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Blog tour & review: Another Day in Winter, by Shari Low

Another Day in Winter, by Shari Low

Publication: Aria; October 2, 2018


About the book

On a chilly morning in December…

Forever friends Shauna and Lulu touch down at Glasgow Airport on a quest to find answers from the past.

George knows his time is nearing the end but is it too late to come to terms with his two greatest regrets?

His Grandson Tom uncovers a betrayal that rocks his world as he finally tracks down the one that got away.

And single mum Chrissie is ready to force her love-life out of hibernation, but can anyone compare to the man who broke her heart?

After the success of the No1 bestseller ONE DAY IN DECEMBER, comes the second unmissable read in Shari Low’s Winter Day trilogy.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the latest release from Shari Low, Another Day in Winter!

I don’t want to compare Another Day in Winter to the movie Love, Actually except that I can’t help myself! I mean this in the best way possible and it’s likely that I am making this comparison because the movie is mentioned in the book. Nevertheless, I cannot tell you how much I adored this novel!

I admit that I was initially confused by all the characters, despite a list at the beginning. As I started digging into this one, I found myself flipping back to the list and descriptions trying to remember who was who. So, if you start this one and start getting your wires crossed – please carry on because it takes no time at all to learn who all these wonderful people are.

There were three siblings – George, Annie, and Flora – who had a major falling out back in the fifties. Annie’s granddaughter, Shauna, never heard of these siblings although she was practically raised by Annie. So, a few years after losing her husband and discovering the letters, Shauna boards a plane to Glasgow with her best friend Lulu to see if she can find any long-lost relatives. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but once they arrive in Glasgow, we meet a wonderfully intertwined group of people that are either blood-related, family by choice, close friends, or in some cases – family that no one misses or wants to see again.

I was already a fan of Shari Low’s writing prior to reading Another Day in Winter, but I am now in awe of this amazing author. Her plot development, imagery, and characterization are too real to be true. You hear the voices, see the expressions, and feel all the feels – whether funny, sad, or cringe-worthy. The reason I am reminded of Love, Actually is because of the way that so many people are associated with one another in so many different ways and it all comes crashing together in the course of twenty-four hours. Despite her character descriptions in the beginning, I assure you that there are plenty of surprises the entire time that just adds to the wonder of this book. There are moments that will make you laugh out loud and moments that will have you reaching for Kleenex. There are moments that will have you jumping for joy that God gave you the parents that you have, or you might be laughing and crying along while relating to the horrible parents that appear in this novel. And if anyone out there has a long-lost love that they ever wonder about, then you will absolutely relate to this one.

Typically, I like to end reviews with a call to action such as, “if you’re a fan of romance then this one is for you.” However, in this case, I will simply say, this book is for everyone. It is an outstanding novel that should be enjoyed by everyone. Kudos to Shari Low for this brilliant and touching story.

*Many thanks to Aria, NetGalley, and Shari Low for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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About the author

Shari has written seventeen novels under her own name and pseudonyms Ronni Cooper, Millie Conway and Shari King, of which many have been published globally. She writes a weekly opinion column and Book Club page for the Daily Record. Shari lives with her husband and 2 teenage boys in Glasgow.

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