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Book review: Everything Left Unsaid (The Hamilton Series Book 4)

Everything Left Unsaid (The Hamilton Series Book 4), by Kate Smith

Publication: January 17, 2018


everything left unsaid


About the book: 

Tumultuous and unpredictable. The very essence of Savannah’s life from the day she learned she was adopted. Her journey of self-discovery continues as she begins her first year of college and faces a series of difficult decisions regarding the woman she once hoped to know.

Regrets and devastation. The overwhelming emotions Tiffany faces daily since the loss of her daughter and her own betrayal of the man she loves. As she struggles with her inner demons, she realizes she’s sacrificed far too much to make everyone happy… everyone but herself, that is.

The road to happiness is filled with insurmountable obstacles, yet… hope and redemption can sometimes be found in unexpected times and places.

My Review:

Have you ever really felt like you shouldn’t like a character, but sometimes find yourself liking her anyway, even just a little bit? That describes my feelings about Tiffany, who is the focus of this 4th installment in the Hamilton series. The first 2 books resulted in my truly not liking her at all, but then slowly I started to feel bad for her and somewhat understand her behaviors. In Everything Left Unsaid, the readers get an in-depth and honest look into Tiffany’s life and how she has ended up where she has in life and in relationships. 

I will start by saying that I always support a parent-child reconciliation, so I was hopeful and optimistic throughout this novel that Tiffany and Savannah would find some sort of peace with one another. Tiffany became more human and relatable to me throughout this novel as I learned more about her past, her own relationships with her parents, and her reasoning for not wanting to see Savannah after she reappeared into her life. I also loved the developments with her and Stephan and couldn’t help but wonder if she found happiness and love, would she become a better person?

Despite all of the revelations and changes, I had some issues with her and Aiden’s relationship in this book. Somewhat like Aiden and Alex in book 3, I felt as if there were times that boundaries were being crossed. I must once again say that Kate Smith created the most wonderful, loving, forgiving, and selfless human ever when she created Aiden’s wife Emily. Whether emotional or financial support, I’m not sure that I could be so cool, calm, and collected as Emily was while Aiden was off to Tiffany’s rescue. The healthy displays of positive and open communication between Aiden and Emily always blow me away, but none more than what is in Everything Left Unsaid. 

I feel like a broken record lately as I read and review Kate Smith’s novels, but is evident as a progress through this series that a common denominator is what an amazing writer she is. The raw and honest emotion in this installment in the series is just as moving as in the previous books, continuing to draw me into this series and all of the characters that a part of it. Women’s fiction lovers need to get the first book, Reunited, and dive into this series! This group of family and friends will pull you in, unlike anything you have read, prompting you to cheer with them in good times and grieve with them during bad times. This was such a wonderful novel and I cannot recommend it enough!

*Thanks to Kate Smith for providing a review copy in exchange for my honest review!

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