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Release Blitz and Review: Back to Us, by TC Matson

Title: Back to Us
Series: Cameron Falls #2
Author: TC Matson
Genre: Small Town Romance
Release Date: June 2, 2021

In high school, Dakota Jayne was my everything.
My life. My soul. The air I breathed. She was my light.
One day we were planning the rest of our life.
The next I was picking up the shattered pieces of my broken heart.
She abandoned me without looking back.
Had she glanced in the rearview, she would’ve seen me chasing after her through the dust cloud she stirred up when she hightailed it out of town.
Now, eleven years later, she’s back and creating havoc between my heart and mind.
I hate her. She’s still beautiful.
She left me. I still love her.
I wish she’d go back to wherever the hell she came from so I can get on with my life.

Blake Helms was my life.
We had everything planned out.
That’s until he devastated me and broke my heart.
So, I packed up all the pieces and left for college, leaving everything I had ever known behind me.
I finished college, settled into my career, and tried to forget him.
Then my grandmother passed away, bringing me back to this god-forsaken town.
I despise this place and all of the memories.
I hate himHe’s still gorgeous.
He broke me. I don’t want to still love him.
Leaving the first time was hard but leaving the second time might just kill me.

**My Review** 

Welcome to my stop on the release blitz tour for TC Matson’s, Back to Us! After falling in love with Cameron Falls in Back to Me, I was beyond excited to get Blake’s story in Back to Us. Blake is hard-working, fun-loving, and still heartbroken over his high school love, Dakota. He’s had eleven years of hate and love for Dakota since she left him, but now she’s back for her Granny’s funeral. Dakota has been avoiding coming home since Blake broke her heart, but now she’s back temporarily to visit with her family and help take care of things from her Granny passing.  They initially plan to avoid one another while she’s there but fate and possibly some plotting by their families keeps bringing them together.

This is such a wonderful second-chance romance but so frustrating at the same time! Blake and Dakota had their future planned out and he had even bought her an engagement ring when she announces she’s attending college 17 hours away, they get into an enormous fight, and then she misconstrues a situation causing her to take off without a word. So basically the entire premise of the book could have been avoiding if she had not jumped to conclusions! But, moving on from that…

I adored Blake in Back To Me but truly fell head over heels for him in this story. He’s already sexy and completely swoon-worthy. Combine that with his adorable relationship with his niece and how loving and committed he is to his family and friends, it’s impossible not to love him and want a real-life version of him. With Dakota, it took me a little while to warm up to her because I couldn’t help but blame her for all of the heartache and resentment that they have carried for so long. I know, I should side with the girl, lol, but the whole situation bugged me. Anyway, the longer she was home and the more she found herself again, the more I came to really like her.

Back to Us is a romantic, sexy, sweet, and funny second-chance romance. I experienced every emotion under the sun while reading it and it was a complete page-turner for me. After a few ups and downs, there is a very HEA so plan to finish the book feeling full of happiness and love! Although this is the second Cameron Falls novel, this can be read as a stand-alone. However, I do suggest reading Back to Me first because you’ll understand who is who much better.



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TC Matson loves to let her character’s voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. Matson sets her sights on writing stores relatable and real. And having an understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers—her writing mirrors it. She isn’t afraid to push the envelope and touch bases of uncomfortable situation.
She’s a romance junkie at heart and an avid reader. Add those two together and she will devour books within hours, getting lost in the world the author creates.
Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of NC with her husband and two boys, where staying hopped up on caffeine is the key to her sanity. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is an absolute must.


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