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Book Review: A New Beginning (The Ties That Bind, Book 1), by Ricki Dagosta

A New Beginning (The Ties That Bind, Book 1), by Ricki Dagosta

Publication: January 24, 2018

new beginning

About the book: 

“I find your need to protect me downright laughable. Who, the bloody hell is going to save me from you, huh? No one has ever devastated me as much as you did. I loved you, and you walked away.”

Nearly a decade after Chelsea Whittaker’s first experience with heartache, she’s alone again, this time coping with the tragic end of a disastrous marriage. With a baby to raise and a full-time career, dating is the last thing on her mind.

After Chelsea literally runs into Dr. Scott Reinhardt, the obstetrician deemed ‘Doc Hottie’ by women alike, they spend time over drinks, and she accepts his invitation to a charity event. Scott’s timing feels perfect until Chelsea is blindsided by the return of her first love, Jack Robertson. Still unattached and better looking than ever, Jack has come home to Minneapolis.

Despite her lingering anger toward Jack, Chelsea is unsure she can resist his attempts to fix what he’s broken. She must learn to trust…and to believe she can find true happiness. After all, everyone deserves a new beginning.

**My Review**

Something that I have truly learned about myself over the past 3 years since starting this blog, is this  – I love and have the utmost respect for Indie authors, and especially love reading their debut novels! I recently made contact with Ricki Dagosta, who seems to be such a lovely person, and was honored to read her debut novel, A New Beginning.

This one begins with Chelsea going through what has to be the shittiest time of her life. After her loser of a husband takes the easy way out to avoid his financial and legal troubles, we meet Chelsea as she is getting ready to give birth to her baby boy, Chad. Although she has moral support from her brother Whitt and babysitting support from her wretched mother, Chelsea is basically starting her life over after having her son, trying to come to terms with being a new, single mother while slowly easing her way out from under her ex’s debt. Much to her surprise, she is soon wooed by her hottie OB that delivered Chad, just as her first love returns to town.

As typical, I have positives and negatives with this novel. So let’s start with what I loved! This was a great storyline that was realistic, relatable, and unfortunately, most likely familiar to several women. Although my ex didn’t meet the same demise as Chelsea’s husband Brian, I am all too familiar with being pregnant and alone because of a loser husband. Did that in 2002, have the t-shirt, and so on. This made me truly and honestly relate with Chelsea and the crazy life that she found herself in after having Chad. My next favorite thing about this novel, which honestly, is probably my absolute favorite thing, is Jack. Bestill my beating heart with this amazing man! I don’t care that he suddenly left when they were younger (due to family issues), just let me say that this man is 100%, romantic gentleman. Jack is nervous, awkward, and cautious from the first time that he and Chelsea reconnect, but as soon as he has to be around the guy that she is sort of dating, Jack becomes beautifully alpha and doesn’t hesitate to jump in to defend the woman he loves and has always loved. 

I loved the storyline and think Jack is fantastic, so what’s the problem? I’m carefully trying to pinpoint and express this correctly because in no way do I want to offend Ricki. Something about the writing style and/or dialogue just struck me as immature. Granted, this is not a dirty, steamy romance by any means, but there was still something that felt childlike in the dialogue. Perhaps childlike isn’t the correct description, but there was just something that just didn’t flow well with me. Channeling advice from a beloved author friend of mine, maybe it’s an instance of telling, rather than showing? 

Nevertheless, I adored this novel, the characters, and the overall theme of love, second chances, love, family, and just love. Luckily, I have the next novel in this series, patiently waiting for me on my Kindle, and can’t wait to dig into to it. A New Beginning has family drama, romance, angst, misunderstandings, and forgiveness. I highly recommend this to readers that are craving something romantic without all the naughty, steamy bits. 

*Many thanks to Ricki Dagosta for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Learn more about author Ricki Dagosta!

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