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Book Review: Coffee, Tea, or Me

Coffee, Tea, or Me, by Kelly Moore

(Single on Valentine’s Day, Book 11)

Publication: February 11, 2019


coffee, tea, or meAbout the book: What do you get when you mix a coffee shop owner with the owner of a coffee syrup business? Something sweet and steamy.

Busy’s life is a mess. The only things she has going well for her is her coffee shop, The Busy Bean, and her best friend Danny.

She almost walked down the aisle with the man she loved, until a secret was revealed to her minutes before she was supposed to marry him.

Oliver immersed himself in his company after his wife died. He’s been alone far too long. With a little poke and a lot of prodding, he takes a chance.

His chances with Busy go awry way too quickly. Can he get things back on track with the help of a friend and a singles website? 

Sit back, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy this lighthearted, funny romance. It’s brewed with lots of love. 

**My Review**

Welcome to my review of Kelly Moore’s Coffee, Tea, or Me! This short and sweet novel is part of the Single on Valentine’s anthology and is the perfect blend of laugh out loud humor and romance.

Main character Busy owns a coffee shop in Key West. After an engagement and almost wedding went badly, Busy has her shop and her crazy but wonderful best friend Danny to keep her life full and exciting. Oliver is a widower and owns a company that makes flavored syrups. When his normal delivery guy is out with an injury, he takes over deliveries and meets Busy.

Between Oliver being pressured to start dating again by his secretary and Busy being pressured to date again by Danny, it seems things could get interesting once they meet. But Oliver screws things up early on, making you wonder if a romance with Busy is possible or not?

Although completely different than most of Kelly Moore’s books, this book is fabulous! Two single people who aren’t looking to change their status meet, their friends urge them on, they resist one minute and can’t keep their hands off each other the next. Blended in with their attraction and conflicts is fantastic humor from Busy’s best friend, Danny. He’s completely over the top, has no filter, and an all-around amazing person. I loved Oliver, but I was left wishing that I had a Danny in my life! The honesty, love, and humor that he bestowed upon Busy are hard to come by in most adult friendships, so I was completely jealous!

Coffee, Tea, or Me is light-hearted, funny, and a quick and easy read. However, the themes about destiny, taking a chance, and trust are strong in this one. It serves as a good reminder that sometimes we must forgive the little things, even though we may not realize that they’re “little things” at first.

I highly recommend this to those who want to read something romantic but hilarious to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Or if you’re not feeling the whole Valentine’s thing, you can celebrate being single at Valentine’s Day, as does the Single Status website in the books in this anthology!

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