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Meant to be More (Meant to Be Series, #4), by Amelia Foster

Meant to be More (Meant to Be Series, #4), by Amelia Foster

Publication: June 25, 2020

meant to be moreAbout:

My best friend has spent the past several years traveling the world with Doctors Without Borders. It’s been her life’s dream and something I’ve always admired about her. But somehow, after twenty years of friendship, our last goodbye brought about the realization of a truth I hadn’t yet recognized.

I don’t just respect Jillian, I am in love with her, and it’s time she knows.

But upon her return home, she manages to lay her own shocking news on me before I can even form the words to tell her how I feel. It seems she needs access to the fortune her grandfather left her in his will. But there’s one problem.

The caveat being an antiquated, but ironclad stipulation that she can’t receive the funds unless she gets married and stays that way for eighteen months.

Naturally, I’m the only person she can trust with such a delicate arrangement. And I’m also hopelessly in love with her, so I’ll greedily take the chance to fake-marry my best friend.

This way, I can prove to her that we are meant to be more than just friends.

**My Review**

I’m so excited to review the final installment in Amelia Foster’s Meant to Be series, Meant to Be More! I must admit that this is a bittersweet moment because I have adored this series and don’t want to see it end, but this may have been my favorite in the series, so it went out with a bang.

In Meant to be More, we get the story of the youngest Carlisle brother, Dean, and his best friend Jillian. She has been traveling the world with her job but is finally returning to Asheville. Dean has a huge secret to tell her because he realized this time that she was gone, that he had fallen in love with her. Before he gets to explain to his best friend that he loves her as more than friends, she asks him to marry her in order to fulfill stipulations of her grandfather’s will. 

So, the basic premise of needing to get married because of stipulations in a will is kind of silly in this day and age. However, it worked beautifully in this story. I mean, what better way to push two people together that are living in denial about how they really feel? Typical of Foster’s writing style, this story was told from Dean and Jillian’s dual POVs and also went back and forth between past and present from when they first met at seven years old to when they were graduating from high school. I will admit that the present-day storyline held my attention the most, but the past storylines provided a great deal of history regarding what shaped each of them growing up and how they developed their amazingly strong bond. 

Meant to be More is a happy, romantic, and sexy read that leaves you feeling every warm and fuzzy emotion imaginable. This book is pretty much drama-free except for their internal conflict about their feelings and Jillian’s snooty mother, but it didn’t need a bunch of conflict and challenges to make it a beautifully complex book. This is about two people that have always loved each other as friends as they try to come to terms with their changing feelings and potential risks to their friendship. You will laugh, cry, and swoon while you read this one. I cannot recommend this one enough! 

*Although part of a series, you do not need to have read the previous books to enjoy this one! They are all stand-alones!

**Thank you to Amelia Foster for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion!

Order Meant to be More on Amazon!

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Release Blitz & Review: Heartless King (Kings of Rittenhouse, #5), by Maya Hughes


Title: Heartless King

Series: Standalone book #5 in the

Kings of Rittenhouse Series

Author: Maya Hughes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2020


Two blue lines. That means not pregnant, right? Right?
Oh, sh*t.
Five years ago, Colm Frost asked me to marry him and I ran. I ran from my painful past too raw and fresh to escape. He was the only one who looked at me like I wasn’t broken and made me believe it. He made me feel it.
Now, he’s the hot, angry, hockey player on the mend. 
I’m the physiotherapist who’s supposed to get him back on his feet. 
I don’t think our night together was what his doctor prescribed, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dreamt of him every time I close my eyes. I woke up beside him with my body still singing from the way he fanned the flames of my desire, but I couldn’t


His lips on my neck. His hands wrapped around my waist. His impressive…ahem,
touch leaving me breathless.

One moment of wild inhibition and it’s come back to bite me in the butt. Kind of like he did that night.
But a baby? Our night was supposed to be a one-time thing, closing a door on the future I couldn’t handle. 
Will this new bump in the road be everything we needed to find our forever?


Heartless King is a standalone friends to enemies to lovers, accidental
pregnancy romance that brings all the laugh out loud, angsty feels!


**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the release tour for the final installment in Maya Hughes’ Kings of Rittenhouse series, Heartless King! Do you know how sad it is to write the final installment??? I have been following and loving this series since the prequel was first published and it completely breaks my heart that this is the last one. However, it was so good it almost made me forget to be sad. 

So we finally got Colm’s story in this one… Colm has raised his little sister Liv since their parents died and is extremely angry that his best friend Ford is now with Liv. He’s had an injury and is angry at the world for everything that has happened over the past few years. One night when he decides to tie one on and try to live it up, Imogen walks into the bar and everything changes. 

Let me start by saying that, unfortunately, Colm is a total ass for the majority of this novel. I still love hi, but it’s true. Imogen is what I would thing every man wishes for. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and puts everyone before herself. But as to where she definitely makes a mistake or two in this one, Colm is  a complete ass most of the time. But did that stop me from loving him and crossing my fingers that he would get his HEA? Absolutely not. 

Both characters in this novel have experienced unimaginable loss. Yet both characters still had some wonderful attributes, despite the cards they had been dealt. It took a while, but eventually Colm say the error of his ways. Much like Imogen, who seemed so flawless at first, but eventually let her vulnerable side show and did some things she had to make up for.

