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Book review: Freedom: Billionaire Steamy Romance

Freedom: Billionaire Steamy Romance (Billionaire Secrets Series Book 2), by Lexy Timms

Publication: March 11, 2018

freedomAbout the Book: 

SIMON DIESEL, self-made billionaire doesn’t give up. That determination helped him make his money. It also pushed him to be the best, to win and to also except defeat.

If you never lose, how will you know you’re best?

Except now the stakes are much higher than a few million dollars. Simon’s willing to risk his heart over Heather—the one person who says she’s not interested in him.

He’s got to somehow convince the girl he lost his virginity to years ago, that he’s the perfect guy for her.

Can he free his heart? Can the secrets they’ve kept be pushed aside? Will they find happiness?

My Review:

After falling in love with The Secret, the first in the Billionaire Secrets series, I had to immediately get my hands on Freedom, and I loved it just as much as the first! If you haven’t read The Secret, don’t read this review, because although I will try my best, I’m afraid it will spoil it for you!

Simon and Heather are trying to be friends, while also dealing with all sorts of drama at his company. The press, board members, co-workers, and so on are all certain there is something going on between Simon and Heather. Little do they know, she put an end to all of that. However, does that mean that Simon and Heather’s feelings have changed?

Once again, I loved Simon in Freedom and still loved Heather – although once again, I feel like her actions didn’t match her brain! She is one indecisive woman! But then again, Simon sort of seemed all over the place also, lol. In Freedom, there is a lot more emphasis on corporate spying and the effects of the media on peoples lives and businesses. However, the overall theme of trust and honesty was still very prominent in Freedom. 

Poor Simon went through all sorts of issues including Heather’s ever-changing mind, threats from board members, invasion of privacy, and his conflicting emotions regarding whether he can trust Heather. The press and board members were also weighing heavily on Heather’s mind also, but in addition to that, she got the added bonus of being hounded and threatened again by her sleazy ex-husband, Gary. Once again, I despised him!

Overall, I found Freedom to be an excellent follow-up to The Secret, and I feel that Lexy Timms has once again hit it out of the park. This novel is frustrating, suspenseful, romantic, sexy, infuriating at times – all of the best elements of a great story. Once I started this one, it was impossible to put it down until I finished the very last sentence. I am definitely hungry for me and have already been stalking Lexy Timms on social media, desperately inquiring about the release of the third book in the series. Freedom was fantastic, further solidifying my love for this series and Lexy Timms’ writing.

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