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Book Review: Last Couple Standing: A Novel, by Matthew Norman

Last Couple Standing

A Novel

by Matthew Norman

Publication: Ballantine Books; March 17, 2020

last coupleAbout: The Core Four have been friends since college: four men, four women, four couples. They got married around the same time, had kids around the same time, and now, fifteen years later, they’ve started getting divorced around the same time, too. With three of the Core Four unions crumbling to dust around them, Jessica and Mitch Butler take a long, hard look at their own marriage. Can it be saved? Or is divorce, like some fortysomething zombie virus, simply inescapable?

To maximize their chance at immunity, Jessica and Mitch try something radical. Their friends’ divorces mostly had to do with sex—having it, not having it, wanting to have it with other people—so they decide to relax a few things. Terms are discussed, conditions are made, and together the Butlers embark on the great experiment of taking their otherwise happy, functional marriage and breaking some very serious rules.

Jessica and Mitch are convinced they’ve hit upon the next evolution of marriage. But as lines are crossed and hot bartenders pursued, they each start to wonder if they’ve made a huge mistake. What follows is sexy, fun, painful, messy, and completely surprising to them both. Because sometimes doing something bad is the only way to get to the heart of what’s really good.

**My Review**

Last Couple Standing is the upcoming novel by author Matthew Norman about a couple, Jessica (a therapist) and Mitch (a high-school English teacher), who out of their best friends, ‘The Core Four,’ they are the last couple still married. The four couples met about the same time in college, got married at about the same time, had kids, and so on. But at the start of the novel, the third couple in their group has just finalized their divorce, leaving Jessica and Mitch as the last couple still together. So what does an otherwise happily married couple decide to do? They decide to “evolve” in hopes of saving their marriage. They have a few conversations about it, establish some ground rules, and then they are free to be with other people. 

First, let me rant about other reviews I’ve seen saying that they just couldn’t enjoy this book because of the subject matter… Hello people! Did you read the blurb? That drives me absolutely crazy when people write poor reviews for a book because they didn’t agree with the subject matter. When the blurb explains what’s going to happen, don’t read it if it’s something you don’t like and/or agree with!

Moving on from that, I am so glad to have discovered this author. Matthew Norman’s witty banter and portrayal of married life with small children is fabulous! Very early on in the story, the reader learns that Mitch has traumatized his small children after taking them to a free showing of E.T. at the theater. What parent hasn’t sat down with their kids to watch a “kid movie,” only to learn that it’s much more frightening than you remembered or frightening when you weren’t expecting it??? I think I did that to my daughter with the animated movie Iron Giant. 

The bulk of the novel, of course, focuses on Jessica and Mitch’s marriage, adjustments to their friends’ divorces, and adjustments to their new lifestyle and marital rules. But there are several subplots which at first glance, may seem a little bit much for one book, but ended up making it that much more lovable. There is teenager Luke next door who is a student of Mitch’s, their babysitter, his parents are divorcing, and he’s developed a crush on bad-girl Scarlet. Then there is Scarlet who is also Mitch’s student and is a patient of Jessica’s due to her impulsive, dangerous, and sometimes illegal choices. I was rooting for them both the entire time and loved the amazing connection between the two seemingly different characters.

Another huge part of the novel was Mitch and Jessica adjusting to their friendships with the split-up ‘Core Four’ members. Jessica was coming to terms with her three female friends out partying, on the prowl for men, and discussing the frequency of dick pics texted to them by potential dates/hook-ups. Mitch had one friend dating a much younger woman who had started leaving extra buttons undone on his shirt and wearing cologne, another killing himself in Crossfit, and one trying to establish a new norm for his children post-divorce. 

Jessica and Mitch try their new rules and “evolving,” but coupled with their divorced friends’ slow realizations that the grass is not always greener, they start to wonder if what they really want in life is what they have had all along. 

Last Couple Standing is a hilarious novel that certainly has a unique storyline regarding marriage, relationships, parenting, and friendship. I enjoyed all of the characters, although, surprisingly, Jessica was my least favorite of them all. Mitch stole my heart from the beginning and I honestly felt as if I related to his character more than Jessica’s. I feel almost anti-feminist saying this, but her desire to try new rules in their marriage seemed selfish, as to where Mitch’s agreement to the new rules felt like something he was doing simply to appease his wife. 

This book is a quick and fun read despite the heavy topics included in the plot and subplots. It made me laugh out loud several times and as I said before, I fell in love with almost all of the characters. I definitely recommend this one to readers who want a funny and unique take on growing up and growing apart from one another. Most of all, I’m so happy to have discovered Matthew Norman and can’t wait to read more from him in the future!

*Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Book Review: Foul is Fair: A Novel, by Hannah Capin

Foul is Fair: A Novel,

by Hannah Capin

Publication: Wednesday Books; February 18, 2020

foul is fairAbout the book:

Jade and her friends Jenny, Mads, and Summer rule their glittering LA circle. Untouchable, they have the kind of power other girls only dream of. Every party is theirs and the world is at their feet. Until the night of Jade’s sweet sixteen, when they crash a St. Andrew’s Prep party. The night the golden boys choose Jade as their next target.

They picked the wrong girl.

Sworn to vengeance, Jade transfers to St. Andrew’s Prep. She plots to destroy each boy, one by one. She’ll take their power, their lives, and their control of the prep school’s hierarchy. And she and her coven have the perfect way in: a boy named Mack, whose ambition could turn deadly.

**My Review**

A while back, I saw Foul is Fair pop up on NetGalley and was immediately drawn to the cover. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the cover has nothing on what is inside of this amazing novel. Described as a modern-day retelling of Macbeth, this also has a lot of Heathers in it mixed with a touch of Mean Girls and Quentin Tarrantino. It’s psychologically, emotionally, and physically violent – but, oh so good.  