I don’t want to go much into the plot because of spoilers, but as sad as I am that this series has ended, I can’t imagine it going out any better than this. Bravo and thanks to Maya Hughes for bringing this series into her readers lives. There are plenty of series that come to an end, but this feels like parting ways with a family, which just shows how skillfully she has brought these characters to life. Colm and Imogen’s story ends in a HEA like all of the other books in this series, but this one was special. If you aren’t familiar with this series yet, please catch up and start with Kings of Rittenhouse today. If you are already familiar with this series, get ready to laugh, cry, get frustrated, and enjoy one of your best reads this year, with Heartless King. 

P.S. Thank you to Maya Hughes for introducing me to James Bay. I was not aware of his incredible voice and soulful music until reading this, so kudos to you!

*Thanks to Give Me Books and the author for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
The question had been running through my head all night: how
could I get her to leave? But I didn’t want her to go. And now the maple syrup
and cinnamon taste of her sent me hurtling close to the edge of my control.
Those reserves were running on fumes. 
Everyone else had been run off by my anger or blinded by my
money, but not her. If anything, she battled me, pushing me like she knew I
needed it. She wouldn’t let me hide the splintered and cracked pieces of myself
that I was barely holding together. 
She didn’t push me to talk, just slid in past my defenses
and got me to say more than I should. 
“Do you want me to stop?” I ran my fingers through her hair,
tugging on the roots. 
Her lips parted in a gasp and I deepened the kiss, needing
to taste even more of her. She’d teased me, eating that French toast that
smelled like a vanilla and cinnamon factory had exploded when it arrived at our
She stared into my eyes, heavy breaths shuddering past her
lips. “Hell no.”
Also Available
99c for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Maya Hughes, that’s me!, can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! 🙂 I’m a romance writer who loves taking
inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration
also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer
I love writing stories that capture the possibilities of the paths less traveled and
enjoy experiencing life through my characters’ eyes.
I’m the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing
until I can’t breathe, traveling with my family and Jeff Goldblum. 


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Blog tour, review, & giveaway: She Loves Me (Harmony Pointe#3), by Melissa Foster


Fall in love in Harmony Pointe, where hearts are lost, found, and sometimes misplaced…and everyone gets a happy ever after.

If a woman can’t find love in the quaint town of Harmony Pointe, it’s sure to find them—whether they’re looking for it or not. Here, the remaining single Dalton siblings are about to discover that they’re next in line to get swept away by love. A sweet and sexy spin-off of Melissa’s beloved Sugar Lake series.

What are two besties willing to risk for something more? The New York Times bestselling author of This Is Love has the answer in this fun, sexy, and emotional romance about friendship, family, and giving love a chance.

Something is off in Piper Dalton’s life, and she has a feeling it might just be her. All her siblings are blissfully settled with their forever loves. But while her sisters were dreaming of white weddings, Piper was left heartbroken and commitment-phobic by her first love, her best friend’s younger brother. As a woman dominating the male-driven construction industry, Piper has no interest in turning in her hammer for an apron—even if hot and hilarious Harley thinks otherwise.

Burly bar owner Harley Dutch has a bum ankle and two preteen nieces to take care of, and having his best friend, tough-as-nails and sexy-as-sin Piper Dalton, come to his rescue is just the remedy he needs. Piper is her snarky self and she kind of sucks at caregiving, but she’s owned his heart for years, she’s got a way with the girls, and Harley would sure like to have his way with her…

As things heat up between Piper and Harley, she warns him not to fall in love with her because she’ll only break his heart. Harley is the right man for that challenge—until he makes the biggest mistake of his life, and they begin to wonder if true love really can conquer all.

*My Review*

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Melissa Foster’s latest in her Harmony Pointe series, She Loves Me! Finally, we get Piper’s story! So this is a friends-to-lovers romance that was certainly challenging from beginning to end. If you have read the previous books in the Harmony Pointe series, you already know Piper. If you haven’t, let’s just say that she is not a romantic, mushy, girly-girl. Piper co-owns a contracting business with her Dad. She prefers beer to wine and wings to a fancy dinner out. Piper wears construction clothes and boots all day, has the most unhealthy diet ever, and is basically just a “guy’s girl.” But when her best friend Harley gets a terrible ankle sprain and needs her help, he amps up his flirting and finally gets her attention. 

I loved this book from beginning to end and won’t even attempt to mention how many times my eyes got a little teary or I broke out into a full-blown cry. I don’t remember Harley ever being mentioned in the previous books in this series, but knowing Melissa Foster, he probably was – I just didn’t catch on. However, it took no more than a few pages for me to fall head over heels for his character. Sexy, sweet, business-owner, funny, and patient to a fault all equal = yummy. Anyway, I have always loved Piper’s quirky character and figured there was a lot more to her than met the eye. 

This was a 5-star read for me, without a doubt. However, there were some things that I both loved and hated at the same time. On one hand, I loved that Piper was so self-assured and held to her beliefs about relationships and love. But on the other hand, it started to get old when as the reader it was obvious that she was in love, yet she still tried to be this tough person that was immune to such feelings. The same goes with her feelings about marriage. I had nothing but respect for her not wanting to marry – for a while… But then it just got frustrating like Foster was just beating a dead horse. Upon further reflection, however, I realize that this was just another brilliant display of Foster’s characterization and that the reader truly gets to see the transformation and changes in a person that come with love – no matter how much they try to fight it. 

