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Book Review: Fallon’s Revenge (Fated Lives Series, Book 4)

Fallon’s Revenge (Fated Lives Series Book 4), by Kelly Moore

Publication: April 2, 2020

FallonAbout the book:

The Final Mission.

Fallon Davis is on an island off the coast of Florida, trying to forget about her past and the man she loves. She’s living on the run with no hope of returning home. She has to stay one step ahead of her enemy at all times in order to keep those she loves alive. Then fate steps in, giving her the push she needs to convince her to stop running.

In one brazen move, Fallon treks back to Portland, knowing her enemy—who happens to be her sister—could be watching, waiting for her to show up. She moves in the shadows to find the answers she’s looking for then finds herself risking everything for the man they both love, including her own daughter’s life. She has to become as ruthless as Nina in order to win the dangerous game she is playing.

The odds are against her…it’s a long shot. Fallon believes justice will win out but she finds revenge is the only answer. The only question is, will she die trying to get it?

**My Review**

I am extremely excited to write my review for Kelly Moore’s upcoming conclusion to her Fated Lives Series, Fallon’s Revenge, but this is also bittersweet. I have been in love with this series since the first book and I am so sad to see it go. However, this final book does not disappoint and I cannot imagine a better way to end the series. If for some crazy reason you have not experienced this fantastic series, you need to read them in order. See my reviews here to find out more: Rebel’s Retribution, Theo’s Retaliation, and Thorn’s Redemption.

Fallon’s Revenge is once again about the Gunner team with Rebel, Theo, Thorn, and so on. But there is much more to this one.  A few years have passed since the ending of Thorn’s Redemption. Fallon, Sean, and Lily are still adjusting to their new normal. Fallon is basically staying focused on each day and her daughter while also still heartbroken over the choice Nina forced upon her. Ember is the newest character in the series who divides her time between helping to care for Lily and working at the bar with Sean and Fallon – and I absolutely adore her role in this story.  Rebel’s life and the rest of the Gunner Team’s lives have also changed, some good and some bad. But there is a major twist with Rebel that no one will be expecting. I think I literally yelled at my iPad numerous times while reading this and a lot of it involved Rebel. 

Although quiet at first, Nina is still around and continues to be the sick, evil woman that I have grown to love and hate throughout this series. Once again Kelly Moore shows different sides of Nina and will make you almost feel bad for her. But believe me, those feelings don’t last. After all, this one is titled Fallon’s Revenge and as the novel progressed, I quickly forgot about all of the times I felt sorry for Nina. I was rooting for Fallon and everyone else to finally get this woman out of their lives but was never quite convinced that they could make it happen. With Nina, you never know. 

I am struggling to summarize this one book without including overall opinions of the entire series, mainly because I know it’s the end and I hate saying goodbye to this series. What sets Fallon’s Revenge apart from the other books is the non-stop surprises, twists, and turns. Yes, the entire series is full of these “oh my God” moments, but to say that I was on the edge of my seat while reading this one is a gross understatement. When I expected good things, usually something bad happened. When I was bracing myself for something awful, someone actually caught a break and it turned out o.k. I never knew what was coming in this book from one page to the next – which made it a sensational read. Kelly Moore’s plot and character development, especially in this genre, are unmatched. I cannot think of another writer that combines the elements of action, romance, and adventure the way that she does, and Fallon’s Revenge is an outstanding example of her talent. There is passion, romance, action, death, injuries, tension and everything that I have so loved about this series. And it is a perfect conclusion. 

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*Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!


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