Elle and her powerful, beautiful friends (the coven) decide to crash a party thrown by the king of neighboring school St. Andres Prep the night of Elle’s sweet sixteen. Unfortunately, a group of over-privileged and over-indulged St. Andrews boys decide to make Elle their next target. By the next morning, Elle has cut and died her hair, decided to go by her middle name, Jane, and asks her parents to transfer her to St. Andrews Prep. Jade and her coven – Mads, Summer, & Jenny – have devised their plan to make each boy pay. And after looking at the pictures of the Lacrosse team (all of her attackers), she finds one unfamiliar face and decides that he will be the one to kill them all for her – Mack. 

Foul is Fair is undoubtedly the bravest, most unashamed, and unique novel that I have read in a long time. To say that there are **trigger warnings** is the understatement of the year, which Capin addresses prior to the start of the novel, including rape/date rape, suicide, bullying, and murder. However, the main theme of the novel is rising above one’s trauma, power, control, and revenge. And because this is based on a tragedy, there are no signs of forgiveness.

Everything that happens to Jade and everything that she does eventually catches up with her and she certainly has some dark moments, but she chooses revenge and strength, united with her coven, over letting herself feel like a victim. Granted, the majority of events that occur once Jade transfers to St. Andrew certainly require some suspended belief, but I was so incredibly addicted to this book by that point that I easily overlooked some things that seemed just too far-fetched. 

This was my first time reading author Hannah Capin and I cannot find enough words to praise her beautiful writing. It sounds sort of silly to use the word beautiful to describe a novel about repeated murders, but once you start reading, you will understand. She writes with a prose-like quality and uses enough imagery to make you squirm at times, while also leaving things intentionally vague at other times. The characterization is similar to where some characters you feel as if you know intimately and with others, you keep wondering if you are missing something. Mack was a difficult character for me because I initially loved him. I wanted to love him. But then I felt like I wasn’t allowed to love him anymore. Again, a tragedy. 

Foul is Fair is a compilation of pain and violence wrapped up into a deliciously addicted package. I’m not sure that this is a book for just anyone, but it certainly blew me away and it is one that comes with my highest recommendation. Hannah Capin is an author to watch and I can easily see her becoming a screenwriter in the future. Her characters are uncomfortably honest, thinking and doing the things that we really think we shouldn’t think or do. Overall, this novel is absolutely brilliant and one that I know I will read again. 

*Thanks to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Book Review: The Nowhere Girl, by Nicole Trope

The Nowhere Girl,

by Nicole Trope

Publication: Bookouture; January 28, 2020

nowhere girlAbout the book:

‘Please,’ she whispers, too quietly for anyone to hear. ‘Please help.’ But there is no one. Where is everyone? Help should be racing up the road, screeching to a stop. Help should be here but it’s not. It’s as far away as it’s ever been.

If you passed Alice on the street, you couldn’t help but smile. At how she holds hands with her husband, Jack, who she has been with since she was at university. At the adoring way she admires her three beloved boys, the centre of her universe.

But if you looked very closely, you’d see how tightly she holds Jack’s hand, afraid to let go. You’d see how carefully she watches her boys, scared to look away. You’d see her smile fading in a matter of seconds, and the secret she hides behind her chestnut-brown eyes.

She has told Jack that she ran away from home when she was younger – but she didn’t tell him the whole story. Her husband doesn’t know about the guilt she bears about the little sister she failed to save, the secret that torments her.

Now, after a lifetime of fresh starts, Alice receives a message spelling out her past. Everything she cherishes, the world she has lovingly built, threatens to collapse in on her. Without her family, she is nothing – and Alice will stop at nothing to save them.

This utterly heartbreaking, beautifully written and gripping family drama examines just how far we are willing to go for our loved ones, and the desperate decisions we make when we have no other choice. Fans of Jodi Picoult, Kerry Fisher, and Liane Moriarty will be blown away by this incredibly moving tale.

**My Review**

Before I even begin my review – please, please, please be aware of some serious potential triggers involving poor parenting (putting it lightly), domestic violence and child abuse (sexual, physical, and emotional). 

The Nowhere Girl is told from three different POV: Alice, Molly, and Margaret. Alice is married to Jack and has three sons. She loves her children and her husband and her basically happy life. However, Alice suffered unimaginable abuse as a child and still struggles. Molly is happily married to Peter and has a very close relationship with her parents and her sister. She is a writer currently writing a book about abused children and desperately wants her own child despite multiple miscarriages. Margaret’s POV is mostly told in the past tense. She meets a man and falls in love, gets married, has a child, and so on. However, her life suddenly changes and she finds herself on a downward spiral complete with severe alcoholism and an abusive partner, Vernon. 

This is my first time reading anything by Nicole Trope and it was a page-turner for me. The characters were raw and honest. Her imagery is so strong that there were times I felt as if I could smell what they were smelling and feel the sensations they were experiencing. Which, in a book this creepy isn’t always a good thing, yet I am still blown away by her descriptions. I think the picture she painted of Vernon’s physical appearance and odors will stay with me (unfortunately) for quite a while after reading this novel. 

A good portion of this novel is a slow reveal of details about Alice, Molly, and Margaret and what has happened in their lives. It’s definitely a slow-burn as far as suspense/thrillers go, which at times felt over-written and slow. Listed as 322 pages I can’t help but wonder if it would have been as good or better if cut to 275? But I still really enjoyed this read and definitely recommend it with caveats.

Maybe something is wrong with me, but I didn’t really need the Kleenex until about the last 10-15% of the novel and they were mainly happy tears but mixed with regrets for Alice and Molly. However, I can see someone easily crying for about 75-80% of this novel because the plot and subject matter is so difficult. I, personally, was brought into this world with a very shitty mother whose picture you would probably see if you looked up “emotional abuse” in the dictionary, yet I still enjoyed this book and it held my interest. But the abuse scenes are very difficult and your stomach will turn, no matter who you are and what your life has been like.

