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Release Blitz, Review, & Giveaway: In Between Heartaches, by Amanda Cuff



Title: In Between Heartaches

Series: Hearts in Waiting Duet #1

Author: Amanda Cuff
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 11, 2019


Addison McCormick has everything. A handsome fiancé, wealth, and a lucrative career as a lawyer at her father’s firm. But when she catches her soon-to-be-husband
cheating, she has to start anew.
Now, single, unemployed, and heartbroken, she decides a vacation is just what she
needs to escape the wreckage in L.A.—and serene Colorado is calling her name.
What she doesn’t expect to find there is Chase Prescott: the sexy, brooding owner of the cabin she’s renting. She sees him as nothing more than a vacation boyfriend, a
quick and dirty fling to help her get over her recent heartbreak.
But she soon discovers his mysterious aura is not just a front and the fantasy world
they create will crash head-on with their harsh reality.
What happens when a relationship meant only to last a few days becomes something
that might last a lifetime? 


**My Review**

Happy release day and congratulations to Amanda Cuff on her debut novel, In Between Heartaches! This novel begins with Addison, who is tired of working as an attorney in her father’s firm, just broken up with a cheating fiance, and needs a break. She and her friend leave L.A. for a much-needed vacation in Colorado where she meets Chase. Owner of the cabins they are staying at and in-town for business, Chase is moody and almost rude at first. Soon, however, their undeniable attraction for one another takes over and they agree to a vacation fling. Things become deeper between them, but soon, real life calls Chase back home and Addison returns to L.A. to start her life over. 

I loved this one from the start because how can you not like a book about a woman basically telling to assholes that she’s done with their crap? Seriously, Addison is a fantastic heroine – brains, beauty, sense of humor, and so on. And of course, Chase is wonderfully yummy, albeit a bit moody in the beginning. The best thing about the main characters, and also about Amanda Cuff’s writing, is that while you read this one, prepare to feel the chemistry and tension between these two. It’s good stuff. 

I don’t want to delve too far into the plot because of spoilers, however, the overall premise of the novel is a young woman is starting over, needs to runaway awhile, meets a sexy man, but then reality arrives and sends them each on their way. End of story? Absolutely not. Cuff starts sprinkling in a bit of intrigue and mystery not long after Chase and Addison meet that make you wonder what his story is. Not in a “is he a killer?” way but more like, “what has happened in his life to make him feel so weighed down?” way. Eventually, most everything is revealed leading to a range of emotions as I tried to decide if I was sad, mad, etc., but not everything is revealed and there is still so much to be resolved in their story. 

Did I mention that this one is a cliffhanger? I later realized that when I signed up for this blitz, it clearly stated that on the information page, yet I missed it. However, I don’t care! I’m dying to carry on with the next one, but my usual hatred of cliffhangers does not apply this time. 

In Between Heartaches is a beautiful, sexy, funny, and emotional debut. Amanda Cuff blew me away with her writing style, dialogue, character development, and incredible imagery. Not once did I feel that I was reading a book, but instead I felt that I was right there with the characters watching everything play out with my own eyes. The characters have so much depth, the story is fast-paced without a single dull moment anywhere, and it definitely left me wanting more. Bravo to Amanda Cuff on such an amazing debut. I highly recommend this novel and this amazing new author!

*Thanks to GMB for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 


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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Amanda is a military wife and mother of four, currently living in Virginia.
She loves all things romance and is addicted to coffee and snickerdoodles.



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  • $10 Amazon gift card

  • Paperback copy of In Between Heartaches



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