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Book Review: Blind Revenge

Blind Revenge, by Kelly Moore

Publication: March 1, 2018

blind revengeAbout the book:

What do you do when your life takes on a tragic chain of events?

Do you let rage and revenge consume you?

I did, and now I’m lost. I’ve let it change me into a man I no longer recognize, drowning in my own self-pity.
With only revenge on my mind, I’m a dead man walking, waiting until the day I can get even.
I’ve watched, waited, and planned for months…until…a spitfire little blonde sits on the bench next to me.

She wants more than I have to give her, but what she gives me in return is more than I expected or wanted.

I give in to her, knowing I’m still hell-bent on revenge. Then she discovers a secret that will make my world unravel further.

Now it’s up to me to decide my fate and if I will ever be whole again.

If I will ever be able to love again.

My Review:

Yay!!! I’m so excited to bring you my review of the amazing, exciting, romantic – suspense novel Blind Revenge by the fantastic Kelly Moore. There is so much packed into this book I’m struggling with how to write my review without any spoilers!

Ben is an ex-Black Ops guy turned owner of an aviation business out of Fort. Lauderdale, who witnesses and experiences a horrific crime. Marley is a sweet, generous woman running a non-profit to assist areas that have been damaged by natural disasters. When she lands in Puerto Rico, she expects to the trip to be emotional and challenging, but she never expects the mysterious man she sees each day out her office window. After stubbornness and persistence, Marley manages to force her way into Ben’s life, but neither of them could prepare for what will come next. 

Let me begin with the main characters Ben and Marley. Ben is not a warm, fuzzy, cuddly thing in this novel. This man is heartbroken, traumatized, and very angry. Sexy, smart, creative, innovative – yes. Sweet, romantic, tender – no. Marley is a professional just trying to do her job and help others, but obviously, she cannot fight her own curiosity as she tries to get to know Ben, whom at one point in the novel she accuses of being deaf. They are both funny in their own ways and are absolutely driven once they put their minds to something, but most of all, they seem so incredibly realistic and flawed that although you fall in love with them both, they imperfections just heighten the realism of the story. This is not a perfect billionaire with a perfect life and she is not some tall, perfect, businesswoman with the perfect long, flowing locks. However, they make for a perfect story with believable chemistry and emotion.

Blind Revenge deals with a great deal of crime, but also focuses on areas that have been devasted by disaster, families torn apart, loss of loved ones, “covered up crime” in other countries, regret, fear, and of course, revenge. Kelly Moore has filled this one with non-stop action that touches on every emotion imaginable and it absolutely will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are so many twists and turns that thicken the plot and further develop the characters, as well as, some shocking surprises. I was fortunate enough to beta-read this one for Kelly and although I was able to read along as she progressed with the novel, she still completely shocked me with several revelations that come to light. And I absolutely love being surprised!!!

I’m fairly sure that I have said this multiple times about Kelly’s author novels, but Blind Revenge is not your typical man book or woman book. Any reader that loves excitement, suspense, steamy chemistry, crime, and several surprises along the way will absolutely devour this novel. Bravo to Kelly Moore for this upcoming, amazing novel!

*Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Learn more about author Kelly Moore!


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