The Nowhere Girl is hard at times and you will definitely feel emotionally taxed at the end, but it’s well-written and a great example of good psychological fiction. Again, the stand-out for me in this novel is the characters, how Nicole Trope made them come to life, and the imagery. Alice will forever be my hero for enduring what she did and carrying on with her life. She is certainly a character that I will not forget. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Release tour, excerpt, & review: His Last Ride (425 Madison series), by Marcie Shumway

Release Tour for HIS LAST RIDE by Marcie Shumway 
Powered by Forever Write PR
From small towns to the big city, Payton and Cody are not the same people they once
were. They will need to decide if what is between them is worth fighting for. Can a
childhood friendship become so much more? Readers will want to saddle-up with this
childhood friends romance from Marcie Shumway. The 425 Madison series is back with
season two and HIS LAST RIDE is now live! 
Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 


Goodreads ➝
She was my childhood friend. The one person outside of my family that I could always count on. Fate drew us apart, but when my life was turned upside down, it brought us back together. And, much like when we were kids, she made it right again.
Payton had a way of soothing more than just the wounds that were skin deep.
There’s one small problem, I’m not sure that I want to be just her friend anymore.


He was my childhood friend. The one who always accepted me for me.
For years, I didn’t realize my life was missing anything and, then Cody came back into it.
Just like when we were kids, he brought all the pieces back together. He made me feel things
I didn’t know I could feel. How can I be his friend when I want so much more?
I won’t be his buckle bunny.
Adjusting to very different lives, Cody and Payton need to decide if what is between them is worth
fighting for. From small towns to the big city, they’re not the same people they once were.
Can a childhood friendship become so much more?
Only time will tell.
After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for the latest in the 425 Madison series, His Last Ride, by Marcie Shumway. This new-to-me author completely won me over with this sweet romance that I loved from beginning to end!

I’m always a fan of romances where childhood friends meet again and become much more! Cody is rebuilding his life after injuries prevent him from continuing a rodeo life so he decides to move to New York City. Once there, he learns from his grandmother that his best friend from childhood, Payton, is also living in New York. Payton loves her life working as a veterinary tech but everything is turned upside down once she and Cody reconnect and they start to realize that the feelings they have aren’t just friendly feelings. 

This is a fast-paced novel that is full of humor, sweet romance, and of course some fantastic steamy scenes. Shumway has created very likable and relatable characters with a unique and interesting story. Not once did I find myself bored with the plot, however, there isn’t a ton of conflict in this one. Most conflict is internal as Cody comes to terms with his new normal and tries to figure out what to do with his life now that his rodeo days are done. There are some bumps in the road here and there, but otherwise, Cody and Payton’s story is a happy one. 

As always with this series, each book can be read as a standalone so no need to shy away from this one if you haven’t read others in the series. But I certainly recommend them all because it’s a great, light-hearted series full of quick reads that will leave you with a smile on your face. His Last Ride is a perfect blend of romance and sexiness coupled with the sweet nostalgia of childhood friendships.

*Thanks to ForeverWrite PR and the author for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

Copyright @ Marcie Shumway 2020
“Come on, slowpoke!” I yelled at the brown-haired  fifteen-year-old girl following me.
“Your legs are longer than mine, jerk,” she retorted on a huff. “Slow down.”
I turned and checked on her, she was climbing the hill easily behind me. Her face was flush from
our run up the lower portion, and her blue eyes sparkling. She looked more relaxed then I’d seen
her all summer. Normally, Payton, or Pay as I called her, was as laid back as they came. This
summer for some reason when she’d shown up, she’d been different. More reserved. 
“If we don’t hurry, we’re going to miss it,” I chided, reaching my hand out for hers.
She looked up, and when she saw my hand, her cheeks turned a darker shade of pink. I shook it
with a ‘take it’ look on my face, with a roll of her eyes, she did intertwining our fingers. I picked up
the pace again and brought her along with me.
A minute later, we reached the top and plopped down on the large rock. She broke the connection
of our hands and sat on hers. I missed it instantly, but let it go. As we’d gotten older, the simple
things we used to do together turned a little weird. I wasn’t sure why. We were friends. 
“I’m going to miss this,” she whispered wistfully, taking in the landscape.
We were sitting at the top of a hill that overlooked some of the pastures on my grandparent’s
property. It gave us the perfect view of the mountains and the sunset. On the last day of the
summer, we would come up here and sit. We had flashlights in our backpacks for the walk back. 
“Me too,” I agreed. “But there is always next summer.”
Payton had been coming to visit her grandmother every summer since she was five. The two of us
clicked immediately. Our grandmothers started this tradition of bringing us up here, we continued
it on our own when we turned ten. Swearing we didn’t need them to babysit us.  Since it was only
a mile from one of the barns on our property, they hadn’t argued.
“Right,” she sighed sadly.
“Something you aren’t telling me?”
“Not that I know of,” Pay replied. “Mom is just acting weird when I bring up coming back. Told
Gram we would talk about it later.”
My breath caught. The idea of not seeing her made my chest hurt. I counted on summers with
Payton. Sure, I had friends in school, but there was something about her. I didn’t have to put on an
act. I could just be me with her.
The sunset that night was beyond amazing. Purples, pinks, reds, and oranges swirled together,
putting on a show that I’d never forget. When the colors started to fade and the sun started to dip
below the mountain in front of us, I felt Pay slide her hand back into mine. I looked over and saw
tears leaving trails down her face. Squeezing her hand, I faced forward again and put up a silent
prayer; this wouldn’t be the last time we did this.


Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 
About Marcie
Marcie Shumway is a small-town girl, born and raised in Maine. She resides with her high school
sweetheart on a family-owned farm just miles from where she grew up. Her hubby and their four
furbabies are her first loves, but they are followed closely by her writing, apple pie, and chocolate.
Marcie started writing short stories in middle school for her classmates to enjoy. They were always
love stories with happy endings and spurred her dream of being a published author. Chasing that
dream as an adult, she continues to write stories for her readers to love. An avid reader herself,
Marcie thrives on the books of her favorite authors and when not writing, can be found curled up in her favorite spot with a good book in hand.