She Loves Me isn’t all romance, of course, but packs in some other heavy topics regarding cancer, family fall-outs, cheating, addictions, and much more. But as always, everything circles around to the love of and for family and friends, as well as, romantic love that crashes into your life and changes it forever. This was absolutely wonderful and I loved it. Yay Melissa Foster for once again making my heart go pitter-patter

*Thanks to Beck Valley Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Available to buy from…   Paperback   Audiobook
**FREE in KU

The Harmony Pointe series is published by Montlake Romance and will be available in paperback and audio formats, and exclusively in digital format for Kindle and Kindle apps. Download a FREE Kindle reading app HERE (or order the paperback)

melissa newsletter

Also in the Harmony Pointe Series

Call Her Mine (Harmony Pointe Book 1)
Ben Dalton has always been honest, except where his heart is concerned. He’s been in love with his best friend—saucy, smart-mouthed Aurelia Stark—forever. But Ben’s a planner, and timing has never been on his side. When he finally decides to make his move, Aurelia beats him to the punch with a move of her own—to a different town.

Aurelia loves her new life in the charming town of Harmony Pointe. She has a great apartment and her very own bookstore, and best of all, the sinfully hot, commitment-phobic friend she’s crushed on for years is no longer just around the corner. Maybe she’ll finally be able to leave her unrequited love behind and move on.

But when a baby is left on Ben’s front porch—a baby that is presumably his—Aurelia is there for him. Neither one knows the first thing about babies, but how hard can it be? Ben and Aurelia are catapulted into a world of love, laughter, and tracking down the baby mama, and it might even add up to a very happily ever after . . . just not one either of them expects.

Available to buy from…   Paperback   Audiobook
**FREE in KU

The Harmony Pointe series is published by Montlake Romance and will be available in paperback and audio formats, and exclusively in digital format for Kindle and Kindle apps. Download a FREE Kindle reading app HERE (or order the paperback)

This is Love (Harmony Pointe Book 2)
Actress Remi Divine is sick of bodyguards, sick of stalkers, and sick of feeling like she is always under a microscope. But this movie star isn’t helpless by any means. She’s got a rebellious streak and she knows how to use it. First order of business: Getting rid of the overbearing bodyguards who are sticking to her like glue.

Mason Swift has made protecting others his life, and when Remi ditches his two best men, he takes over and gives it everything he has. Having grown up in the foster care system, and as an ex-special operative, he knows all the tricks. Nothing gets by him, especially not gorgeous, sneaky, and rebellious, Remi.

He thinks she’s a diva. She thinks he’s arrogant. But when sparks turn to flames and their walls come down, their hearts are revealed and their connection is unstoppable. But when tragedy strikes, Remi realizes that being protected isn’t the worst thing in the world—but losing Mason just might be.

Available to buy from…   Paperback   Audiobook
**FREE in KU

The Harmony Pointe series is published by Montlake Romance and will be available in paperback and audio formats, and exclusively in digital format for Kindle and Kindle apps. Download a FREE Kindle reading app HERE (or order the paperback)

About the author
Melissa Foster is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance and new adult romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name Addison Cole.

Melissa enjoys chatting with readers and book clubs. Send her an email invitation to your next event!

Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa.

Find Melissa on the following sites…
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Release Blitz, Review, & Giveaway: Breathless (Texas Nights 3), by Lex Martin


Title: Breathless
A Texas Nights Series Standalone
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: February 18, 2020
I wouldn’t say I ran away exactly—twenty-two is too old for that.
I’d call it self-preservation.
I have one objective: protect my heart from the boy next
door who has no clue I’ve loved him my whole life, even with a front-row seat
to his revolving bedroom door.
My escape plan almost worked.
Except I left one thing behind.
Logan Carter hijacked my heart, and now it’s time to get it
back. This time for good.
I wouldn’t say I’ve been lying this whole time—not about
Not about how much I miss my best friend, and definitely not
about how pissed I am that she left with hardly a goodbye.
She’s the last person I ever expected to ghost me, and her
absence left a gaping hole in my chest.
When Joey Grayson steps off that bus, I know I’ll do
anything to keep her home, and that means finding out the truth.
But I’m not sure how to tell her my truths when I’m living
so many lies.


**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for Lex Martin’s third novel in her Texas Nights series, Breathless. Don’t be thrown off by the word ‘series,’ because although characters show up in each novel, you absolutely do not need to read the previous installments to enjoy this one!

Joey has just returned to her small hometown in Texas for Tori and Ethan’s wedding, after abruptly leaving months earlier. As soon as she sees her best friend Logan, she knows that being away has done nothing as far as getting over him. Logan wants to know why Joey left and suddenly starts realizing that he has a lot more feelings for her than he has admitted. Sounds like the perfect recipe for love, right? First Joey has to get over Logan’s womanizing past and Logan has to come clean about an enormous secret. 

