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Release tour, excerpt, & review: Accidentally in Love (425 Madison Avenue Book 8), by Katy Ames

RELEASE TOUR for Accidentally In Love by Katy Ames
Arya Winters’ dream job can make you blush, but her life isn’t nearly as exciting as being the voice of your
favorite romance audiobooks. For Gavin McCord, it’s all about getting the job done as quick as possible,
but suddenly he can’t stop fantasizing about a woman I’ll never meet. The eighth book in the addicting 425
Madison Avenue, is now live. Read Accidentally in Love by Katy Ames today!


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About Accidentally in Love

Arya I know I can make you blush. It’s a weird claim to fame, but a perk of my dream job: being

the voice of your favorite romance audio books. Laughter, hijinks, adventure. Passion.

Sweet heaven, the passion. It’s everything I could ever want. Except… The problem with this fabulous

life? It’s all just fantasy. 

Picking between Chinese and Thai delivery doesn’t count as adventure. 
The bestie who always makes me laugh is thousands of miles away. 
As for the hunky hero? It’s not like he’s just going to come crashing into my apartment. 


Until the night a bearded stranger does exactly that… 


Do the job. Get the bad guy. Go home. 
Most importantly, don’t get involved. 
Those are the rules. The agency’s and mine. And they work. Even better, they give me the perfect excuse
to keep my distance. 
The perfect escape from getting burned again. Except… 


Why can’t I stop watching her? 
I shouldn’t care more about what she’s doing than my target. 
I shouldn’t let her distract me from the job. 
And I sure as hell shouldn’t fantasize about a woman I’ll never meet. 


That is, until the night I surprise us both by kicking down her apartment door. Rules or no rules, it’s true


After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.

*Each story is completely standalone.


**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for the latest installment in the 425 Madison Series, Accidentally in Love! This story is about audiobook narrator Arya who lives at 425 Madison on the same floor as a guy that FBI agent Gavin has been staking out. When Gavin sees something concerning at Arya’s apartment (from accidentally looking that way every once in a while), he runs over to rescue her. After meeting Gavin, Arya realizes how much she needs adventure and companionship in her life so she seeks out Gavin, leading to a lot of fun outings, a very strong friendship, and feelings neither of them expected. 

This is definitely one of my favorite 425 Madison novels, mainly because I was so crazy over both main characters. Both Arya and Gavin loved their careers and were accustomed to the solitude that came along with their chosen paths, but each craved something more. Besides being taken with each other’s looks, they also just immediately “clicked” despite the awkward and hilarious way that they met, and, of course, their chemistry was off the charts! One of my favorite things, hands-down, however, was Arya’s quirky, awkward sense of humor! 

So, this one contains an FBI investigation, Arya’s job that she loves, and some amazing sounding dates as her and Gavin get to know one another. However, the overall premise of this novel is just letting someone in and getting to know them. There is a lot of conversation in this one and Katy Ames kept my attention the entire time as Gavin opened up to Arya and they slowly fell in love. My only issues with this novel are that I didn’t completely understand Arya’s disappearing act and then her grand gesture at the end, and I hate the fact that “an ugly-duckling romance” is on the cover. It is clearly stated time and time again how sexy, handsome, etc. Gavin was, which can only mean it’s considered an ugly-duckling romance because of his scars. I will not get up on my soapbox and explain all of the reasons that scars do not make people ugly, but I had to mention how uncool that description is. 

Anyway, I did truly love this one from beginning to end! The characters were fantastic, the read was fast-paced, and Katy Ames thought up some of the coolest, most romantic dates ever. There were so many times I wanted to be Arya! This was my first time reading this author but it certainly won’t be the last.  Her writing style, dialogue, and incredible descriptions/imagery made this a wonderful read. I highly recommend this one to romance fans that like a blend of quirky humor!

Copyright @ 2019 Katy Ames


“Number one rule of tailing someone: don’t breathe so loud they can hear you five flights away.”
“Hey!” I say, thwacking his chest. “Don’t be a jerk. Besides, I don’t think you’re in the position to give spy tips right now.”
One bold eyebrow lifts in question.
Pushing out of his grasp, I whip the hat off my head, breathing in relief as cool air hits my skull. “Isn’t the number one rule of spying not to pick up a tail in the first place?”
The first eyebrow drops, followed by the other. Green eyes turn sharp, primitive, before brightening. A roar of laughter erupts from his chest. We stand there for who knows how long, me huffing and puffing, and Gavin laughing like I’ve just delivered the funniest one-liner he’s ever heard. When he stops, his chest is heaving as hard as mine. One last chuckle escapes when he clocks my annoyed expression.
“Oh, come on. You should be proud. It’s been forever since I laughed that hard. That alone should make up for giving yourself away. Besides, it was a good effort. For a first timer.”
“Ugh,” is the only answer that seems fitting. “When did you realize I was there?”
“Hmm,” he says, stroking his beard, his lips still twisted in a smirk. “Down in the alley. When you scraped that thing against the wall.” He points at the metal tip on the large umbrella.
“You heard that?”
“Hmm,” he repeats, head bobbing. “That and a lot more.” Gavin sweeps his eyes down my body, lingering on my boots before pivoting and heading down the hall.
“Wait, what else?” Keeping up is impossible, what with my thigh muscles screaming and pain scorching my foot. He slows his pace without glancing back, his strides shortening until I catch up.
Another step and another wince, and Gavin mutters something under his breath before lifting me off my feet. My own smirk turns to a shriek when he throws me over his shoulder and swats my butt before continuing down the hall.
“That was completely unnecessary.” My complaint lacks edge, which I blame on the view of his very fine ass.
“Quite the opposite, Ms. Winters. Consider it punishment for ignoring my warnings about staying away.”



About Katy Ames:

Katy Ames has spent most of her life on the East Coast and hopes to spend more of it in the UK, primarily so she can indulge in her serious plaid obsession. There isn’t a teenage drama or a period British TV show she hasn’t binge-watched at least twice. And she can be persuaded to do almost anything with the promise of bourbon, chocolate, or a nap (not necessarily in that order).


Katy is mom to a small human who has an obscene amount of energy and a blissful ability to ignore swear words, and wife to a man whose reading habits are far too serious. Katy and her family reside in Washington, D.C., a city she where never intended to live and loves so much she’d be happy to talk about it for hours. Just ask.

About the 425 Madison Series



Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced &
sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.


The series features stories from some of your favorite romance authors: Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Allie
York, Aubree Valentine, Kay Gordon, Lauren Helms, Sylvia Kane, Katy Ames, and C. Lesbirel.


Join these authors as they come together, each with a standalone romance for you to enjoy.


Featuring some of readers’ favorite tropes: second-chance romance, best friends sibling romance to a
good ol’ enemies to lovers romance. We’ve got you covered with a sports romance, a fake relationship
and even an ugly duckling or two. Don’t forget a brother’s best friend and falling for your soul mate.
Maybe a little love triangle as well. Each tale offers you something new, something different. After all,
425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.


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The final book in the series is coming soon! Add it to your Goodreads shelf today! 


Sightseeing in Manhattan by C. Lesbirel
A Soul MateRomance
Release: 7/18/19
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