About the 425 Madison Series
Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced & sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.
This season will feature some new authors as well as some of season one’s favs. Back for season two is Allie York, Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Aubree Valentine, Lauren Helms, and Katy Ames. Plus a warm welcome to KC Enders, and Marcie Shumway! 
Not only do we have a sexy mix of new and returning authors, prepare for pages packed with new romances, characters, and tropes all from the same well-loved high-rise apartment building in NYC. 
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Book Review: Evvie Drake Starts Over, by Linda Holmes

Evvie Drake Starts Over,

by Linda Holmes

Publication: Ballentine Books; June 25, 2019

evvieAbout the book:

In a sleepy seaside town in Maine, recently widowed Eveleth “Evvie” Drake rarely leaves her large, painfully empty house nearly a year after her husband’s death in a car crash. Everyone in town, even her best friend, Andy, thinks grief keeps her locked inside, and Evvie doesn’t correct them.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Dean Tenney, former Major League pitcher and Andy’s childhood best friend, is wrestling with what miserable athletes living out their worst nightmares call the “yips”: he can’t throw straight anymore, and, even worse, he can’t figure out why. As the media storm heats up, an invitation from Andy to stay in Maine seems like the perfect chance to hit the reset button on Dean’s future.

When he moves into an apartment at the back of Evvie’s house, the two make a deal: Dean won’t ask about Evvie’s late husband, and Evvie won’t ask about Dean’s baseball career. Rules, though, have a funny way of being broken—and what starts as an unexpected friendship soon turns into something more. To move forward, Evvie and Dean will have to reckon with their pasts—the friendships they’ve damaged, the secrets they’ve kept—but in life, as in baseball, there’s always a chance—up until the last out.

A joyful, hilarious, and hope-filled debut, Evvie Drake Starts Over will have you cheering for the two most unlikely comebacks of the year—and will leave you wanting more from Linda Holmes.

**My Review**

So, over the past few weeks, I have been diligently working on my aging TBR books from NetGalley. Evvie Drake Starts Over has been on my shelf for the longest and I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking waiting this long to read it. I am truly in awe of this debut novel and the author, Linda Holmes.

There’s no need to repeat the blurb, so I will just dive right into everything I loved about this novel. The protagonist Evvie is completely flawed. However, she is flawed in ways that make her relatable, approachable, and likable. Dean is absolutely flawed himself, but Evvie was more relatable to me than any female protagonist I have read in a while. Evvie did not like her husband. Evvie did not like her life. Yet she’s trapped being a grieving widow. That is until Dean rents out the extra apartment in her house and suddenly she finds herself in a friendship where she can’t help but share the truth. She can’t help but be honest. Even if it’s just bits and pieces at a time. 

Dean is humiliated, broken down, and feeling beat up. His entire life quickly changed, but now he has found this connection with Evvie. So, what’s the problem?

Neither of them is in the healthiest place and they aren’t quite sure what to with the fact that they have basically met their soulmates. 

Evvie Drake Starts Over is absolutely a romance, but even more than that, it’s about two intelligent and witty adults coming to terms with what is real and not real in their lives. And – don’t get me wrong, I wanted Evvie and Dean together from the first moment they met, but they were amazing friends first that I found completely hilarious and wished I could be sitting around joined in with their conversations. Linda Holmes – you are now officially my queen of male/female witty banter!

This novel doesn’t have a hugely fast-paced plot. There aren’t a lot of twists and turns. This is a character-driven novel dealing with life’s disappointments, fights with friends, people gossiping, a lot of t.v. watching, moving forward, and love. 

If you are easily offended by language, then this may not be the book for you. If you require tons of hot and steamy love scenes, then this may not be the book for you. But if you want to read a funny, sad, emotional, and straight-up novel about two imperfect people finding their perfect lives, then this should be your next read. I will be online ordering paperbacks of this for several friends once I finish writing this review. My only regret about reading this book is that I didn’t read it 7 months ago. I cannot wait to see what this talented author does next!

**Thanks to NetGalley and Ballentine Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Book Review: Meet Me on Love Lane, by Nina Bocci

Meet Me on Love Lane, by Nina Bocci

Series: Hopeless Romantics (book 2)

Publication: Gallery Books; December 10, 2019

meet me on love laneAbout the book:

Charlotte Bishop is out of options in New York City. Fired, broke, and blacklisted by her former boss, she’s forced to return to her hometown of Hope Lake, PA to lick her wounds. Although she’s expecting to find a miserable place with nothing to do, she is pleasantly surprised to discover it is bustling and thriving.

She’s only supposed to be in Hope Lake temporarily until she can earn enough money to move back to New York. She’s not supposed to reconnect with her childhood friends or her beloved grandmother. She’s not supposed to find her dream job running the local florist shop. And she’s definitely not supposed to fall for not one but two of Hope Lake’s golden boys: one the beloved high school English teacher, the other the charming town doctor.

With a heart torn between two men and two cities, what’s a girl to do?

A perfect blend of humor and heart, Meet Me on Love Lane is the second in a new series from USA TODAY bestselling author Nina Bocci that is sure to charm fans of Josie Silver and Sally Thorne.

**My Review**

Back in October, I read On the Corner of Love and Hate, the first in Nina Bocci’s Hopeless Romantics series. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t crazy about it. But when I saw this new novel in the series, Meet Me on Love Lane, I just knew I wanted to read it – and I’m so glad! Once again, we are back in the adorable, yet progressive small town of Hope Lake where we first met Emma, Cooper, Henry, and Nick. This story is about their childhood friend Charlotte that moved away when they were ten years old. After her career taking a nose-dive in NYC, Charlotte returns to Hope Lake to stay with her Dad and her grandmother, Gigi in order to save money, regroup and get back to the city to start again. When she gets to Hope Lake, she not only doesn’t recognize anything but realizes she has very few memories of her best friends and her time spent growing up there. Although she plans on returning to New York and her best friend Parker as soon as possible, she soon finds herself torn between two men, running a new flower shop, and falling in love with her home town. 

