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Don’t Wake the Dead (The Crazy Rich Davenports #5)


Don’t Wake the Dead; The Crazy Rich Davenports book 5; Season 1, Episode 4,

by Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore

Publication: October 16, 2018

gemma's book


About the book: 

Another day of chaos in the Davenport household. A spa day goes awry and a seance, set up by Gemma to talk to her dad, gets out of hand. They get way more than they bargained for but may gain the leverage they need to deal with Mark’s parents.

Ford continues to try and resist Daisy. Yaya sets Daisy up to keep Tommy at bay, and Tommy ruins Pops plans for a fun sexy evening with Yaya.

Just your average dysFUNctional day at the Davenports household.

**My Review**

Happy release day to Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore! The fifth book in the series, Don’t Wake the Dead, is Gemma’s book and is out today! I have to say that I believe this has been my favorite so far. As the name suggests, Gemma is ready to hold a seance on their property to try and contact her deceased father, as well as, try to figure out if Frankie (her younger sister’s imaginary friend) is truly imaginary or a spirit with a story to tell. 

I have always loved Gemma and was so excited for her book. Everyone in the family knows that she’s a virgin and her grandmother Yaya loves to discuss it, announce it, and so on. Between Yaya’s requests regarding Gemma’s grooming and a massage turned to fantasy, this was a hilarious installment in the series. Evan was also much more present in this one, as was Pops and Ford, but Gemma and her confusion about her sexual preferences and desires were fantastic. 

As I’ve come to love and expect from Shannyn and Kelly in this series, there was plenty of inappropriate and sexual humor – which I loved, of course! But more than that, the plot continues to thicken in these books and as outrageous as the stories are, the outstanding writing from this author duo continues to shine. Don’t Wake the Dead was hilarious, embarrassing, suspenseful, and at times, sad. Once again I have been completely wowed by the craziness that these authors come up with, as well as, the fact that it’s just really addictive reading. The plot is well-developed and complex, the characterization is consistently incredible, and it is wickedly funny! Bravo, once again!

*Many thanks to the authors for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

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