I really enjoyed this book, as I do all of Lex Martin’s books, and Breathless was incredibly sweet, sexy, and romantic. During parts of this novel, I found myself loving both main characters both separately and as a couple. However, there were so many parts where their behaviors were just beyond immature, that I also struggled with this one. Logan was so secretive and dishonest at times, which is always a turn-off for me both in real-life and in books. And it drove me crazy because otherwise, he was absolutely yummy! As far as Joey… I realize that her character is only 22 years old, but her mood swings were a bit much. One minute she was shy and self-conscious, then she has this whole sexy thing going on, then when she finally learned the truth about everything she became unforgiving and selfish. It was a bizarre mix of behaviors that when added together felt childish and unnecessary for the story. 

Nevertheless, despite the issues I had with Logan and Joey at times, I really did like this one. It’s super romantic and the chemistry between them is off the charts. The plot and sub-plots are simple, yet interesting. Lex Martin is a fantastic go-to author for when you want something light and romantic to pass the time with sweet happily-ever-after. 

*Thanks to Give Me Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Links
$2.99 for a limited time!
Also Available
All books are standalones featuring different couples


Author Bio
Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author
of the Texas Nights series (Reckless/Shameless) and the Dearest series. She
writes contemporary romances, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta
kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. A former high school English teacher
and freelance journalist, she’s lived all over the country but currently
resides in her hometown of San Antonio with her husband and twin daughters.
Author Links

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Book Review: Meet Me on Love Lane, by Nina Bocci

Meet Me on Love Lane, by Nina Bocci

Series: Hopeless Romantics (book 2)

Publication: Gallery Books; December 10, 2019

meet me on love laneAbout the book:

Charlotte Bishop is out of options in New York City. Fired, broke, and blacklisted by her former boss, she’s forced to return to her hometown of Hope Lake, PA to lick her wounds. Although she’s expecting to find a miserable place with nothing to do, she is pleasantly surprised to discover it is bustling and thriving.

She’s only supposed to be in Hope Lake temporarily until she can earn enough money to move back to New York. She’s not supposed to reconnect with her childhood friends or her beloved grandmother. She’s not supposed to find her dream job running the local florist shop. And she’s definitely not supposed to fall for not one but two of Hope Lake’s golden boys: one the beloved high school English teacher, the other the charming town doctor.

With a heart torn between two men and two cities, what’s a girl to do?

A perfect blend of humor and heart, Meet Me on Love Lane is the second in a new series from USA TODAY bestselling author Nina Bocci that is sure to charm fans of Josie Silver and Sally Thorne.

**My Review**

Back in October, I read On the Corner of Love and Hate, the first in Nina Bocci’s Hopeless Romantics series. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t crazy about it. But when I saw this new novel in the series, Meet Me on Love Lane, I just knew I wanted to read it – and I’m so glad! Once again, we are back in the adorable, yet progressive small town of Hope Lake where we first met Emma, Cooper, Henry, and Nick. This story is about their childhood friend Charlotte that moved away when they were ten years old. After her career taking a nose-dive in NYC, Charlotte returns to Hope Lake to stay with her Dad and her grandmother, Gigi in order to save money, regroup and get back to the city to start again. When she gets to Hope Lake, she not only doesn’t recognize anything but realizes she has very few memories of her best friends and her time spent growing up there. Although she plans on returning to New York and her best friend Parker as soon as possible, she soon finds herself torn between two men, running a new flower shop, and falling in love with her home town. 

Like On the Corner of Love and Hate, this is a long book. However, I really loved reading this one. Charlotte is a likable and relatable protagonist and I found myself very quickly invested in her story. Her grandmother Gigi is one of the best characters that I have encountered while reading in quite some time. Dear Lord, please let me be just like her when I’m ninety! Then there is the absolutely wonderful, hot, sexy specimen of perfection – Henry. I fell in love with him instantly and it did nothing but deepen throughout the novel. The other love interest, Dr. Max, was great too, but oh my goodness – Henry… 

Anyway, the plot and subplots to this novel held my interest, were entertaining, and kept me engaged. I was rooting for Charlotte the entire time, although, like Charlotte, I wasn’t quite sure what I was rooting for at first. But about halfway through I thought to myself, “how wonderful would it be to return to such an amazing home town and start over with friends and family from your childhood?”

This ended up being a 4-star read for me and there was only one reason that I am not rating this 5-stars. Like the previous book in the series, I found it to be too long. It definitely was not as long and tedious as On the Corner of Love and Hate, but there were several times I found myself starting to skim over the pages when things became yawn-worthy and arduous. One minute everything would be exciting, interesting, and so on. But then there would be pages of a conversation that seemed very unimportant or pages of situations that could have been resolved much earlier. It reminded me of when I used to be grading essays by my high-school English students and I would realize that they used every word possible to meet the word-count and/or page requirement, regardless of whether it was relevant or enriched the paper in any way. If not for that, this would be a perfect, 5-star read. 

Nevertheless, I certainly recommend Meet Me on Love Lane to fans of small-town romance and friends-to lover romance. The setting is amazing and the characters are well-developed and extremely likable. Now I just have to muster the patience to wait for the 3rd in the series about Parker and Nick!

*Thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Release tour, review, & excerpt: Must Love Forever (425 Madison Series, #11), by Leigh Lennon

Release Tour for Must Love Forever

by Leigh Lennon

Powered by Forever Write PR


Bianca checked all the things for a wonderful life off her list, but always longed for something different. Mick knows that not everything is meant to be. When tragedy strikes the two finally have a shot at a second chance at love. Readers will love this friends-to-lovers romance from Leigh Lennon. The 425 Madison series is back with season two and MUST LOVE FOREVER is now live!

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

Goodreads ➝
Handsome husband—check.
Beautiful house—check.
Wonderful life…I could never put a check next to this.
Through it all, I longed for a different life. With a man I had called my best friend. A man who is not my husband.
When the unspeakable happens and I’m left alone, its Mick who is there to pick me up.

Not everything is meant to be.
Watching the woman who owned my heart start a life with someone else – broke me to the core.
But time goes on and I try too.
Until one phone call changes both our lives.
She could have been taken from me forever. Instead, a tragic accident takes away the only man I thought ever made her happy.
When she starts over again, in my city, in my home; sharing slivers of her story with me it’s then that I learn not everything is as it appears.
None of this matters though, when I’ve been given a second chance to prove we’re meant to be.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the release tour for the latest in the 425 Madison series, Must Love Forever! This was my second time reading author Leigh Lennon and I am a huge fan of hers and her previous book in this series Must Love Coffee. This novel is about Mick and Bianca who have been friends since they were kids, their parents are close friends, and so on. After a sudden and tragic accident, Bianca finds herself temporarily living with Mick in his apartment at 425 Madison. Bianca has always had a crazy crush on Mick. Mick has always been head over heels for Bianca. But neither of them knew or did anything about it until fate gives them another chance. 

I’ll start by saying that I completely fell in love with Mick while reading this! Where in the world can I find my own Mick?? He was so incredibly sweet, sexy, caring, intelligent and everything else wonderful you can imagine. But the best thing about Mick was the amazing way he treated Bianca, his patience, and his protectiveness over her. 

But here’s where I ran into a problem… While I sympathized with Bianca’s situation and certainly wanted her to find her HEA – I just did not like her. Maybe it was because of her past being in an emotionally abusive relationship, but I found her character immature, quick to jump to conclusions and a very poor communicator. I tried to like her and tried to pick out positive, wonderful things about her, but I just couldn’t. I apologize to author Leigh Lennon because I am such a huge fan, but Bianca fell short for me. 

In spite of my feelings about the female main character, I still enjoyed this book and found the premise incredibly sweet and romantic. I love friends to lovers novels and this was a wonderful addition to the genre and the 425 Madison series. If not for Bianca, this would have easily been a 5-star read for me! As with all of the books in this series, Must Love Forever can be enjoyed as a standalone, but because the rest of the series is so wonderful, I highly recommend reading them all because the characters will make appearances again. 

*Thanks to Forever Write PR for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

Copyright @ Liegh Lennon 2020
I’m asleep, or at least I’m faking sleep very well when the door creaks open. Her footsteps move closer
and closer, coming around the foot of the bed, pulling the covers back. The second she does, I roll over,
bringing her in close to me. But tonight, I don’t care about the beast of my erection poking into her
backside. Does she not know what she does to me?
We never speak in bed. We never speak of her sleeping with me. And I’m not sure if I should break our
protocol to tell her how much I want her. It goes deeper—she’s shattered, and I don’t know how to fix her,
but I desperately want to. 
I come as close to the olive complexion of her back as I can get, and she doesn’t wiggle out of the touch
of my erection. The little tease backs her ass closer into it, and it makes me inhale long and deep,
exhaling on the back of her neck. She relaxes farther into me, and I can’t resist her, not for a second
I pepper kisses onto her neck, as her hand snakes back over her hip to my cock. The second her fingers
make contact with it, though it’s covered by my boxers, my kisses speed up, my own fingers dipping into
her low cut tank top. The same whimper she emitted earlier has returned and I push her to her back,
bracing myself over her. I should say something, ask her what she wants. When our eyes connect, and
we can see each other by the moonlight streaming in, she takes her finger, covering my lips, telling me
there will be no talking. With a nod of her head, it’s her way of telling me this is what she wants, and I
lower my face to hers, taking control of her mouth.
Her tongue scrapes at my teeth, and she playfully bites the lower part of my lip. Oh, shit, this is sexy as
hell. My hands are pushing me up, as to not squish her tiny body. In one fluid motion, I roll over, bringing
her with me, her body resting on mine. She’s so light, she won’t hurt me. My arms are wrapped around
her, but I can’t resist exploring her whole body. My hands come to rest on her ass when I sneak my
fingers between her skin and skimpy shorts. 
Squeezing her pert ass, causes my erection to continue to barrel into her body. Scooting to her side,
still on me, she pulls my cock through my boxers. I emit another harsh departure of air, only to suck it in
again when her hand wraps around my cock, stroking it from the base to the tip.
I intend on telling her what she’s doing is right—what this is with us is perfect, but I can’t. It’s not what we
do, not in the confines of my bed.
When she moves her body from mine, I miss her warmth but I don’t have to wait long when the tip of her
tongue starts to suck up the precum of my cock. Her tongue connects with me, and my body relaxes into
what this is, because it’s Bia and the two of us together are unstoppable.
Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 


