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Book Review: Jameson Wilde (Epic Love Stories Book 5), by Kelly Moore

Jameson Wilde (Epic Love Stories Book 5), by Kelly Moore

Publication: June 25, 2019

jamesonAbout the book:

Reese is a cutthroat businesswoman…

An overbearing and a cantankerous mess! She’s snarly, blunt, moody, and totally in my face…and I’m ticked off that it turns me on!

I moved to Sausalito to escape the memories of Lyla. I have reasons for living my life the way I do. I enjoy the simple things in life; A job well done, a glass of whiskey, and the occasional piping-hot night tangled in the sheets with no strings attached. I don’t need a beautiful strawberry-blonde princess sticking her nose in my business and pushing every one of my buttons.

I try to run her off, but she fights dirty. She has to leave, it will never work. Too bad I want her to stay.

**My Review**

I am so excited to bring you my review of Kelly Moore’s latest Epic Love Story, Jameson Wilde! This novel is the follow-up and/or continuation of Kelly’s heartbreaking romance, Gypsy, which published in March. 

Jameson Wilde starts about two years after Gypsy left off. Jameson has relocated his home and business from Nashville to a beautiful and quiet location in Sausalito, CA. He’s still a successful music producer and has found some occasional break from his loneliness with a friend, but he hasn’t moved on from Lyla. When Monster Music exec and friend Greg brings on a partner, Jameson isn’t expecting Reese to walk into his studio. Beautiful, stubborn, feisty, professionally dressed, and completely infuriating – she evokes emotions within him that he thought were long dead and buried. Reese doesn’t seem to be too fond of Jameson initially, but little by little her softer side keeps shining through.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Jameson moving on with his life because of Gypsy. That sounds insane, I know, especially since I’m talking about book characters – not real people. But the incredibly romantic and heart-wrenching story in Gypsy made me wonder about Jameson and if I wanted him to move on. I probably just need to get a life!

Although I was reluctant about his moving on, anyone that loves a little spunk in their characters will love Reese! She tries to be all bad-ass while dealing with a competing with men in the business world, but at the end of the day she’s just a girl that loves cotton candy and like anyone – wants to be loved. Jameson’s tough exterior was cracked several times in Gypsy, but when this novel begins, he’s back to his old self and not letting anyone in. But it doesn’t take long for his walls to crumble down, just as Reese’s did. 

Speaking of walls crumbling, have you ever argued naked? I won’t ruin it for you but if everyone lived by this rule of arguing, I know that the world would be a happier and much funnier place!

Jameson and Reese’s story is funny, sexy, frustrating, beautiful, and left me with a happy heart. Kelly Moore once again wowed me with her characterization and dialogue, she provided the perfect amount of conflict and resolution within the plot, and overall – created a book that I wanted to read, loved reading, and have enjoyed reading it multiple times. The characters grew and changed naturally and effortlessly. There were problems that at times, didn’t seem to have solutions – yet they did. There was a ton of steam and romance, but along with that came some wicked arguments, shutting each other out, and refusing to have adult discussions. Mistakes were made, fights were fought, and there were incredible victories involving healing the soul and growing the heart.

I’ve said it before and will most likely say it again, but Kelly Moore continues to blow my mind with her writing, characters, and overall themes for her novels. Jameson Wilde is yet another example of this author’s creativity, humor, passion, and ability to relate to a variety of readers. 

Obviously, I highly recommend this one but please read Gypsy first, because it just won’t be the same otherwise! I’m sure you could follow along and enjoy Jameson Wilde without reading Gypsy, but why chance it? 

*Many thanks to Kelly Moore for giving Jameson another story and for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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