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Release blitz & review: The Long Way



Title: The Long Way
Author: Alice Tribue
Genre: Contemporary Second Chance Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2018
Life lesson number one… If you find the love of your life, fight for
Life lesson number two… If you’re dumb enough to let the love of
your life go, don’t let years pass without trying to get him back.
Life lesson number three… If he does come
back, don’t help him take over your father’s multi-million-dollar company…even
if your father had it coming.
I fell in love, had it all, and lost it all in the blink of an eye. I
was young, naïve, and not in control of my own life. I was resigned to the fact
that I would never see Sam again. So when I attended a meeting with the unknown
buyer initiating a hostile takeover of my father’s company, I was stunned and
horrified to come face to face with Sam. Only this wasn’t the Sam that I
remembered. Gone was the sweet, romantic, kind boy I loved, and in his place
was a cold, ruthless, and calculating man. Maybe I was right. Maybe I would never
see my Sam again… or would I?

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Long Way, by Alice Tribue. I’m not sure how I’ve missed this author before, but this was my first time reading one of her novels and I truly loved it. This is the story of Sam and Ashton who fall in love while still in college, become engaged, but are torn apart by her controlling and abusive father. Fast-forward eight years and Ashton is working for her father, has just divorced a man that she did not love but was pushed into it by her father, and then suddenly comes face to face with Sam again. But this time, they are both different and Sam has long-awaited plans regarding Ashton’s father and his business.

Let me start by saying that the entire premise of this article was somewhat difficult to swallow because of a grown woman being so controlled and manipulated by her father, continuously, throughout her life. I get if you are relying on someone for financial reasons, a home, etc. but Ashton is a college graduate and successful in the business world, bought her own place after her divorce and so on. The time to get out from under her father’s control had come and gone long ago.

Anyway, at the beginning of the novel the author introduces young Sam and Ashton, in their twenties, in love and ready to conquer the world, as long as, they were together. But eight years later they are completely different as if a light had burned out inside of them. The beauty of The Long Way is how the author slowly brings them out of their shells both back to the way they were before and at the same time, completely new people that have found their lost love and happiness. This couple goes through a ton of drama from the moment they lay eyes on one another again, and I thought a lot could have been avoided if it weren’t for Ashton and her crazy emotions, but their story was a sweet and sexy story about first loves and second chances that I absolutely devoured.  Prepare to fall in love with Sam, cheer for Ashton as she explores a new life, and have it all wrapped up in an amazingly happy ending!

I highly recommend this one to fans of second-chance romance and can’t wait to check out more novels by Alice Tribue.

*Thanks to Give Me Books and the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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Author Bio
Alice Tribue is a bestselling author of contemporary romance
novels. She is currently living in New Jersey with her two children and spends
as much of her free time as she can by the beach. She enjoys reading, writing,
and an unhealthy addiction to coffee.
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