Don’t Must Love Coffee by Leigh Lennon from the first season of 425 Madison Ave.
“This book was a total feel-good romance. Gwen and Leo hit it off right from the begging and I really
loved how the story is not just about them, their kids, all three of them get a bit of a spotlight and help the
story move forward. Even the judge was a great addition to the story.” —Amazon Reviewer
Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 
About Leigh 
Leigh Lennon is a mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education,
she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she
crafts her next story. One could say she loves pretty nails, big earrings, and spiky hair. She can be found
drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.
About the 425 Madison Series
Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced
& sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.
This season will feature some new authors as well as some of season one’s favs. Back for season two is
Allie York, Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Aubree Valentine, Lauren Helms, and Katy Ames. Plus a warm
welcome to KC Enders, Jennifer Rebecca, and Marcie Shumway! 
Not only do we have a sexy mix of new and returning authors, prepare for pages packed with new
romances, characters, and tropes all from the same well-loved high-rise apartment building in NYC. 
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Release Blitz, Review, & Giveaway: One Short Summer (Brooksville #2), by Jasmin Miller


Title: One Short Summer

Series: Brooksville #2

Author: Jasmin Miller
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2019


A sweet, flirty, and heartfelt romance with two roommates
that spend one enthralling summer together.
After her car accident, Monica believes her dance career is over, despite the positive outlook everyone else has. Instead of trying to get back on her feet, she works on perfecting the art of couch surfing.
Famous author, Gabe Mitchell, doesn’t fare much better. On top of watching his roommate letting her life pass by, he also suffers from a major bout of writer’s block.
Hoping a change of scenery will get them both out of their rut, Gabe takes matters into his own hands and whisks Monica away to his own personal haven.
What neither one of them expects is the attraction to each other to bloom even though Monica will leave Brooksville in a matter of weeks.
Their time together is filled with skimpy bathing suits, sexy fantasy book inspirations, hot tub make-out sessions, and new job prospects.
It’s plenty to reignite their creative flames, but will it be enough to turn their one short summer into something more?

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the release blitz tour for Jasmin Miller’s One Short Summer, the second in her Brooksville series. Let me say that I have not read the first book, Baking with a Rockstar, but there was no need because this one is a complete stand-alone. This fantastic story is about a dancer named Monica and an author named Gabe. They have been rooming together for a while since Monica came to Brooksville to heal from an accident to her leg. She’s been depressed and withdrawn wanting to get back into her career as a dancer. Gabe is suffering from major writer’s block regarding his next novel and is dealing with agents breathing down his neck as he tries to get inspired. So he decides to get Monica out of her slump and takes her to his house in Tahoe where he hopes to get inspired and hopes that Monica can find that sparkle in her eye again. 

I love friends-to-lovers novels, but I must say that this has been one of my absolute favorite books with this plot and theme! Monica was brought into Gabe’s life because her BFF/oldest friend Charlie is engaged to Gabe’s brother Hudson. Monica’s been living with Gabe for months and they already have an easy and comfortable relationship that they describe as being best friends. So, before things start getting flirty and steamy between them, there is already this fantastic relationship to build on. Love it!!! As you can guess, once the fireworks start between these two, it is amazing. 

Monica was a unique and interesting main female character, but I must say that Gabe stole the show in this one. Jasmin Miller may have created the closest thing to perfection ever! He’s handsome, smart, caring, a successful author, has a killer body, sexy, wonderful relationship with his family, loves kids, caring… I could go on and on, but it’s best you just read for yourself to discover how amazing this character is. 

The best part of this novel though, if there is an actual best part, would be the last few chapters and the epilogue. Holy happiness!!

One Short Summer is an engaging and unique romance that I highly recommend. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but there’s something about Jasmin Miller’s writing that just felt really personal to me, written with so much passion and having so much love put into it that it could have been her own, true story. This is a great example of how showing, rather than telling, easily grips the reader and pulls them into plot and action. Without hesitation, I can say that I loved everything about this one. I am so happy to have discovered this author and am looking forward to reading more of her in the future.

*Many thanks to GMB and the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Pulling out the barstool beside her, I sit down, wanting to
be on her eye level. It takes me bumping my knees into hers for her to look at
me, but at least she finally does. “Hey! Remember it’s me you’re talking to.
We’ve been sharing a house for most of the last year. That’s pretty much as
close as anyone has ever been to me, not that I would do this for just anyone.
You’re a very sweet, kind, caring, and talented person. You need to get it in
your pretty head that you don’t owe me a thing. I’d do it all over again in a
My words don’t exactly trigger the response I intended as I
watch the pink tinge travel up Monica’s neck and cheeks before she covers her
face with her hands. “Oh gosh. Stop it already. I can’t remember the last time
I blushed. How embarrassing.”
I’m absolutely stunned she’s reacting this way.
It’s also interesting she can still surprise me after we’ve
known each other all this time.
Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write kissing books and never
misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now
lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her
busy day and night.
Author Links

*Enter the author’s giveaway for a chance at winning a $50 Amazon gift card!!