Like On the Corner of Love and Hate, this is a long book. However, I really loved reading this one. Charlotte is a likable and relatable protagonist and I found myself very quickly invested in her story. Her grandmother Gigi is one of the best characters that I have encountered while reading in quite some time. Dear Lord, please let me be just like her when I’m ninety! Then there is the absolutely wonderful, hot, sexy specimen of perfection – Henry. I fell in love with him instantly and it did nothing but deepen throughout the novel. The other love interest, Dr. Max, was great too, but oh my goodness – Henry… 

Anyway, the plot and subplots to this novel held my interest, were entertaining, and kept me engaged. I was rooting for Charlotte the entire time, although, like Charlotte, I wasn’t quite sure what I was rooting for at first. But about halfway through I thought to myself, “how wonderful would it be to return to such an amazing home town and start over with friends and family from your childhood?”

This ended up being a 4-star read for me and there was only one reason that I am not rating this 5-stars. Like the previous book in the series, I found it to be too long. It definitely was not as long and tedious as On the Corner of Love and Hate, but there were several times I found myself starting to skim over the pages when things became yawn-worthy and arduous. One minute everything would be exciting, interesting, and so on. But then there would be pages of a conversation that seemed very unimportant or pages of situations that could have been resolved much earlier. It reminded me of when I used to be grading essays by my high-school English students and I would realize that they used every word possible to meet the word-count and/or page requirement, regardless of whether it was relevant or enriched the paper in any way. If not for that, this would be a perfect, 5-star read. 

Nevertheless, I certainly recommend Meet Me on Love Lane to fans of small-town romance and friends-to lover romance. The setting is amazing and the characters are well-developed and extremely likable. Now I just have to muster the patience to wait for the 3rd in the series about Parker and Nick!

*Thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Book Review: Never Have I Ever, by Lucy V. Hay

Never Have I Ever, by Lucy V. Hay

Publication: Hodder & Stoughton; December 12, 2019

never have i everAbout the book:

Twenty years ago

Four teenagers discover a new game.

They add their own rules, going from sharing secrets to sharing firsts.

And then it all goes spiraling out of control.


A woman gets a note through her door which chills her blood

‘Never have I ever been punished for what I have done’

She thought this was over. But it looks like it’s her turn to play

Because no matter how far it goes, you have to obey the rules of the game. And the game is never really over.

**My Review**

I recently spotted this title on NetGalley and was immediately drawn in by both the cover and the title. This novel is about a writer named Samantha, who has recently returned to her hometown with her husband, Mo and her toddler son, Caleb. As the blurb states, one day while sifting through the mail she finds a letter stating, “Never have I ever been punished for what I have done.” Thus begins Sam’s mission/obsession with finding out who sent the letter and why. 

When Sam was a teenager, her three best friends were Maddy, Ruby, and Aimee. One day they are normal teenagers and then one day they start playing Never Have I Ever, constantly upping the ante and the risk level of the dares and challenges. Aimee immediately stands out as the alpha of the group and some of her behaviors were eerily similar to some of the bitchy girls I was friends with growing up. None of the others were saints by any means, but Aimee appeared to be the evilest throughout most of the novel and Sam’s flashbacks/memories. Regardless, Aimee and her mother Lyndy moved away when Aimee was a teenager and she hasn’t connected with any of the girls again. 

Issues presented at the start of the novel include Sam’s disconnect with her husband, continued struggles to relate to her free-spirited mother, discontent with the idea of unpacking their new house, and her upcoming deadline for the next book in her detective series – which she hasn’t made much progress on. Several failed attempts at starting a new business, coupled with Aimee’s infertility issues have saddled the couple with debt they are trying to get out from under and although Mo has finally established a successful company, it results in him traveling most of the time. Sometimes they seem to like each other during the novel but a lot of the time they are just snipping at and nagging each other.

Then the notes start showing up and Sam is convinced that it is Aimee screwing with her after all of these years. Sam starts trying to track down Ruby and Maddy to find out Aimee’s whereabouts. She stalks Aimee’s family’s store trying to find her. She runs into her old boyfriend from school, Michael, who is now a cop, and tries to enlist his help in finding Aimee. 

All of that part was boring. Unfortunately, her search for Aimee makes up about 75% of the novel. 

Coupled with her boring search for Aimee is endless examples of Sam conveniently forgetting about events from her adolescence and/or spinning them in a completely different light which is evident in the chilly reception she gets from Michael, Ruby, and Maddy. Obviously, Sam remembers herself quite differently than everyone else and continues this disillusioned sense of self by not sharing any of this with Mo and keeping all of her investigative work to herself. Some things he does find out about because police get involved, but otherwise she diligently works to preserve the image she thinks he has of her. And this also gets exhausting.

So, what are my overall thoughts? I did not love this book, nor did I dislike it. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, you may very well enjoy this one. Especially if you like novels where sins from the past can come back to haunt us. However, if you prefer something fast-paced with a lot of twists and turns, this one probably isn’t for you. There are really only two surprises and they both occur in the last 10% of the novel. Nevertheless, I will read Lucy Hay again if given the opportunity because I enjoyed her overall style and tone. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Release tour, review, & giveaway: Making You Mine, by Melissa Foster

Embracing Her Heart (The Montgomerys Book 1) by [Foster, Melissa]NEW RELEASE…

Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster’s writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens.

Knox Bentley never liked the pomp and circumstance that came with being wealthy. He’d distanced himself from his pretentious family and their fortune as a young adult and found his own path to success. But even with the world at his fingertips, he realizes something is missing, and after a long stay overseas, he finally knows exactly what it is. His no-strings-attached hookups with Aubrey Stewart, an exquisite and stubbornly independent blonde, are no longer enough for him. They connect on every level, but Aubrey is a fierce businesswoman with a new movie channel on the horizon and no time for much else. She is the deal he can’t close, the precious jewel even his billions can’t buy. Now that he’s back in the States, he’s determined to show her that what they have goes beyond the bedroom and finally make her his.

