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Book Review: Fingerprinted Hearts

Fingerprinted Hearts, by Amy Spitzfaden

Publication: Amphibian Press; June 26, 2018

fingerprinted heartsAbout the book:

Sisters Fawn and Penny Anderson each have their own reason for loving More Please Bakery. It’s the place that helped Fawn heal after an earth-shattering betrayal and an escape from Penny’s stalling relationship. But Fawn can’t forget her bittersweet history with the bakery’s handsome owner, Penny has a growing interest in the delivery boy, and the shop’s bank account is getting low.
When Penny lands them a celebrity client, reality TV star Delaney Roosevelt, Fawn dives in headfirst trying to come up with the perfect design. However, pleasing the starlet isn’t easy and soon heartbreak and scandal descend on the shop.

As the sisters face their romantic and professional demons they are forced to decide what is worth holding onto, and what they need to let go.

**My Review**

Oh my goodness, this was goooood! At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this story with Fawn and Penny, sometimes feeling almost bored with the pace. However, this one ended up being a fantastic read about real-life issues, problems, and decisions.

Fawn wasn’t the most exciting character that I have read recently, yet she really wasn’t supposed to be, was she? She was Penny’s older sister, gone through a horrifying event in her marriage which led to divorce and was still mourning her relationship with her step-father (Penny’s biological Dad). Naturally, Penny’s youth and romance issues made her a bit more exciting, but how I loved her enthusiasm concerning the bakery! She was struggling with a long-term relationship, had a crush on a new guy in her life, yet she still was most concerned with her sister and the fate of the More Please bakery over everything else. 

Besides the realism in this novel, what I truly loved was how relatable and real the characters were. All of us women have been where Penny was at times in our lives and unfortunately, many of us can relate to Fawn’s issues with her divorce. This wasn’t a story about millionaires whisking someone away on a dream vacation, although the characters included a rich socialite/reality tv star, but more about the internal and external struggles and triumphs of everyday women. I must say I was rooting for Fawn and Lenz the entire novel and would love it if the author made this a series just so I would know what happened with everyone. But sometimes, the beauty of a novel is making up our own endings in our minds, isn’t it?

Fingerprinted Hearts is absolutely a novel that I recommend. I adored this novel, Amy Spitzfaden’s easy writing style, and how she managed to make her characters so realistic. 

*Many thanks to the author for providing this book in exchange for my honest review!

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