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Book Review: Thorn’s Redemption (Fated Lives Series Book 3), by Kelly Moore

Thorn’s Redemption (Fated Lives Series Book 3), by Kelly Moore

Publication: November 14, 2019

thornAbout the book:

Book 9
Thorn Beckham—one of the newest members of the Gunner Team.
Book 10
Nina Pax—the woman that nearly destroyed Derrick Rebel.

Book 11
Thorn’s Redemption

Thorn failed his mission in keeping Fallon safe. Time is running out. He wants redemption and the chance to take Nina down. He gets more than he bargained for when his past catches up with him. Will his anger over a past long forgotten get in the way of his mission? He’ll have to stay focused or the only two women he’s ever loved will die at Nina’s hands.

Just when Rebel thought his team and Fallon were safe, Nina kidnaps several of them, including his brother, Sean. Now, the hunt is on. Nina is playing a dangerous game and has the Gunner Team on the run trying to save them before it’s too late.

Nina Pax wants one thing—Derrick. She’ll stop at nothing to get him back into her bed, even if it means disposing of the only family she has left.

Will the Gunner Team remain intact, or will the mission tear them apart?

**My Review**

I am so excited to bring you my review of Kelly Moore’s newest installment in her Fated Lives series, Thorn’s Redemption! What a wild, crazy ride from beginning to end! Thorn’s Redemption is the third novel in Kelly Moore’s series about the Gunner team see reviews of Rebel’s Retribution and Theo’s Retaliation and is just as amazing and action-packed as the previous novels in the series. But make sure you read those first or you will definitely be confused! Not only does this book provide a ton of background about Thorn Beckham, but the reader gets a very good look into the mind of the main villain of this series, Nina Pax. Both Thorn and Rebel want to take Nina down while also protecting their team and their loved ones. If only it were that easy…

There is a lot more to Thorn than meets the eye, including very different plans for his future when he was a young man, along with times of heartbreak. Thorn is focused on tracking Nina every second of this book but is also wrestling with ghosts from his past, unresolved feelings, and just about every other emotion you can imagine. Thorn has plenty of badass moments throughout this book, but also some very sexy moments  (thank you) that will leave you completely swooning over him. 

Nina is most certainly the bad person in this series. She has done unspeakable things and continues to do so. However, she is humanized in such a way that it made me pause a time or two because I actually felt bad for this woman. As usual, that wouldn’t last long because she would quickly do something else awful, but learning her heartbreaking story explained a lot while also making it difficult to hate her. 

Something about the way Kelly Moore writes these books just leaves me in awe. So much happens and so much information is given about the characters’ pasts, yet it never feels overwhelming. It’s just fascinating that she imagines these characters and brings them to life in such unique and in-depth stories. How many challenges can these characters overcome? And do they ever get to eat or sleep?? I didn’t think about so much while reading but reflecting on the novel afterward, all I can think is these characters have to be exhausted!

My favorite thing about Thorn’s Redemption, however, is the masterful combination of non-stop action and the external and internal conflict going on within each and every character. Whether regret, hope, anger, sadness, lust, or love – every one of the characters are fighting for or against something both within themselves and in their relationships. What emerges is a novel that is engaging, addictive, and thought-provoking and it is absolutely one that you will not be able to put down.

Thorn’s Redemption comes with my highest praise and recommendation for action/military lovers that want that extra romantic and emotional element.  

*Many thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinions.

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