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Book Review: Coming Home (Whiskey River Road, #1) by Kelly Moore

Coming Home (Whiskey River Road, #1), by Kelly Moore

Publication: October 15, 2019

whiskey riverAbout the book:

It was my big day.
The day I’d marry the man of my dreams.
So what stopped me from walking down the aisle to the perfect man? To my happily-ever-after?
I loved him but I ran away.
To what you ask?
A life I thought I wanted. Far away from the only life, I’d known. The only man I’d ever loved.
I was a rebel. It’s my only excuse.
Boone didn’t deserve any of it. He was sweet, protective, and one hot rancher.
He’d make any girl blush just looking at his handsome face.

What a day it was supposed to be.

I never thought I’d see him again but Coming Home after seven years is all I can think about.
I knew little about his life now and was damn sure he wouldn’t want me in it.
He had to hate me.
I wasn’t prepared for him.
I definitely wasn’t prepared for him to be engaged.

**My Review**

I’m so excited to bring you my review of the upcoming new release from Kelly Moore, Coming Home (Whiskey River Road, #1)! This fresh and unique novel is about a young woman Clementine Calhoun, returning home to her family’s Kentucky horse ranch for the first time in seven years. And, as she expected, not everyone welcomes her with open arms. Why you ask? Because all those years ago, Clem left without any warning, abandoning her horse training, her family, and worst of all – leaving her fiancé Boone Methany literally standing at the altar. After time spent in the military, Clem returns with her best friend Ethan, hopeful that she can resume training horses, start her own cybersecurity business, and get back in the good graces of her family. Oh, and she either needs to get Boone back or get over him once and for all.

There’s a long list of players in this one, other than Clem and Boone, including Chet and Amelia Calhoun (Clem’s parents), Wyatt, Bear, and Ellie (Clem’s siblings), Missy (Clem’s niece), Margaret Maynard (Boone’s fiancé), and Tom Maynard (longtime enemy and hater of the Calhouns). Seems like a big cast, but each character is wonderfully unique and plays a very important role within the novel. Clem’s mom, sister, brother Bear, and Missy are happy to have her home. Everyone else, not so much. Therefore, a great deal of the plot initially focuses on Clem’s attempts to make amends with her father and with Boone. Anyone even remotely familiar with any family discord will relate to and cringe at some of the dialogue that passes between Chet and Clem, but I also promise you’ll be clapping and crying tears of joys with Clem’s victories both small and large.

Speaking of crying, yes there are some sad moments within Whiskey River Road, but most tears will be tears of laughter thanks to the absolute hilarious personality Moore has created in Clem Calhoun! The banter between Clem and Boone, Clem and Ellie, and Clem and Ethan will have you laughing at loud with all of their names for various body parts and there is an especially wonderful moment when Clem is drowning her sorrows at the local bar and starts singing about all of her problems. But God love Clem, the poor woman just keeps on going no matter life brings or even when she brings it on herself.

An enormous part of this novel is all things involving ranches and horse racing, which has been executed in an intriguing yet realistic way. Horse fans will absolutely love this, and those not as familiar will become just as invested in the ins and outs of ranching. Prepare for Moore’s writing and imagery to completely transport you to the Calhoun ranch where you can smell the stables, hear the horses running, and see the cattle out in the distance. I can easily close my eyes and picture the main house, the cabins, and especially Chet sitting on his porch with his rifle by his side. But an even stronger impact of her writing is the emotions that it evoked while I was reading! I hated the Maynards (of course), found myself rooting for the horses, celebrated with the characters, and was completely heartbroken a time or two along the way.

What’s the most amazing thing about Whiskey River Road? Kelly Moore’s unrivaled plot development. This author has the magical ability to take an already strong and interesting plot and add so many unexpected twists and turns that it turns her books into a complete addiction for the reader. There were several times reading this when I thought something was going to happen in a certain way, but then something else came along or just didn’t work itself out the way I expected. This novel quickly became such a page-turner and at the end of every chapter, I was dying to know what would happen next. Take note that this is a “read in one sitting” novel because I assure you that you will not be able to put it down once you start.

I cannot express how highly I recommend Whiskey River Road, although I struggle to specify a certain audience that it is most suited for. Fans of romance, comedy, family drama, horses and ranching, suspense, sagas, and feuds – the list could go on forever – will love this novel. I’m not even sure what genre this will technically be classified as because it beautifully represents them all in one amazing package. Not only is Whiskey River Road unlike anything I’ve ever read by Kelly Moore, but it is also unlike anything I’ve read ever. The magnificent characters, the phenomenal plot development, and a setting that dreams are made of all make up one of my favorite reads ever.

*Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion! 

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