

A few months ago I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Ana Simon’s Free Falling which I adored, but it was very different from this earlier published novel, While I’m Gone. Sophie leads a seemingly idyllic life with her husband Alex and their son Charlie in Madrid until she suddenly and shockingly learns that her husband no longer appreciates their marriage as much as Sophie. Days after learning that her world is falling apart, Sophie boards a plane to London for a two-week work trip. After accidentally leaving her book behind on the plane, which also included her trip information, she meets a handsome and charismatic Matt – and they just seem to click. But what will happen when it’s time for her to return home to Madrid, and what else will she learn about her husband, whom she thought she knew?

Do not be fooled by the description and assume that this novel is about a cheating main character. I do not want to give spoilers, but this simply isn’t the case. Instead, when Sophie arrives in London after being told that Alex was ready to end her marriage, she meets the absolutely wonderful and fabulous Matt. Good timing? No, but meeting Matt allows Sophie to rediscover herself and be herself as Matt tears down emotional walls that Alex never bothered wondering about. 

Have you ever seen or known a couple that seems to be extensions of one another? Their humor, playfulness, obvious love and passion just radiates off of them? This is Matta and Sophie. Despite her initial attempts to ignore him, send him away, etc., they easily fall into an incredible romance and a love story that will test the capacity of your heart. Each had issues and of course, their major issue was the distance between them (London to Spain), yet every time I thought that one or the other had given up, I was proved wrong. 

While I’m Gone embodies detailed characterization, so prepare to be 100% invested in Sophie and Matt and for a back and forth of rooting for them and then cursing one of their actions. However, this is not simply a romance novel, but instead, a woman’s journey from the life she thought she loved to discovering what true happiness looks and feels like. This story and the characters serve as a reminder of the outstanding outcome that can come from taking risks with our deepest emotions, our hearts, and our entire lives. This is an amazing story that I highly, highly recommend. 

*Thanks to the author for providing this novel in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase While I’m Gone on Amazon.

Learn more about Ana Simons.



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