Love in Bloom novels feature alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They’re flawed, funny, passionate, and relatable to readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women’s fiction. For avid readers of the Love in Bloom series, you may have met sexy and hilarious Knox Bentley, Graham Braden’s business partner, in Trails of Love, and Aubrey Stewart, one of the badass billionaire founders of the Ladies Who Write (LWW), in Anything for Love.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the tour for Melissa Foster’s latest in her Bradens & Montgomerys Pleasant Hills/Oak Falls series, Making You Mine. This romance is about Knox Bently and Aubrey Stewart who have been having a casual fling for a few years when Knox suddenly decides he has to convince Aubrey that they are the perfect couple to be together long term. Knox grew up in a fancy, wealthy family where Aubrey grew up in a more close-knit, sports-loving family – although she’s made enormous amounts of money in the business world. When she needs a location to film an upcoming movie, Knox finds the perfect opportunities to introduce her to his family and allow her to learn more about who he really is. 

Once again, Melissa Foster has created an amazingly swoon-worthy male lead in Knox Bentley. Sure he has tons of money, brains, sex appeal and so on. But it is his heart that will make you completely fall in love while reading this. 

I have to admit that it took me a while to warm up to Aubrey. There wasn’t anything specific about her that I disliked, but just something about her didn’t jump out to me. She was a bit challenging to get to know, but moreover, she seemed to do a complete switch regarding her relationship with Knox rather suddenly. I respected and enjoyed her character, but kind of found myself more interested in her friends and family than her, if that makes sense. 

Making You Mine is packed full of a ton of romance and plenty of sexy scenes, but more than that, this novel seems more focused on family relationships. Foster illustrates how both Knox and Aubrey were shaped into the people they are because of their upbringings and demonstrates the importance of not only being there for another but how sometimes people need those gentle pushes to get out of their comfort zones. Readers who enjoy strong family bonds and family members getting to learn about whole new sides of one another will truly enjoy this one. 

If you haven’t read any of the Braden and Montgomery series you will still be able to enjoy this one, but of course, I recommend reading them all because they are fantastic and it will provide some back information to understand all about the other couples. 

*Thanks to Beck Valley Books for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback

melissa newsletter

“Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!”
– NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely​

“You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that’s fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won’t want to stop reading. Every book’s a winner!”
– New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

“With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!”
– New York Times Bestseller J. Kenner

More Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls
Embracing Her Heart (The Montgomerys Book 1) by [Foster, Melissa]Leaving New York City and returning to her hometown to teach a screenplay writing class seems like just the break Grace Montgomery needs. Until her sisters wake her at four thirty in the morning to watch the hottest guys in town train wild horses and she realizes that escaping her sisters’ drama-filled lives was a lot easier from hundreds of miles away. To make matters worse, she spots the one man she never wanted to see again—ruggedly handsome Reed Cross.

Reed was one of Michigan’s leading historical preservation experts, but on the heels of catching his girlfriend in bed with his business partner, his uncle suffers a heart attack. Reed cuts all ties and returns home to Oak Falls to run his uncle’s business. A chance encounter with Grace, his first love, brings back memories he’s spent years trying to escape.

Grace is bound and determined not to fall under Reed’s spell again—and Reed wants more than another taste of the woman he’s never forgotten. When a midnight party brings them together, passion ignites and old wounds are opened. Grace sets down the ground rules for the next three weeks. No touching, no kissing, and if she has it her way, no breathing, because every breath he takes steals her ability to think. But Reed has other ideas…

The Bradens & Montgomerys are part of Melissa’s Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom novels are written to stand alone and may also be enjoyed as part of the larger series, so dive right into this fun, sexy romance.

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback

Embracing Her Heart (The Montgomerys Book 1) by [Foster, Melissa]After Charlotte Sterling loses her last family member, she moves to Sterling House, her family’s Colorado mountain inn, to live a solitary life. As an erotic romance writer, her days and nights are filled with passion and intrigue-even if only fictional. She loves her busy, quiet lifestyle, and she learned early on that real men can’t live up to the fictional heroes she creates-until ruggedly handsome Beau Braden arrives to do some work at the inn and, for the first time in forever, she’s intrigued by a real man.

Beau lost his first love years ago, and he’s never let go of his guilt over her death. As he nears the anniversary of his loss, he is on the cusp of becoming the star of a home-renovation reality show. Escaping the painful memories of his past to work at the defunct old inn is just the promise of solitude he needs to clear his head before diving in to the all-too-public career. But he didn’t count on being attracted to the whimsical, adorably sexy innkeeper.

Neither Charlotte nor Beau is looking for an attachment or a fling. But the more they learn about each other, the closer they become. Romantic evenings lead to intimate conversations, and neither can deny their deep connection or the passion it sparks. They’ve never fully healed on their own, but together maybe anything is possible.

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback

When Graham Braden travels to Oak Falls, Virginia to attend the wedding of his buddy Reed Cross to Grace Montgomery, he sticks around to help with renovations to Reed’s new theater. The last thing he expects is to be asked to assess and possibly invest in Grace’s sister Morgyn’s business endeavor. Graham is a careful, keen businessman, and Morgyn is impulsive, disorganized, and more interested in the energy flow in her eclectic retail shop than in the accuracy of her records. While Graham isn’t ready to open his pockets to the sassy, sexy business owner, he may be ready to open his heart.

The Bradens & Montgomerys are part of Melissa’s Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom novels are written to stand alone and may also be enjoyed as part of the larger series, so dive right into this fun, sexy romance.

