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Release Blitz and Review: Watch Me Fall, by Erin Trejo

Title: Watch Me Fall
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 17, 2021
There was a time in my life when I was happy.
Then she left me to raise my daughter on my own.
I overcame every obstacle thrown at me and grew my empire to what it is today.
So, when life throws me a curveball in the form of my daughter’s best friend, I’m unprepared.
She’s perfect.
Everything a man could ask for but she’s off-limits.
She’s forbidden fruit.
Something I can’t have.
One touch just isn’t enough, and I need more.
I’m willing to put everything on the line for this girl, regardless of the consequences.

*My Review*

Welcome to my stop on the release blitz tour for Erin Trejo’s Watch Me Fall. This dad/daughter’s best friend romance is about Mather and Rowen. Rowen is Mather’s daughter’s bestfriend and they secretly have eyes for one another. Suddenly something snaps within Mather and he decides that consequences be damned, he wants this young woman. They have to overcome obstacles of age, life experiences, and Mather’s professional life in order to be together.

So, I love a good dad/daughter’s best friend romance every once in a while because they are typically so unrealistic and are a legitimate escape from reality. I loved Mather, loved Rowen, and loved the two of them together.

As far as the plot, I loved the suspense and tension dealing with the bad guys. And I loved how their relationship continued to grow despite all of their obstacles. With this type of novel you have to be able to suspend disbelief and fall into the insta-love trap to enjoy it, which I did. However, I had some issues with the writing style. I feel like despite the subject matter this could have been a hell of a novel because of all of the suspense elements, however, it fell short for me several times. Despite Mather’s overprotective nature, he failed Rowen a few times and moreover, she was very quick to forgive. Also, I felt like his daughter’s acceptance of her father and best friend being together was a bit unrealistic because it literally took her about a minute to be o.k. with it. 

Watch Me Fall is not literary greatness but a great escape on a dreary day. If you just want to drift into the lovely fiction/romance world for a few hours, then this is the book for you. 

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Also available in paperback:
“I’m not tired,” I say in a breathy tone.
“What is it you want to do then, Rowan?” I swallow hard as he looks me in the eye. There’s something dark dancing in his, and I want it. I want to reach out and touch it. There’s a strange feeling in my chest when he takes a step closer to me and then another. Our chests are nearly touching at this point, and a shiver runs through my body.
“You have nothing to say?” he asks, keeping his eyes trained on mine.
“You. I want to do you.” The alcohol has loosened my tongue, and I blurt the words out. The thoughts I’ve had of him for years now. Mather smirks at me before shaking his head.
“You couldn’t handle me.”
“Try me,” I answer. Mather’s nostrils flare, and his eyes flash with fire before he pulls his hands away from me. He takes a small step back and looks me up and down, causing bumps to form on my skin.
“Kneel,” he demands. I snicker, thinking it’s a joke. He raises an eyebrow and challenges me.
“You’re kidding?”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?” his tone hard. My insides tremble as I think about doing it. I almost drop to my knees for him, but something stops me. I don’t know if it’s all the alcohol I’ve consumed tonight, but I stand my ground.
“Just like I said, you couldn’t handle me. Go to bed, Rowan.”
“I’m not ready for bed,” I tell him. He moves to walk away, and this time I fall to my knees. Shouldn’t this be degrading? Shouldn’t it feel all wrong? For some reason, it doesn’t, and I stay, on my knees, gazing up at him.
Mather turns back, seeing me on the floor at his mercy before he steps back into my space. His hand comes to cup my cheek and slowly feathers his fingers over my flesh. His thumb comes to my lip, gently stroking over the bottom one.
“Open your mouth,” he says, keeping his eyes on me the whole time. Slowly I part my lips for him, and he slides his thumb inside. I close my lips around it and twirl my tongue over the tip. He watches me, waiting. I suck his thumb, imagining it’s his cock. I continue to suck until I can feel heat pool between my thighs.
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Erin is an author of all things Alpha. Her specialty is MC romance but loves to dip into dark romance too. She will weave you a story that will have you gasping for air as you try to figure out what’s going to happen next. All of Erin’s books will have some form of romance as well as suspense. With that being said you need to keep in mind that Erin’s tagline is always true. Fairy Tales Don’t Always Have A Happy Ending. Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge into
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