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Book Review: Gypsy (Epic Love Stories Book 4), by Kelly Moore

Gypsy (Epic Love Stories Book 4),

by Kelly Moore

Publication: (kindle edition) March 12, 2019; (paperback) February 9, 2019

gypsyAbout the book:

How do you unbreak the broken? Can you ever love them enough?

That’s what Jameson Wilde has asked himself a million times since he laid eyes on Lyla Flynn. She has the voice of an angel but an ache that lives inside her. It’s anchored to her heart.

He’s in a position to help make her a star. She’s hidden behind the heartbreak of her music for so long, she’s afraid to really be free and let the world hear her voice.

Jameson gets lost in their overpowering passion and forgets the darkness inside of her. Lyla holds her secrets close…a crack in her heart that will never heal.

Her newfound fame risks exposing her secrets, causing that split to shatter.

A contemporary love story with optional endings. If you want the raw story, the heartache, the truth of what happened, it’s there for the readers. If you have to have a happy ending, you’ll skip through the pages and get what you need.

**My Review**

I’ve been waiting impatiently to bring you all my review of the upcoming novel, Gypsy. This beautiful and emotional novel centers around a young woman Lyla, (stage name Gypsy) who is blessed with an incredible voice and an even better talent at writing lyrics. While playing in a bar one night, in walks music producer Jameson at the request of one of his friends. Not in the mood to be there and certainly not expecting to discover someone worth recording, Jameson begrudgingly sits and waits to hear this voice that he has heard so much about. Once Lyla starts singing, everything that Jameson has believed about life, love and everything else up until that point, goes flying out the window.

I love novels with beautifully flawed characters and it’s certainly one of the things that I love about this and all of Kelly Moore’s novels. Gypsy is filled with flawed characters all in their own ways as the result of a variety of circumstances. Lyla’s quirks and flaws are evident early in the novel and her story is one that will break your heart. Jameson doesn’t appear “flawed” initially, yet his outlook on life at the beginning of the novel isn’t one that says hopeful or content. Flaws be damned, sometimes people are meant to be and find their way to each other, which makes their story even more moving, which is all that matters in the end.

Jameson quickly found his way into my heart while reading this, as did Lyla. I loved watching their lives grow and change, but I especially loved the transformation in each of their world-views. Also, for any music lovers out there, prepare to be wowed by Lyla’s (aka Kelly Moore’s) lyrics throughout this novel. She churns out some beautifully thought-provoking lyrics that I swear I could hear in my head as I was reading. If you play an instrument, I challenge you to resist the urge to put some of these lyrics to music. I’ve always wanted to play guitar, but this just made the desire stronger.

Gypsy is a fast-paced novel filled with amazing characterization, Kelly Moore’s trademark blend of romance and conflict (both internal and external), and will stay with you long, long after finishing it.

Do they live happily-ever-after?

This novel is so much more than the answer to that question. Gypsy is about the power of music, love, heartbreak, tragedy, fate, finding the one, and learning to love in a capacity one never imagined possible. It was my honor to read and review this novel and I cannot recommend it enough.

Oh, before I forget… Kleenex. Lots and lots of Kleenex.

*Many thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

Pre-Order Gypsy (kindle ed.) or purchase the paperback now on Amazon!

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