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Release Tour & Review: Stay (The Shores book 2), by Allie York

Release Tour for STAY by Allie York
Brought to you by Forever Write PR



Allie York is back with a novella, STAY, from her lovable The Shores series.
Blair Smith takes her work seriously and her men casually. Jaxon Stone spent his whole life picking
himself up from a life in foster care, always looking for the family he never had. Fans of accidental
pregnancy romance will adore this steamy yet heartful read.



About STAY


Title: Stay

Author: Allie York

Release Date: June 6, 2019

Publisher: self-published

Series: The Shores Book 2

Genres: Contemporary Romance



Blair Smith is her own woman. She’s strong, independent and proud of it. Owning a wildly
successful boutique by day and having a different date every night is her idea of living the dream.
Blair takes her work seriously and her men casually until she makes the best decision with the
worst possible man.
Jaxon Stone spent his whole life picking himself up. From a child in foster care to a teen in juvie,
life always seemed to dish out the worst. Once he landed at The Shores Animal Hospital Jax
found a family. The only thing missing is someone to share that family with.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the release tour for Allie York’s, Stay! This fantastic read is about a sexy vet tech named Jaxson and just as sexy boutique owner, Blair. Constantly together because of their mutual friends, these two typically engage in all sorts of sexually-charged banter, bonding over their love of all things casual. But once things start really heating up between these two, their previous passion for casual sex and no strings attached is tested to the limits. 

Oh, Allie York…. Where do I get my very own Jaxson? From the second chapter where his point of view was introduced, I was in love. Handsome, rugged, sexy, fit, tattoos, funny, smart, overcame a rough upbringing, loves dogs (especially Ranger)  – what else could I possibly want in a man??

Anyway, I loved both Blair and Jaxson, but especially loved Blair’s confidence in herself and the way she owned her life and her “extracurricular activities” without a car in the world about what anyone else thought. But as much as I loved them both in the beginning, the amazing part was watching Allie York’s writing and characterization pull me into their journeys as if I were right there along with them, watching everything play out. They each had this deeply buried compassion and capacity for love that was beautiful as it slowly revealed itself. 

I have not read the previous novel in the series, Sit, however, it had no impact on my love for this story. Honestly, I found Blair’s best friend Ozma somewhat annoying and was confused by everyone’s obsession with her not knowing anything about any hook-ups or coupling as if she would force them off into an arranged marriage or something. Maybe if I had read Sit I would find her more likable, but I just didn’t see the draw to her.

Anyway, as stated earlier, I absolutely loved this book! Other than my falling madly in love with Jaxson, Stay is sexy, funny, romantic, and makes you feel all the feels you can imagine! Sometimes, writers come up with perfect couples that just click beautifully, and that’s exactly what York created with these two characters. 

*Thanks to Forever Write PR for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited


Goodreads ➝


Copyright @ Allie York 2019


Jax swaggered over just as the coffee pot beeped. He reached around me, leaning in close to take the pot,
and pouring two cups before putting it back. “You always drink that much? I thought you were a health
freak.” He dumped way too much sugar in the coffee.
        “It’s all about balance.” I shrugged putting a teaspoon of sugar in mine. “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, and it
will all balance out.” I sipped my coffee, watching him lean against the counter like he belonged in my
kitchen. “Do you go?”
        “To the gym? Yeah, that one across town, Frankie’s.” He stared at the coffee, then me. “I’ve slept with too
many women at World Fitness to go back. It got weird.” I nearly spit my coffee.
        “How many?” I looked into his gray eyes. Maybe it was the daiquiris, but Jax was sexy. In his button down,
all the tattoos were covered, but I knew they were there. His arms had these skulls and stuff on them, but
he never looked like a thug. He looked like a badass. Only Jax could pull it off. When he didn’t answer, I
walked past him to the living room, and he followed.
        “Maybe eight?” Jax sat at the other end of the couch, slouching back in a classic manspread. I curled my
legs under me, trying not to give him a clear shot up my skirt. At least my buzz left me a little dignity.
        “Maybe eight? You don’t know?” I teased, sipping my coffee.
        “No,” Jax said it like he couldn’t give me a number if he tried.




Don’t Miss Book #1 in the series, SIT. Get your copy today, it’s on SALE for a limited time!




Author Allie York:

Allie is a mom and dog groomer by day. At night she is posted at her laptop writing or reading in a
cozy corner. She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed coffee, and anything cute and



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Book Review: Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts Duet Book 2), by Emma Scott

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts Duet Book 2),

by Emma Scott

Publication: October 14, 2018

long live

About the book:

Never again would I allow my heart to become the plaything of someone else.
Never again would I let a man (or men) come between me and my goals.
Never again would I love without feeling the fullness of that love in return.
Not until I knew it was real. And if that took me a lifetime to find, so be it.

Those were my vows, and after all that had happened with Connor and Weston, I was determined to keep them. To protect my heart.
And then he came home, and my vows became his promises.

He held my heart in his hands with reverence and care.
He helped me find my soul’s greatest purpose in life.
He loved me with a love so pure and vibrant, I knew I’d never feel anything like it in a hundred lifetimes.
It was real.

Until it wasn’t.
Until it all came crashing down when I discovered the deep love I thought I’d found was nestled in a web of lies—so soft and silken I hadn’t noticed it was there.
Until it was too late.

