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Book Review: A Sea of Lies, by H. Dillon Hunt

A Sea of Lies,

by H. Dillon Hunt

Publication: June 4, 2019

a sea of liesAbout the book:

Bree Harrington and Sam Hudson have oceans between them. For one thing, she’s married. The legitimacy of her marriage, or lack thereof, is not enough to push their relationship past the bounds of friendship, but it doesn’t take long to realize they’ve both found something others have searched the world for… The other half of their soul.

Sam leaves Bree breathless from the moment they meet. Bree leaves Sam heartless from the moment she leaves.

When Bree’s husband dies, she finds herself utterly alone. After years of trying to put the broken pieces back together, fate gives Bree and Sam a second chance. But all the time and distance between them has come with many omitted truths. Can a once in a lifetime kind of love survive a sea of lies?

**My Review**

There are no words to describe the emotions that this fantastic author evokes in a girl! This is my second time having the privilege of reading H. Dillon Hunt, and A Sea of Lies was amazing.

Before I get too lovey-dovey, I will say that this is told from multiple POVs and flashes back and forth between past and present. I’m not typically a big fan of flashbacks because I start getting lost, the attention span thing comes into play, etc. And although I’m not exactly sure why she wrote it the way she did (regarding the flashbacks and time jumps, etc) it all worked perfectly.

So, you know from the blurb that Sam and Bree meet and have an instant connection. The problem? Well, when Sam and Bree meet, it just so happens that she is married to an ass. O.k, strong words and her husband Ryan does redeem himself just a tiny bit, although post-mortem, but this all comes together to make a very tumultuous and romantic story. 

Besides just the joy of reading Hunt’s writing, the beauty of reading this novel the message regarding the importance of honesty and being up-front no matter what. This novel has a way of chiseling into your soul where you are overjoyed to connect with the characters, but at the same time, you sort of flinch at memories of things you could have would have or should have done differently. Don’t get me wrong, Bree and Sam completely steal the show (as they should) but their story breathes life into the reader and serves as a reminder of how we are only given so many chances, so try to do it right. 

Bree and Sam represent a connection that most of us could only wish for. They get second and third chances and so on, but it’s that initial spark that us girls dream about while playing princess and wedding and Barbie stuff while growing up. But the cool thing about this author is that she’s subtle about it at first. I felt like there were big things to come for this couple, but she constructed a beautiful plot representing their highs and lows – a lot like real life. It wasn’t just a fairy tale but an ongoing process of dealing with the other’s real-life stuff, working through it and deciding that no matter what, they were worth it end in the end.

If you have ever been punished for something beyond your control, punished someone for something that they could not control, or just seen it’s wrath – then you will relate to this book. If you’re lucky enough to have not experienced any of that, read this anyway because there are so many lessons to be learned, while at the same time, being an addictive page-turner. 

Hunt is not this enormous author that everyone on earth knows of, but considering I read about a book a day, let me say this. This woman is a force to be reckoned with in the literary world whose writing is intelligent, honest, and real. This is my second time reading one of her novels and both times I have been left in awe of the outstanding writing, the characters, and the overall themes. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I recommend this one. Yes, there are sad parts and tense moments, but I assure you it will leave you with a smile and there will be at least some small something to which you can relate. 

*Thank you to the wonderful author H. Dillon Hunt for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!


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