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Book Review: F*cking Shattered

F*cking Shattered, by KB Andrews

Publication: October 17, 2017

shatteredAbout the book: 

I’ve always been the shy, quiet one.
My best friend, the fun-loving, outgoing one.
When she’s gone, taken away entirely way too soon,
I have to learn how to live.

And not just for me, but for her too.

I have to live for the both of us.

That means doing things I’d never do, stepping out of the shadows
to join the rest of the world- taking chances, falling in love,
and getting into a little trouble along the way.

Losing my best friend broke me.

And when a person breaks,
They f*cking shatter.

My Review:


Twenty-three-year-old Jovi is living in L.A., working at a tanning salon, and getting ready to spend the entire summer without Katie, her best friend since childhood. The night before Katie leaves, she creates a “summer bucket list” for Jovi hoping to help get her out of her shell. After a devastating tragedy, Jovi turns to Katie’s list that she originally scoffed at, determined to check everything off.

River is also grieving from a tragedy when he meets Jovi. Instant chemistry and being in the right place at the right time leads them on a summer adventure with the goal of finishing Jovi’s list. Although River shares a lot about his life, he has a secret that makes Jovi question everything she thought she knew about him.


This is my 5th time reading and reviewing one of K.B.’s novels, not including her co-written ones, and once again I’m in awe of this incredible author!

F*ucking Shattered has so many layers without being overly complex, and a storyline that was fresh and unique. Jovi had always been reserved, not at all social, and basically had no big goals or dreams in life. One constant had been her best friend Katie, who always tried to get Jovi to live a little. After Katie’s death, Jovi decides to finish the bucket list for Katie, regardless of the numerous things that made her insanely nervous. This decision leads to a sexy, funny, emotional, and exhilarating awakening of a young woman. Andrews’ character development is always outstanding, but the slow, descriptive, and significant development of Jovi pulled me in, took hold, and didn’t let go until the last line of the novel.

Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with River. He is sexy, mysterious, smart, funny – the perfect package. As more of River is revealed throughout the novel, the reader gets a glimpse at a young man that has struggled for most of his life over several different issues. This made me love him even more, but I hated that secrets were kept. The blossoming friendship and relationship between Jovi and River is like a well-choreographed dance with the perfect balance of starts and stops, passion and tears, and of course, romance.

Although a lot of this novel revolves around a road trip, it is truly so much more than that. Andrews has created a captivating story that revolves around friendship, love, and most importantly, living one’s life to the fullest. F*ucking Shattered realistically illustrates the many stages of grieving and what a sudden loss can do to a person. But it also serves as a reminder that despite how difficult a loss can be, it’s important to carry on with our lives and cherish the precious memories that remain.

I always have difficulty labeling K.B.’s novels regarding genre, but I try to do it anyway to improve recommendations for readers. I would say that F*cking Shattered is contemporary romance/new adult romance and the main themes are definitely love, loss, and finding your true self and happy place despite tragedy.

Regardless of your preferred genre, this is a definite must-read. Between the fantastic characters and the phenomenal writing style of K.B. Andrews, this is a novel that will not disappoint. Once again she has propelled me into the story, made me feel that I was a part of it, and left me wanting more after the story was finished.

*Special thanks to KB Andrews for providing an ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review!

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