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback

Brindle Montgomery and Trace Jericho have been close friends forever and on-again off-again lovers for years. As rebellious as they are stubborn, they’re both perfectly happy with their no-strings-attached hookups. But when Brindle returns from a trip to Paris with a baby bump, it sends Trace’s wild, crazy heart into a frenzy–and Brindle is left wondering if she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback


SEARCHING FOR LOVE – Releasing June 29th!
Embracing Her Heart (The Montgomerys Book 1) by [Foster, Melissa]Knox Bentley never liked the pomp and circumstance that came with being wealthy. He’d distanced himself from his pretentious family and their fortune as a young adult and found his own path to success. But even with the world at his fingertips, he realizes something is missing, and after a long stay overseas, he finally knows exactly what it is. His no-strings-attached hookups with Aubrey Stewart, an exquisite and stubbornly independent blonde, are no longer enough for him. They connect on every level, but Aubrey is a fierce businesswoman with a new movie channel on the horizon and no time for much else. She is the deal he can’t close, the precious jewel even his billions can’t buy. Now that he’s back in the States, he’s determined to show her that what they have goes beyond the bedroom and finally make her his.

Available to pre-order from…   Barnes and Noble   KOBO   Apple   GPlay   Paperback

About the author
Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance and new adult romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name Addison Cole.

Melissa enjoys chatting with readers and book clubs. Send her an email invitation to your next event!

Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa.

Find Melissa on the following sites…
Website   Facebook   Twitter   Google+   Pinterest   Goodreads   Bookbub   Amazon Author Page

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018836-glossy-silver-icon-symbols-shapes-square-2 I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.

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Release tour, review, & excerpt: Must Love Forever (425 Madison Series, #11), by Leigh Lennon

Release Tour for Must Love Forever

by Leigh Lennon

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Bianca checked all the things for a wonderful life off her list, but always longed for something different. Mick knows that not everything is meant to be. When tragedy strikes the two finally have a shot at a second chance at love. Readers will love this friends-to-lovers romance from Leigh Lennon. The 425 Madison series is back with season two and MUST LOVE FOREVER is now live!

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 

Goodreads ➝
Handsome husband—check.
Beautiful house—check.
Wonderful life…I could never put a check next to this.
Through it all, I longed for a different life. With a man I had called my best friend. A man who is not my husband.
When the unspeakable happens and I’m left alone, its Mick who is there to pick me up.

Not everything is meant to be.
Watching the woman who owned my heart start a life with someone else – broke me to the core.
But time goes on and I try too.
Until one phone call changes both our lives.
She could have been taken from me forever. Instead, a tragic accident takes away the only man I thought ever made her happy.
When she starts over again, in my city, in my home; sharing slivers of her story with me it’s then that I learn not everything is as it appears.
None of this matters though, when I’ve been given a second chance to prove we’re meant to be.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

**My Review**

Welcome to my stop on the release tour for the latest in the 425 Madison series, Must Love Forever! This was my second time reading author Leigh Lennon and I am a huge fan of hers and her previous book in this series Must Love Coffee. This novel is about Mick and Bianca who have been friends since they were kids, their parents are close friends, and so on. After a sudden and tragic accident, Bianca finds herself temporarily living with Mick in his apartment at 425 Madison. Bianca has always had a crazy crush on Mick. Mick has always been head over heels for Bianca. But neither of them knew or did anything about it until fate gives them another chance. 

I’ll start by saying that I completely fell in love with Mick while reading this! Where in the world can I find my own Mick?? He was so incredibly sweet, sexy, caring, intelligent and everything else wonderful you can imagine. But the best thing about Mick was the amazing way he treated Bianca, his patience, and his protectiveness over her. 

But here’s where I ran into a problem… While I sympathized with Bianca’s situation and certainly wanted her to find her HEA – I just did not like her. Maybe it was because of her past being in an emotionally abusive relationship, but I found her character immature, quick to jump to conclusions and a very poor communicator. I tried to like her and tried to pick out positive, wonderful things about her, but I just couldn’t. I apologize to author Leigh Lennon because I am such a huge fan, but Bianca fell short for me. 

In spite of my feelings about the female main character, I still enjoyed this book and found the premise incredibly sweet and romantic. I love friends to lovers novels and this was a wonderful addition to the genre and the 425 Madison series. If not for Bianca, this would have easily been a 5-star read for me! As with all of the books in this series, Must Love Forever can be enjoyed as a standalone, but because the rest of the series is so wonderful, I highly recommend reading them all because the characters will make appearances again. 

*Thanks to Forever Write PR for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

Copyright @ Liegh Lennon 2020
I’m asleep, or at least I’m faking sleep very well when the door creaks open. Her footsteps move closer
and closer, coming around the foot of the bed, pulling the covers back. The second she does, I roll over,
bringing her in close to me. But tonight, I don’t care about the beast of my erection poking into her
backside. Does she not know what she does to me?
We never speak in bed. We never speak of her sleeping with me. And I’m not sure if I should break our
protocol to tell her how much I want her. It goes deeper—she’s shattered, and I don’t know how to fix her,
but I desperately want to. 
I come as close to the olive complexion of her back as I can get, and she doesn’t wiggle out of the touch
of my erection. The little tease backs her ass closer into it, and it makes me inhale long and deep,
exhaling on the back of her neck. She relaxes farther into me, and I can’t resist her, not for a second
I pepper kisses onto her neck, as her hand snakes back over her hip to my cock. The second her fingers
make contact with it, though it’s covered by my boxers, my kisses speed up, my own fingers dipping into
her low cut tank top. The same whimper she emitted earlier has returned and I push her to her back,
bracing myself over her. I should say something, ask her what she wants. When our eyes connect, and
we can see each other by the moonlight streaming in, she takes her finger, covering my lips, telling me
there will be no talking. With a nod of her head, it’s her way of telling me this is what she wants, and I
lower my face to hers, taking control of her mouth.
Her tongue scrapes at my teeth, and she playfully bites the lower part of my lip. Oh, shit, this is sexy as
hell. My hands are pushing me up, as to not squish her tiny body. In one fluid motion, I roll over, bringing
her with me, her body resting on mine. She’s so light, she won’t hurt me. My arms are wrapped around
her, but I can’t resist exploring her whole body. My hands come to rest on her ass when I sneak my
fingers between her skin and skimpy shorts. 
Squeezing her pert ass, causes my erection to continue to barrel into her body. Scooting to her side,
still on me, she pulls my cock through my boxers. I emit another harsh departure of air, only to suck it in
again when her hand wraps around my cock, stroking it from the base to the tip.
I intend on telling her what she’s doing is right—what this is with us is perfect, but I can’t. It’s not what we
do, not in the confines of my bed.
When she moves her body from mine, I miss her warmth but I don’t have to wait long when the tip of her
tongue starts to suck up the precum of my cock. Her tongue connects with me, and my body relaxes into
what this is, because it’s Bia and the two of us together are unstoppable.
Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 


