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Book Review: Then There Were Four: Season One Episode Five (The CRD Series Book 6)

Then There Were Four: Season One Episode Five (The CRD Series Book 6),

by Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore

Publication: November 20, 2018

then there were four


About the book:

Who killed Sarah? The race is on to find out in order to stop the wedding.
Lucy teams up with Cash in a race for time.

Ford is drug deeper and deeper into the Davenport affairs and it pulls him further from Daisy, who is having a hard time with her alters. Ford finally gets Evan to read the journal to get some clues as to what Mark was really up to.

Who is Troy? Good or bad?
Is Cash really the bad guy?

Daisy is hanging on by a thread when she finds out her sister really isn’t in prison. She battles Tommy and Slutty Pepper, but who will win or will they all lose to the one they don’t speak of?

**My Review**

So, I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but this was by far the most serious of the CRD series! Daisy is dealing with all sorts of craziness and enlists Pops for help. Lucy does some actually flirting and smiling in a non-sexual way. Erik and Evan band together and damned near bond. Cash exhibits some playful and caring sides. What is one to think of this?

Seriously, this was probably my favorite of the series so far because it did seem so different to me. Not that I haven’t adored every book before this, but I loved seeing the atypical sides of all of the characters. There were definitely still plenty of laughs, but everyone in the Davenport household (related and un-related) seemed very on edge this time around and almost desperate to find a way out of Lucy and Cash’s wedding and regain control of their lives.

I really don’t know how to discuss this without spoilers, but Daisy is definitely struggling in this installment and apparently has some changes in her future. It is certainly taking some getting used to as far as her and Ford not being a couple, but it’s evident that the love is there so I’m anxiously waiting for them to go running back to one another (hopefully?). Poor Daisy has some extremely challenging moments, both emotionally and physically, and the authors built a crazy amount of suspense regarding what will happen next. I mean, really ladies? That ending?? 

Anyway, as previously stated, I really loved this one! Other books in the series have made me laugh more, others have made me almost, but not quite embarrassed at times (in the best way possible), but this one was just full of twists, turns, suspense, and surprises. I used to wonder how Kelly and Shannyn came up with this stuff, however, I really don’t want to know because they are obviously crazy – in the best way possible. I truly have no words for their detailed characterization, the vivid imagery, and especially how they build their plots. These ladies have become the masters of crossing genres and continue to publish the most suspenseful, hilarious, and sexy craziness that I’ve ever read. I cannot wait until I can read the next one!

*Thanks to Kelly Moore and Shannyn Leah for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

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