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Release Blitz, Review, & Giveaway: Always With You (Matchbox series, #3), by E.H. Lyon

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Title: Always with You
Series: Matchbox #3
Author: E.H. Lyon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2021 
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This sexy CEO is about to get everything he always wanted; she just needs to say yes…

Leo Hart is back after an 18-month absence and he’s ready for some responsibility as he takes on the role of CEO of the family company. Persistence, determination and getting what he wants is what he is used to. But it turns out his biggest challenge isn’t in the boardroom.

It’s the surprise son he didn’t even know he had… with Jess.

They were at each other’s throats for years except that one time when they aimed a little lower. Jess is adamant they stick to co-parenting only. But when they agree to temporarily live together so Leo can bond with their son, he decides to use his CEO tactics to persuade his favorite redhead to upgrade their frenemy co-parenting titles to something more. Strong-willed Jess drives on the side of caution, but Leo is confident that she and him—well, they were always going to end up together.

Always with You is the third sweet and sexy standalone novel from the “Matchbox” series where you can re-visit all your favorite characters throughout.

*My Review* 

Welcome to my stop on the release blitz tour for E.H. Lyon’s, Always With You! This 3rd novel in the series is about Leo and Jess as he returns to town after 18 months to learn that the one night stand they had before he left resulted in a little baby named Sam. Leo and Jess have always been enemies that loved to fight and get under each other’s skin, but as they start trying to co-parent, it becomes evident that all the years of fighting was really flirting. 

In previous installments in this series, I haven’t been 100% sure whether or not I loved Jess or hated her. After reading Always With You I can happily say that I absolutely love her. My earlier opinions of her being a bitchy business woman have been replaced by thoughts such as caring mother, vulnerable, and wanting love. I’ve always loved Leo with his sarcasm and “don’t care” attitude, but I also saw a completely different side of him which was smitten and oh so hopeful. 

Always With You had my complete attention from the first page to the last and it’s honestly difficult to think of any criticism at all. I got a little frustrated at times with Jess’ stubbornness and quick temper, but it actually added to the story making me wonder if they would get together or not. So this one is pretty much a 5-star read for me as a whole! If you have not yet started this series, they are each standalones so you will be o.k. if you want to just jump in with this one. However, I feel that to truly understand the Leo/Jess dynamic, it would be better to start with book 1, Different With You and book 2, Crazy With You. Nevertheless, add this one to your TBR if you are a fan of enemies to lover romances! 

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“Guest room?” I ask, tilting my head and letting my eyes trail her up and down. I know she’s watching me.
“Yes. Just because you saw my bed once doesn’t mean you need to see it again.” Jess seems determined with her logic, but her breathing has changed.
Smiling, I lean in to whisper near her ear. “It isn’t your bed that I’m worried about.” I tuck a strand of her hair behind her shoulder and she flinches. She looks at me, confused.  “It’s the kitchen,” I add.
I let her brain work for a second before I continue.
“I am 100% certain that is the reason we have Sam.” I have a confident grin on my face and I gently rub my chin as I watch her connect the dots in her memory.
She bites her lip and lets out a sigh as her head tilts. I can see a grin forming at the corner of her mouth, even though she doesn’t want me to see as she looks away. She brushes past me and walks towards the door.
“No lunch?” I ask, satisfied with myself.
“I lost my appetite.” She walks out the door with an extra sway to her step.  

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E.H. Lyon hates folding laundry and decided one day to avoid it by writing fun, witty, and steamy stories. An American from the Midwest, she now lives in Europe with her small pack of humans. She believes the essence of balance is sitting on a yoga mat listening to music while eating a donut. And she absolutely loves finding a new book boyfriend to swoon-over, hearing from other authors, and connecting with people who read her books. 




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