Don’t Must Love Coffee by Leigh Lennon from the first season of 425 Madison Ave.
“This book was a total feel-good romance. Gwen and Leo hit it off right from the begging and I really
loved how the story is not just about them, their kids, all three of them get a bit of a spotlight and help the
story move forward. Even the judge was a great addition to the story.” —Amazon Reviewer
Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited 
About Leigh 
Leigh Lennon is a mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education,
she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she
crafts her next story. One could say she loves pretty nails, big earrings, and spiky hair. She can be found
drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.
About the 425 Madison Series
Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced
& sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.
This season will feature some new authors as well as some of season one’s favs. Back for season two is
Allie York, Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Aubree Valentine, Lauren Helms, and Katy Ames. Plus a warm
welcome to KC Enders, Jennifer Rebecca, and Marcie Shumway! 
Not only do we have a sexy mix of new and returning authors, prepare for pages packed with new
romances, characters, and tropes all from the same well-loved high-rise apartment building in NYC. 
Make sure to follow the 425 Madison Avenue Facebook page for more on release dates, cover reveals
and author spotlights. For exclusive excerpts, giveaways, and news subscribe to our 425 Madison
Check out the Season One and get caught up today! You can read all nine books for FREE with
This series and all promotional events are brought to you by Forever Write PR – Forever your source for


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Book Review: Mrs. Everything, by Jennifer Weiner

Mrs. Everything,

by Jennifer Weiner

Publication: Atria: June 11, 2019

mrs everythingAbout the book: Do we change or does the world change us?

Jo and Bethie Kaufman were born into a world full of promise.

Growing up in 1950s Detroit, they live in a perfect “Dick and Jane” house, where their roles in the family are clearly defined. Jo is the tomboy, the bookish rebel with a passion to make the world more fair; Bethie is the pretty, feminine good girl, a would-be star who enjoys the power her beauty confers and dreams of a traditional life.

But the truth ends up looking different from what the girls imagined. Jo and Bethie survive traumas and tragedies. As their lives unfold against the background of free love and Vietnam, Woodstock and women’s lib, Bethie becomes an adventure-loving wild child who dives headlong into the counterculture and is up for anything (except settling down). Meanwhile, Jo becomes a proper young mother in Connecticut, a witness to the changing world instead of a participant. Neither woman inhabits the world she dreams of, nor has a life that feels authentic or brings her joy. Is it too late for the women to finally stake a claim on happily ever after?

In her most ambitious novel yet, Jennifer Weiner tells a story of two sisters who, with their different dreams and different paths, offer answers to the question: How should a woman be in the world?

**My Review**

As a book blogger, obviously, I don’t do a post for every book that I read. That would take away the fun and beauty of reading if I felt I had to create a post for every book and it would also be a ton of reviews. My point is, I almost didn’t create a post for Mrs. Everything. It published in June and has been on my NetGalley shelf forever. I’ve been trying to play catch up in between other commitments, so I finally read this one. But I absolutely had to share my thoughts on this novel. Remember, these opinions are just my own, everyone feels differently about different books!

As the blurb states, the novel is about 2 sisters, Jo and Bethie, and their life events starting in the 1950s and going through the 2020s. They start with certain roles or ideas of how they see themselves, but of course as time passes, as they age, mature, etc. their lives become much different than expected. This is not an earth-shattering concept by any means. I hated school except for socializing and stayed in trouble as a teenager (my poor Dad, lol) but then ended up with a Masters in Special Education and taught for 15 years. Shocker? No, it’s called growing up. But the unoriginal concept wasn’t even the big issue with Mrs. Everything. It was the non-stop drama, angst, hardships, disappointments, loss, traumas, and so on. All of this added up to a book that was utterly and completely exhausting

Whether you were alive in the 1950s or not you’ve been to school, read books, seen t.v. shows or movies, so you are probably somewhat familiar with how the world has changed between then and now. Some of it has been wonderful and some of it awful. Each decade has brought new things, new trends, and different ideals. I am fairly certain that every possible trend and fad in the seventy-two-year time span of this book was covered. And it made for a tedious read. 

Even worse  – no family can actually go through that much crap in a lifetime! It’s just not realistic. We all have bad times, trauma, tragedies, and so on. But these people never got a break. It was one horrible thing after another. There is no amount of wine that could have made this an enjoyable read for me. I wanted to crawl under the covers and just sleep, hide, or something after finishing this. I was physically tired from trying to get through this extremely long novel and emotionally worn out from the main plot and the hundreds of other subplots that went with it. 

On the other hand, I have always loved Jennifer Weiner’s novels prior to this one. Some I enjoyed better than others, but I have liked them all. I’ve always been a fan of her writing style, the storylines, and the characters. My point is, I will certainly give this author another chance in the future. Thousands of readers out there seemed to love this novel, so maybe it just wasn’t a good fit for me. Maybe I didn’t like it because I grew up with a brother instead of a sister? Regardless, Mrs. Everything is not one I recommend.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.