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Book Review: Three Words (Whiskey River Road #3), by Kelly Moore

Three Words (Whiskey River Road #3),

by Kelly Moore

Publication: June 11, 2020

three words


What stopped me from saying the three words Ian wanted to hear? 

My stubbornness that protected my heart, that’s what.

A handsome cowboy with a hot body and a sense of humor to boot, Ian Daughtrywas everything a woman could ask for. He was downright pretty to look at. The day he left my world spun out of control. It changed me inside. I was no longer the sweet, innocent girl. Instead, I became the wild child desperate to feel anything but love.

Now he’s back, slipped into town unbeknownst to me. My family knew but didn’t want to tell me, afraid it would rip me apart. 

I have a news flash for him. I don’t care how hot he is, he ain’t gettin’ me back. This woman has done fine on her own. But boy howdy… just seeing him he sent me in a tailspin. One that might get me in a heap of trouble.

**My Review**

Three Words is the 3rd book in the Whiskey River Road series and is Ellie’s story, who is the sassy sexy sister of Clem and Bear from earlier books. This novel starts out with a furious Ellie after she finds out that Ian Daughtry has returned to town. Ian is the one that got away, the one that broke Ellie’s heart, and the one that changed her. Why did he leave? Because of three words, she could never get the courage to say out loud. It doesn’t take long to realize how much they both still feel for one another, but there are other issues affecting them all including Watkins being up to no good again and some new characters with a surprising link to the Calhouns.

As with the others in Kelly Moore’s Whiskey River Road series, Three Words is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end. Whether it be hilarious scenes, sexy scenes, or suspenseful scenes – this will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. In the previous books in the series, my impression of Ellie was someone that used to be a sweet and lovely girl but eventually embraced a major wild side. Her character is so perfectly developed in Three Words to where the real Ellie, not the wild girl we’ve come to know, is slowly revealed with each turn of the page. The new character and the one that crushed Ellie’s heart years ago is Ian. And prepare to swoon. He’s a total alpha male with a serious soft spot for Ellie. They drive each other crazy most of the time either fighting like crazy or fighting to keep their clothes on, but it’s evident all along how sweet and loving this man is. Again, prepare to swoon…

Besides Ellie and Ian, there is plenty of drama with the rest of the Calhouns, and of course, plenty of laughs. What I really loved though, was although Three Words is technically Ellie’s book, Moore provides plenty of action and insight regarding the other characters. Huge secrets are revealed, and all the characters face some major struggles in this book. Although I laughed along with each character while reading this, there was also a moment where I was literally on the edge of my seat and holding my breath.

The writing is that good.

As with the others in this series, Three Words comes with my highest recommendation. Kelly Moore embodies the best qualities in writers allowing her to take several different genres, mix them all together, and create a perfect reading combination. Prepare to laugh, cry, get stressed, mad, and everything in between. But prepare to fall in love with this novel!

*Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this review in exchange for my honest opinion!

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