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Release blitz, trailer, playlist & review: Miss, by Harloe Rae



Title: MISS

A #BitterSweetHeat Standalone

Author: Harloe Rae
Genre: New Adult/Second Chance Romance

Release Date: September 28, 2018

Delilah Sage was my comfort within all the pain.
Offering open arms when I needed an escape.
The only one trusted to be there for me.
But our dreams were doomed from the start.
And I left her clinging to false hope.
Regret has plagued me for years.
The memories of Delilah refuse to fade.
Each second of every day, I want to claim her as mine.
But I won’t ruin her life.
And she’s better off without me.
When a job lands me in town, I plan to keep my distance.
My scars are mine alone.
Dredging up the past will only cause deeper damage.
But Delilah has always been my weakness.
And resisting her isn’t an option.
After all, there’s far too much for us to miss.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for the latest novel by Harloe Rae, Miss. This is the second novel in Rae’s Bittersweet series, however, I have not read the first book, Gent, yet it didn’t impact my enjoyment or understanding of the novel. This second-chance romance is about Zeke and his high-school love, Delilah who are crazy in love with an amazing connection to one another, until Zeke leaves. After years of abuse from his father, Zeke leaves their small community of Garden Grove, promising to return for Delilah once she has graduated from high school and he has found a good job and a place for them to live. Five years later, having not contacted Delilah once since leaving, the construction crew that he’s a part of is heading to Garden Grove for a six-month project, forcing him to face his issues and the girl he left behind.

Harloe Rae truly brings her characters full-circle in Miss. It begins with Zeke rushing away from his father’s home while Delilah’s heart is breaking. Despite the circumstances in which he leaves, it’s obvious how much Zeke loves her and regrets having to leave her. Five years later when we meet Zeke again, he’s angry and closed-off, regretful, and honestly just bitter. Delilah has moved on over the years as far as attending college and opening a coffee shop/bakery with her best friend Raven, but she has never moved on to any relationships with other men. When they meet again, Zeke is a combination of nervous and conceited, playing down the 5-year absence, whereas, Delilah is shocked, angry, confused – but obviously still in love with him. Zeke slowly softens up, admitting his guilt and regrets, and they quickly realize their feelings for one another.

I loved Delilah and her relationship with her friends, and there were moments I truly felt happy for her and Zeke, however, I wasn’t so crazy about him. His anger and irrational guilt wore me down after a while making me wish he would just get over his issues or at least seek counseling so that he could try to move forward without such a chip on his shoulder. Luckily, and as Zeke said several times in the novel, Delilah made him a better person/character so thanks to her, he didn’t completely turn me off from the book entirely.

I love second-chance romances and especially ones like this where they start out so young, so sure of each other and the fairy tale that is sure to come – only to have the reality of the world throw a wrench in their happily-ever-after until they meet again years later. Maybe it’s easier for me to invest and believe in these super romantic couples when I know they’ve shared a connection previously? Anyhow, the thing I loved most about Miss is Delilah having no idea that Zeke would ever return, yet she never moved on and it didn’t take her long to re-discover all the things she originally loved about him. Contemporary romance lovers and especially those who enjoy second-chance romance should love Miss.

*Many thanks to the author and Give Me Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
“Why are you being like this?” I ask softly. His voice is even more flat when he says, “Not sure what you mean. This is me.” “You’re acting so detached and strange. This isn’t like you.” “Well, you don’t know me anymore.” 
That response brings fury and betrayal roaring to the surface again. “And whose fault is that, Zeke?” I grab a nearby mug with the intention of throwing it at his head. He’s giving me worse mood swings than Aunt Flo. “We both know the answer. Let’s not play guessing games.”
“You’re ridiculous. I don’t understand you at all,” I say. “A lot happens in five years. You’re not the only one who’s changed.” He gestures around the store.
“What is that supposed to mean? Are you upset about my career choice?”
“Nah, that isn’t it.” “What then? Let’s stop dancing around. You came here for a
reason,” I point out.
A flush races up his neck, painting the stubbled skin an
angry red. “All of this is proof you never needed me. Not like I fucking depend
on you.”



Also by Harloe Rae
99c for a limited time!!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Harloe Rae is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Her
passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is
an unforgettable adventure.

Harloe is a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to
romance. She’s always chasing an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried
in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and son. If the
weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her
Harloe is the author of Redefining Us, Forget You Not, Watch
Me Follow, GENT, and MISS. These titles are available on Amazon. Her upcoming
romance, MISS, releases September 28th.


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