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Book Review: The Night Before

The Night Before, by Wendy Walker

Publication: St. Martin’s Press; May 14, 2019


The Night Before


About the book: 

Twelve hours earlier, she was…

Now she’s gone.





*My Review*

O.k., before you even think it let me address a few things. First, this is a way-early review based on publication date but really, why wait? Secondly, this is not a final cover. Third, it is a very short description. I know all of these things but I assure you that a cool, intriguing cover is not necessary. 

Because the blurb is so short and mysterious, I’m going to try my best to give an adequate review without giving anything away. Basically, a woman named Laura has left New York City and moved to Connecticut to live with her sister Rosie, Rosie’s husband Joe, and their toddler-aged son, Mason. Also in the mix is their lifelong best friend, Gabe, one of their “four musketeers.” Laura has lived through a horrible tragedy in her past, has recently suffered a bad break-up, and is preparing for a first date with Jonathan. Told from multiple points of view and time periods, The Night Before weaves a twisted, suspenseful, and ever-surprising tale about Laura’s past, “the night before,” and what really happened. 

I first fell in love with Wendy Walker after reading Emma in the Night. I know that I still love and respect this author beyond words can say, but I find myself wondering, “how in the world does a normal person think this stuff up?” I liken this to something from Stephen King in the way that it is a thriller, it’s unbelievably suspenseful, at times it’s disturbing, but then shocking and surprising yet again, and again. This is one of those novels that you will think, “oh, I’ve got it,” but then something else will be thrown into the mix, again and again, leaving you completely confused about why you had your original thoughts in the first place. At times, every single narrator was unreliable, building incredible suspense and surprise, but also causing me to feel as if I was an unreliable reader! This one is an edge-of-your-seat read that has an enormous psychological element and I feel sure will hold your attention and every breath until you finish it. 

*Many thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Learn more about author Wendy Walker.


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