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts is the emotional, heart-wrenching conclusion to the Beautiful Hearts Duet by bestselling author, Emma Scott, and is inspired by the classic tale, Cyrano de Bergerac. (Roxanne) THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL LOVE TRIANGLE #confusedhearts #notamenage
THIS BOOK IS NOT A STANDALONE. It should not be read without first reading Bring Down the Stars

**My Review**

Hopefully, you have seen my review from yesterday for part 1 in this duet, Bring Down the Stars. If not, here it is! The conclusion to this amazing story is Long Live the Beautiful Hearts and the best word I can find in my vocabulary to describe it is: unbelievable

Author Emma Scott was very vague in the blurb for this one, so I’m going to stick with that philosophy while reviewing, although it will be incredibly difficult. 

Picking up where book 1 left off, we discover what has happened with Weston and Connor. Each is struggling with guilt, anger, and what their lives now mean to them. Moreover, we follow along with Autumn as she tries to come to terms with what she thought her relationships were with each of the two friends, what she wanted them to be, and what she wants now. There is a reference to “twice-born” people which is so amazingly perfect for this entire novel. Each of these characters has reached a time of change and a time of discovery, in both good ways and bad. They all want something, yearn for something, but are either unsure how to get it or afraid to even hope for it. 

I am truly in awe of Emma Scott’s development of these characters. It is something you need to experience for yourself to understand, but the balance between such simple and complex emotions at once is absolute perfection.

‘Long live the twice born hearts
Like mine.
It beats only for you
My love
Unending and infinite,
I will take you with me
Into the next life
And a thousand beyond that
Forever.’ (Emma Scott)

Long Live the Beautiful Hearts is all about change, making peace with yourself and others, as well as, love. Not only romantic love, but love for friends, love for hobbies, love for words, and so on. In addition to love, this novel embodies accepting and embracing the various changes that occur in our lifetimes. They all go through so many changes, but eventually, it all starts feeling almost seamless as if it were fate just saying, “see, I was right.” This novel had me laughing at times, crying more times than I will ever admit, and in the end, I felt at peace. 

I received each of these ebooks from NetGalley, however, these are two novels that I absolutely plan to purchase in paperback so that I can share them with friends and family. From the beginning of the first book to the end of the second book, was just mesmerizing. 

*Thanks to NetGalley for providing this copy in exchange for my honest review!

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Release Blitz & Review: Served (Odd Jobs #2), by AJ Alexander


Title: Served
Series: Odd Jobs #2
Author: AJ Alexander
Genre: Contemporary NA Romance
Release Date: March 28, 2019
Against all odds, the bartender gets the girl…



The term friends to lovers never ends well, as a publicist, I know it’s a
walking headline of a disaster. So when things shift with my long-time friend
from college, I’m torn between what feels right and the inevitable fallout.

I’ve given up on finding “Mr. Right,” but Wyatt won’t give up on me;
and I don’t know why. Despite knowing better, I find myself falling for him.
The gorgeous bartender who’s off limits.


I pour drinks, while other people pour out their hearts. I’m great at giving
advice, but following it… not so much. The last time I listened to my heart
it didn’t work out so well. I chased it and nearly destroyed my friendship with
the girl of my dreams.

I can’t keep bottling up my feelings and I know Heather feels the same, but I
know I don’t deserve her I know my time to be with her is limited, but I’m
ready to take another shot at love. With her.


**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for A.J. Alexander’s latest in her Odd Jobs series, served. Hopefully, you saw my review for the first in the series, Stay, about Addison and Cole, where I was crazy excited to read this one about Heather and Wyatt! After being friends for years, Heather and Wyatt finally try dating and taking their friendship to an entirely new level. However, they both have completely different ideas of what their relationship would be like, they struggle with open and honest communication, and have several personal hang-ups to overcome.

So, I loved Heather in the last book and was definitely falling for Wyatt. However, as much as I love them, they drove me completely crazy throughout this one. They were still great characters and they had incredible chemistry, but there was a continual cycle of them going in circles and avoiding conversations and feelings that they were having. 

Wyatt tries to be chivalrous and gentlemanly while Heather is wanting to get down and dirty. Neither thinks they deserve the other, yet they wait forever to share these feelings. Jealousy runs rampant. Immaturity goes through the roof with ignored calls/texts, calling together groups of friends for plotting and planning sessions, and worrying about keeping friends close and enemies closer. So what does this mean regarding my review??

I am truly enjoying this series and like the characters, but Served didn’t give me all of the warm, fuzzy feelings that I was hoping for. I feel like everything that happened in the first 90% of the book was repetitive and immature and, honestly, felt like filler material. I had high hopes for Wyatt and Heather’s story and although I got the HEA that I wanted, I wish that their story would have been developed into more than just assumptions and immature comments/actions. 

I’m going to rate Served a three out of five stars, however, please know that I love this author and know that the forthcoming books will continue to reel me in 🙂

*Thanks to Give Me Books and the author for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist, writer, and author of the
recently completed, SEAL’ed Series. AJ’s passion is writing angst-filled
happily ever afters that have to be earned by her characters. Women with no
backbone need not apply.  AJ uses sarcasm and an unlimited supply of song
lyrics to bring her romance novels to life.
AJ lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her
own personal knight in shining armour and her two beautiful girls.
Author Links